Pet Censorship

Monday, February 28, 2022 11:38:50 AM

Pet Censorship

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Stimpy's Pet - Nicktoons UK Censorship

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It's most likely because there are people reporting the link as spam because they disagree with it. FB just assumes if there's more than one report that it's legit, unless you challenge them on it yourself. I think this might be a facebook issue--not your blog post. I got the same message today. I haven't posted anything out of the ordinary. A friend told me that she had this a few weeks ago. Hopefully it will clear up. I am on blogger too. I've deleted that picture and hopefully after the cyberdust settles the share function will once again work.

We'll see I tried to post then told them you were a good site and needed to be allowed. Hope it helps. Still able to tweet you. This is so odd. I deleted the old picture "Holocaust on your plate" but it still showed up as a thumbnail when trying to "share" and I was blocked from sharing It had something to do with the picture that I sourced in the original post. Let's see how long things will be OK. That's what it is. Painting puzzle - Catch Randice first? I already hung him on a wall, too late to take it back. It makes me think about the dog actually. Because when the car hit him I thought "at least it will be over soon. A dog is an innocent [cut off] When that dog wags its tail and it it appears happy, it's not real. I guess that's toneth then.

The demo recording version of the text boxes that appear after catching all five pets currently available in Even Care indicates that Toneth was intended to be added to the level at some point. It is apparent that despite not being implemented, he still is in the game's files, with a unique sound upon being caught and content to his pet description. He can be caught if placed into the world by walking over him. This is visible in Petscop 6 , as he appears while objects are being spawned by Marvin , possibly randomly. Paul later catches Toneth as he is left in this location.

In Petscop 20 , Toneth is shown to be the only pet Marvin has caught. In development, Toneth did not initially have a broken leg, but also did not have arms. At one point, his body had a feathery texture. For instance, in the beginning of the description, Toneth is referred to with the pronoun "it" but is referred to as "him" only a few sentences later. The writing style also switches from the simple listing of traits and concepts to more casual, long-winded full sentences that run off of the screen. During this change in style, the tone of the piece changes from an objective to subjective with the mention of the dog, as well. This description is evidently not the final description given the tone of the outside game and would have probably been much different if Petscop was finished.

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