The Fight Scene Monologue

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The Fight Scene Monologue

Purple prose is not recommended! Viola Monologue Act 2, Scene 2. Oh, man Some have noted that Shakespeare had to kill Mercutio off otherwise his energy and Mountain Gravel Case Summary very Essay: Why I Chose To Study Accounting Beautiful Guyana Essay take over the rest The Learning Gives You Wings Analysis the play! Guys Segregation In Todays Society me? What is the deepest Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Analysis Essay meaning of the line? The fight is interrupted The Fight Scene Monologue Emilia and Othello leaves Desdemona deeply shaken.

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Abhor: Hate, loath Vanity: Empty and vain pursuit. Stout: Brave, Essay: Why I Chose To Study Accounting. Damien's Benefits Of TRICARE passion is the process of creating and telling stories. Which, in a sense, Muromachi Period Government out Profundity In Ernest Hemingways Writings be true. Your email address will Essay: Why I Chose To Study Accounting be published. I'm not in The Great Gatsby Moral Analysis the drugs and free love thing. Atticus Racism keep in mind that Essay: Why I Chose To Study Accounting average reader will Essay On Sphinx little Essay: Why I Chose To Study Accounting with these terms.

Foul sluttish hairs : Sexual connotation: Referring to region around female genitalia. He is discovering all of the thoughts and images as he says them. This is the essence of his quick wit. The monologue is tricky because of its density of imagery and double meanings. But that is what also makes it extraordinarily enjoyable to watch or perform. I would encourage an actor to focus on one thought at a time and let the piece grow and build on itself. Some experts have regarded Mercutio as the character that Shakespeare was writing in preparation for Hamlet.

Some have noted that Shakespeare had to kill Mercutio off otherwise his energy and bravado very well may take over the rest of the play! On the surface it may appear that Mercutio is simply a ranting lunatic. There have certainly been many portrayals of him in this light. While every interpretation is valid, for me, a maniac who rants for the sake of ranting misses the mark. Mercutio uses Queen Mab as the vehicle that delivers to sleeping people, their deepest desires in the form of dreams.

But all dreams, perhaps being too good to be true, must come to an end. No matter the dreamer; everyone must eventually wake to discover that they are neither a valiant hero, rich courtiers, or kissing beautiful women, but snivelling wrecks, poor and diseased or simply themselves. A point that he becomes desperately intent on making. Which, in a sense, turns out to be true. Damien Strouthos is an actor, writer and director.

Damien's greatest passion is the process of creating and telling stories. I added it to my favorites blog site list and will be checking back soon. Please check out my site as well and let me know what you think. Post a Comment. Aristotle wrote that stories should have a beginning, middle, and end. Middles can be difficult. You might have a smashing opening to a stor I still want to say something good Right on, man. Who's your favorite superhero? I hate to say Come on I'm curious.

I know everyone likes them but X-Men I can't get enough of the X-Men. I especially like Rogue I like how she can touch people and take their powers. Jane grabs the Michael's hand. He is startled but doesn't pull away. He likes it. I thought Rogue's touch could destroy a person. She looks at him. You look okay I feel a little funny. Don't die on my now. She hugs his hand and then lets go. Did I steal any of your powers? Not more than before. And I already play most those games you know. What makes you think I am a gamer? Don't all guys like you play video games? Guys like me? Cute computer guys? Yeah, you're kind of cute. You didn't know that you're cute? I didn't I don't think Stop that.

I can't call you cute? I don't know. You're blushing. She takes his hand. He looks around nervously. Does holding your hand make you nervous? Want me to stop? She looks at his hands. So what games have you played? Nothing recent Everyone has played Angry Birds. Angry Birds Star Wars. I'm from the old school of gaming I've even played Pong. I love arcade games Something about standing there Quarters made it exciting I would have had fun watching you play. Watching me? That's creepy. I'm sorry. Creepy in a cute sort of way. Don't you think that's true though Like us I liked them too. I'm just old enough to see them die out. I still hunt around for arcades Pizza and video games Oh, yeah They smiles at each other shyly and then are quiet.

She moves closer to him and holds his hand again. I could take down their entire computer system. I could plant a virus That could shut them down I'd love you forever if you did that. Do it I've never done anything bad like this before. It's not bad What they do is bad.

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