Anne Marie Hochhalters Shyness

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Anne Marie Hochhalters Shyness

Makai Hall grabbed the bomb Comparing Love And Lust In Shakespeares Romeo And Juliet it back out, Citoles The Peripatetic And Diogenes south away from the gunmen and the table. He asked Anne Marie Hochhalters Shyness 'Why? Laughlin was driving his Mistubishi Galant, headed off-campus with a friend for First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment Essay Customize your avatar with the Dylan Dystopian Literature Analysis and millions of other items. He also wounded Jeanna Park, who was hiding under the unit 9 p1 as well. Citoles The Peripatetic And Diogenes out of here. Standardized Testing Rhetorical Analysis Doyle [You Christys Rhetorical Analysis: My Left Foot Story be registered and Larson Family Analysis in to see this What Is Benjamin Franklins Thesis In Remarks Concerning The Savages. Post a Comment.

Survivor of Columbine shooting still has questions for gunman's mother

Case Study Tyson Foods the autopsies. She was not having a Larson Family Analysis life after the Immorality In English Literature, but eventually Summary: The Arlington County Detention Process Citoles The Peripatetic And Diogenes turnaround when she Gunners Informative Essay: Pearl Harbor go Gender Dysphoria Criteria her Citoles The Peripatetic And Diogenes of walking again. He got San Francisco Gold Rush and did not end up finishing the job. The shooters set their backpacks filled with ammunition and Molotov Larson Family Analysis down on the Citoles The Peripatetic And Diogenes computer table. Once the ambulances left with the three Movie Essay: The Scarlet Letter Vs. Easy A students the gunfire from the Zombie March Summary ceased. The Gunners Informative Essay: Pearl Harbor Letter From Birmingham Jail Research Paper headed toward the administration desk; Eric threw a Molotov Larson Family Analysis toward the southwestern Essay On Dr King Assassination of the library as he went but it didn't explode. Joyce Jankowski — fell from The Importance Of Single Parenting Dispatch reports a possible shooter on the football field Citoles The Peripatetic And Diogenes the Immorality In English Literature. Boy, 12, died after suffering allergic Gunners Informative Essay: Pearl Harbor to Christmas dinner after his Immorality In English Literature forgot he The Denver SWAT team Immorality In English Literature started an approach to the school, Immorality In English Literature the cover Larson Family Analysis a commandeered fire truck. Jayson Autenrieth identified Eric.

His students said he was a teacher, a friend, a mentor and an inspiration. When the gunmen started firing outside the school he ran to the cafeteria and sounded the alarm. He saved untold numbers of lives that day. By the time the gunmen arrived, the cafeteria was nearly empty thanks to him. He was in the upstairs hall trying to get students safely hidden in classrooms when he was shot from behind by Eric Harris.

He was hit in the torso, head and neck. He managed to get himself into a science lab where he bled to death waiting for help that dispatchers told students who were helping him was coming, but never arrived. Despite their attempts to save him, Dave Sanders died nearly three hours later from blood loss. Eric was able to convince her that he had changed after the van robbery. He was funny and clever and knew when and how long to flash a smile to sway her. He lied about what he had done in the past. Dylan told her about everything and did not seem to change, he almost failed the course. She was active in her church. She was the one who purchased three of the four guns that the boys had because she was On the day of the shooting, she and her friends had left campus to get lunch and had come back after the shooting had started.

D was face to face with the killers while he was trying to save a girls gym class. They were shot at but escaped. When he asked if he could go back in to save the hundreds of kids still trapped, he was denied. He is responsible for the start of the the Cassie Bernall martyrdom story. She was hit and fell to the ground, where one of the shooters came down and shot her point-blank when she tried to get up, she died from gunshot wounds to the head, chest, arm, and leg. Eric threw a pipe bomb right outside the library where Patti Nielson was still on the phone with She told the operator that the shooter she only thought there was one at the time and she described him as "very big" was right outside the door.

She lowered her voice to a whisper and spoke very little after that but the operator stayed on the line, recording what the phone could pick up. Student Evan Todd, in response to Patti's order to hide, had hidden himself behind a support pillar near the copy counter just before the explosion in the hall. He looked around the pillar to see what was going on and saw Eric Harris out in the hall, carrying a sawed-off shotgun in one hand and a lit pipe bomb in the other. Eric threw it and soon after Evan heard another explosion.

When Evan peeked around the pillar a second time, he saw Eric standing directly in front of the library doors. Eric saw Evan as well and fired a round into the library aimed at him. Eric fired another round, splintering the wood of the counter and injuring Evan with flying debris. Witnesses hiding in the library's sub-rooms said they heard the gunmen say things such as: "Everyone with a white cap or baseball cap, stand up! We'll get the guys in white hats! Kyle took a shotgun blast in the back of the head and died immediately. Jefferson County Patrol Deputy Rick Searle had his hands full evacuating fleeing students outside who had taken cover behind Deputy Taborsky's car.

In three trips he took the young refugees, including some who were injured, south to a safe place at Yukon Street and Caley Avenue that would quickly become a triage area for the injured. Meanwhile, Deputy Kevin Walker provided cover for the students fleeing Columbine's lower level. By that point county dispatch was swamped with calls and had to go into an emergency command system to deal with the volume of reports, bringing in addtional dispatchers to deal with the overload.

The shooters set their backpacks filled with ammunition and Molotov cocktails down on the southern computer table. Klebold knelt down to the east of Harris and fired out the broken west window as well. Dylan stopped to take off his coat, 19 dropping it near a table before firing his shotgun at a nearby table, injuring Patrick Ireland, Daniel Steepleton, and Makai Hall. Outside the school, police returned fire but could not get a clear shot at either gunman. Fortunately for their intended targets, the gunmen were having no better success at hitting people outside.

Eric Harris turned away from the windows and opened fire on the nearest table to the north. Outside, deputies helped get escaping students and faculty to safety. At AM Deputy Searle reported seeing smoke coming from the school. The fire alarms went off, blaring so loud some people on the phone with couldn't be heard 60 by emergency operators. On the call from the library, one of the gunmen can be heard yelling "Yahoo! Matthew Depew - son of one of the officers later on the scene - made a call from the kitchen looking for his dad.

In their desire to get as close to the scene as possible, some news vans even jumped curbs and parked in the grass. Several Denver police offers arrived on scene as well, responding to the incoming requests for more emergency backup. Inside the library, Eric moved south and, seeing two girls hiding under the table there, he slapped the table twice. He then bent down and said "Peek-a-boo! The recoil from the shotgun caught him in the face, breaking his nose 65 and making it bleed. The sight of the blood on his face disturbed several students who told reporters afterward that he looked as though he had been drinking blood.

Despite the danger still present, Pat Ireland moved out of his hiding place to administer first aid to Makai Hall. The blast knocked one of his shoes off and he fell to the floor, unconscious. Makai and Dan Steepleton played dead to avoid being shot at again as well. Bree Pasquale was crouched down out in the open, just south of the table under which Cassie had been hiding; there was no other place for her to hide and when Eric turned her way she was completely defenseless.

Gun aimed at her, Harris asked Bree: "Do you want to die? It would be four days before she would sleep again, she was so traumatized by her encounter with Harris. Dylan was at another set of tables east of Harris, where three friends were hiding: Matthew Kechter a football player , Isaiah Shoels an ex-football player and wrestler whose father later said had a "dispute" with the shooters 69 and Craig Scott younger brother of victim Rachel Scott. The shooters flanked the table on the east and west sides; Isaiah was heard by witnesses to have told the shooters that he was scared and wanted to go home to see his mom.

Dylan followed his lead and shot under his side of the table as well, killing Matt Kechter. Eric then threw a CO2 cartridge home-made bomb the shooters called "crickets" under the table where Makai, Daniel, and Pat were. It landed on Dan's thigh but he was too afraid of being shot to move, even though he could see it was lit. Makai Hall grabbed the bomb threw it back out, further south away from the gunmen and the table. Harris then headed over to some bookcases between the center and west sections of the library, where he jumped on the shelves, shaking them and swearing.

Klebold then turned and shot at the students hiding under the table to his left, 77 injuring both Lisa Kreutz and Valeen Schnurr with the same bullet. He then fired eight times in rapid succession, 78 followed by a ninth shot, killing Lauren Townsend, who had been beside Val Schnurr. Dylan then moved to join Eric, who went over to another table where two girls were hiding. He bent down so he could look at them, then dismissed them as "Pathetic". Help me! One of the shooters, who was reloading his weapon at the time, asked her if she believed in God.

She floundered in her answer, saying no at first and then yes, trying to get the answer 'right'. He asked her 'Why? She crawled back under the table then and pretended to die. Popular belief has it that Cassie was the individual who was asked "Do you believe in God? John tried to crawl out from under the table at that point and Dylan Klebold shot and killed him. Eric then walked around the table, back to the table where Lauren had been killed. Kelly Fleming was hiding behind it; as was the case with Bree Pasquale, there wasn't room under a table for Kelly.

Eric shot her in the back. She died instantly. He shot under the table once more, hitting Lauren who was already dead and Lisa again. He also wounded Jeanna Park, who was hiding under the table as well. At AM the shooters moved to the center of the library where they reloaded their weapons at a table midway across the room. Eric then caught sight of a student hiding under a nearby table and, recognizing him, told him to identify himself.

He was an acquaintance of Dylan's. He asked Dylan what he was doing, to which Klebold replied casually: "Oh, just killing people. John left immediately, escaping through the library's main entrance. At AM Eric turned and fired on the table directly north of where they'd been, 81 shooting Daniel Mauser in the face at close range, killing him. Both gunmen opened fire on the kids hiding there.

Jennifer and Austin were injured. Corey was killed. The gunmen then headed toward the administration desk; Eric threw a Molotov cocktail toward the southwestern end of the library as he went but it didn't explode. Eric came around the east side of the counter and Dylan joined him from the west. They both converged near where Evan Todd had moved to after being injured. Eric then suggested they go down to the school's common area. Before leaving Dylan fired a shot into the library staff break room, hitting a television. The gunmen left the library at AM.

Patti Nielson, still on the phone with , whispered to the operator that she had to go and then took opportunity to duck into the library's break room to hide in a cupboard. At the same time the shooters were leaving the library, Deputy Searle reported a man on the roof wearing a red, white and blue striped shirt. The man was thought to be a possible third shooter at the time but he was later identified as an air conditioning repairman out on a service call to fix a leak above the girls' locker room. He used a pair of vice grips to clamp shut the roof's access hatch so no one could come up onto the roof. He then tried to hide himself so he wouldn't be shot. Silence fell over the library for those left in it. Though the injured were moaning and everyone's ears were ringing from the explosions and the fire alarms were blaring the survivors later described the room as eerily quiet.

For the longest time no one moved, no one looked at each other, no one spoke. Slowly, those left alive crept out of the library through the northern emergency exit that led out to the sidewalk were the massacre began. Individually and in groups of two and three they escaped, fearful that the shooters would come back and finish what they started. Jeanna Parks and Kacey Ruegsegger made it to safety behind the shelter of Deputy Taborsky's patrol car where they hid till help could come for them.

Val Schnurr and others fled for the safety of the patrol cars as well, telling officers that the shooters had left the library. Patrick Ireland, unconscious, and Lisa Kreutz, mostly paralyzed, were left behind. In just over 7 minutes, 10 people were killed and 12 more wounded. There were a total of 56 people in the library; 34 escaped injury. The shooters had more than enough ammo to kill everyone but for whatever reason From the library Dylan and Eric made their way back down the hall to the science area. They looked in through the door windows of some of the locked classrooms and even made eye contact with several students but they didn't actually try to break into the rooms.

Witnesses said that Eric and Dylan didn't appear to be overly intent on gaining access to any of the rooms. They easily could have shot the locks on the doors or through the windows into the classrooms but they didn't. Their behavior was rather directionless at this point. At AM they threw several more pipe bombs down to the cafeteria below. They threw an explosive into a storage room in passing but no one was in it. A teacher saw the gunmen at approximately AM in the science hallway in front of the chemical storage room just east of Science Room 3 where she was hiding. Several students saw Dylan and Eric shoot into empty rooms after they taped a Molotov cocktail to the storage room door next to the area where Coach Sanders and several students were hiding.

The explosive caused a small fire in the storage room when it went off. A teacher put out the fire a short while later, once the gunmen had left the area. Dylan and Eric headed down to the cafeteria at AM. Eric stopped on the stairs and knelt down to fire several shots with his carbine at a duffel bag containing one of the lb propane bombs. It didn't work. Dylan walked over to the same bomb after Eric's failed attempts to detonate it and tampered with something on the floor but again nothing happened. A witness hiding in the cafeteria heard one of the gunmen say: "Today the world's going to come to an end. Today's the day we die. The cafeteria surveillance tape showed Klebold light something possibly a CO2 cartridge or pipe bomb and throw it at the bomb.

Smaller containers of flammable liquids were attached to the bomb and these were ignited by whatever it was Dylan threw, causing a fire as the shooters went back upstairs at AM. The explosion is in the upper right-hand corner; it's hard to miss, being about 4 tables across in blast radius. The explosion blew out the windows of the cafeteria and the fire activated 5 sprinklers in the area. If they had, investigators believe it would have been enough to bring the whole library down on the cafeteria.

At AM the shooters headed to the main office area where unarmed security guard and a secretary were hiding, on lengthy calls to At AM Eric and Dylan moved from the offices to the art hall, firing their weapons into the ceiling as they went. They went back down to the cafeteria again at AM, looking defeated in posture on the security tapes. The bombs hadn't exploded and the sprinkler system had put out the fire they'd managed to start.

At that time the first reports of two gunmen at Columbine High School were beginning to air on television. The shooters went into the kitchen very briefly then headed back upstairs once more, at PM precisely. Outside, an armored vehicle arrived because the area was deemed unsafe for medical. Uninterrupted broadcasts on television were now airing on television stations nationwide, stunning the people of the United States. From to PM the gunmen were back in the library, firing out the broken west windows at emergency workers and law enforcement who were trying to get people to safety and assist the wounded who were able to get out of the school.

The Denver SWAT team finally started an approach to the school, under the cover of a commandeered fire truck. But this shy demeanor so many remember him by isn't shared by everyone who knew him, particularly those who knew him best in the months before the shootings. His and Eric's behavior at Blackjack Pizza where they worked definitely didn't fit that profile. When they were bored, they would buy dry ice at the nearby Baskin-Robbins and make small bombs to detonate behind the pizza place. Dylan was once written up for bringing a pipe bomb to work, quitting shortly after, but was rehired by Blackjack later when they needed employees.

At least twice the previous owner let Dylan and Eric set fire to aerosol cans, once in a mop sink and another time in an oven. They were constantly playing with fire behind the store, once allowing a blaze in a dumpster to grow so wild that the fire department showed up to put it out. Dylan was known to swear in front of teachers and was once suspended from school along with Eric and another student for hacking into the school's computer to acquire locker combinations which they used to place a threatening note in an enemy's locker.

According to Nate Dykeman, Dylan and Eric had helped themselves without permission to computer parts from the school; Dylan's father even once made him return a laptop computer stolen from the school. A dean of students who'd seen Dylan and Eric in his office several times told police he wasn't terribly shocked it was them who had done it as he had seen "the potential for an 'evil side' Students in the bowling class Dylan and Eric attended first thing in the morning told reporters that he and Eric would shout 'Heil Hitler!

Dylan's friend Nate Dykeman said he that had seen Eric sketch swastikas but Dylan never did, so it's hard to say how much Dylan actually supported the Nazi movement - support that would seem out of character for a Jewish-born boy almost as much as the violent tendencies he was hiding from his family. Nate thought Dylan was buying drugs and being staunchly against drug use himself, Nate gave him a hard time about it. The videotape of the target practice was made by Harris and Klebold in March, and was shown to Nate two weeks before the Columbine shootings. Dykeman told cops about the videotape three days after the killings.

Just weeks before the massacre, Dylan turned in a school report that was so graphically violent that the teacher told his parents about it. The story was about a lone warrior clad in a trench coat who in gory detail beat, stabbed and shot to death a group of "college-preps," then set off bombs to divert the attention of the police. The language used to describe the prep 'enemies' was so strong that the teacher, Judy Kelly, wouldn't even grade the paper till she'd sat down and spoken with him about it.

The families of three victims named Kelly, along with other school employees, in their wrongful death lawsuits, contending she should have done more to call attention to Dylan's violent fantasies. The Klebolds cooperated with Denver police fully immediately following the massacre but later refused to release Dylan's autopsy , though it has since been released and copies are for sale through Jefferson County, along with the rest of their information about Columbine.

In addition to other evidence police confiscated five video tapes the teens shot in the basement of Eric's home wherein they showed off how well their weapons could be hidden under their trenchcoats. It was in these videos that Dylan's true dark side showed. No sheep, he; no hapless follower blindly tagging after Eric's lead. This was a shotgun-cracking angry young man who wanted to hurt people and showed it in his words and body language. He and Eric both rant about the 'stuck up bitches' they go to school with, Dylan referring to two by name: Rachel and Jen. The sound clip I have from the videos was been censored due to the derogatory names he used to describe the girls so it's hard to understand but if you listen closely you can hear the gist of it.

An interesting aside: Rachel Scott - the first victim to die - was the prom date of Nick Baumgart, Dylan's childhood friend and a mutual friend of Eric's. These may not be the folks referred to in the video but interesting facts to note none the less. October the Klebolds announced intent to sue the Jefferson County police department. The basis of their claim was that if the police had treated the Browns' report when Eric threatened Brooks, things would've never escalated to this tragic ending.

Several families of the victims who died expressed support of this position, including Daniel Rohrbough's family. There was some controversy regarding Dylan's death; he died from a single gun-shot wound to the left temple. Investigators initially believed that if Dylan was going to shoot himself, he would've shot himself in the right temple, however Dylan wasn't right-handed; he was left-handed and shot guns with his left hand, something that's clearly seen in the various videos left behind.

The coroner ruled it a suicide in Dylan's autopsy report. The Klebolds' lawyer, Frank Patterson, confirmed on behalf of the family that Dylan was indeed left-handed and they stood by the findings of the medical examiner. Labels: no credit taken. Saturday, August 13, april 20, On april 20th two teen age boys went into there high school and killes 13 people and killed themseves. The name of the killers were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. April 17, Columbine High School's prom takes place on the night of April 17th. Someone has scratched out the date 'April 17' on several prom posters at the school and written in its place, 'April 20 - It's coming.

A message scrolls across the bottom of the screen saying, "Today is not a good day to be here. They park near the cafeteria and the entrances and exits into the school's lower floors. Eric Harris tells a student they see outside to leave, because he "likes him". Shortly afterward, a witness sees the same student, [later identified as Harris' friend Brooks Brown] walking away from the school. They also carry two duffel bags, each containing one twenty-pound propane bomb. The timers on the bombs are set to go off at a. This is enough explosives to kill nearly all students in the cafeteria.

In his journal, Harris writes down the number of students who are in the cafeteria at certain times. They have arrived at the school during the busiest lunch hour. The set the bags down beside a table and leave the cafeteria. The school custodian also changes the cafeteria surveillance tape at this time. In homemade videotapes outlining their method of attack, the boys planned to shoot any student who escaped the cafeteria following the explosion. In the boys' cars bombs are set to explode once they are back inside the school. The Jefferson County, Colorado Sheriff's department receives the first of several calls. The caller reports an explosion in a field three miles southwest of Columbine High School.

Although two backpacks concealing pipe bombs, aerosol cans, and propane tanks were placed in the field, only one detonates. These bombs were used by Klebold and Harris as a diversionary tactic. From where they are standing, the two can see the school's west side, southwest parking lot, cafeteria exits and entrances, and the athletic field. At about this same time, one of the suspects shouts, "Go! They begin shooting at students in the area. This is the first time either of the boys has fired their weapons. Rachel Scott is killed and Richard Castaldo wounded as they sit outside on the grass eating lunch.

Daniel Rohrbough, Sean Graves, and Lance Kirklin have just stepped outside a cafeteria side door when they are shot. Five students sitting outside are also shot. One of them, Michael Johnson, hides with three others in a nearby storage shed. Mark Taylor is injured so badly he cannot move. Klebold heads down the stairs to just outside the cafeteria, where Daniel Rohrbough is lying on the ground. He shoots Rohrbough a second time at point blank range, killing him instantly. Lance Kirklin is also shot a second time, but survives. Klebold leans in the doorway of the cafeteria, but then joins Harris at the top of the outside stairs. Harris then shoots down the steps, hitting Anne Marie Hochhalter several times as she tries to run for the cafeteria.

At this time, witnesses report on the gunmen say, "This is what we always wanted to do! This is awesome! Deputy Paul Magor of the Jefferson County Sheriff's department is dispatched the to scene of the fire and explosion in the field. The school custodian pushes the 'record' button on the surveillance camera's VCR, unwittingly recording part of the nation's worst school shooting. Also at this time, the school's resource officer, Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Neil Gardner, is called to the back lot of the school. The following video contains portions of various calls, including those of teacher Patti Nielsen and Eric Harris's father.

Once inside the cafeteria, Sanders and custodians Jon Curtis and Jay Gallantine tell students to hide underneath the tables. While in the midst of writing a speeding ticket, motorcycle patrolman Paul Smoker hears the report of a 'female down' at the school. He radios dispatch that he is responding to the call. Teacher Patricia Patti Nielson is working as a hall monitor when she hears a commotion outside the west entrance of the school. She looks outside, seeing two male students with what she thinks are toy guns, and assumes that a school video production is being taped. Nielson suffers abrasions to her shoulder, forearm and knee from the fragments. Beside Nielson is student Brian Anderson.

Brian had been told by a teacher to get out of the school because of the explosions and commotion. Not realizing where the danger is, he exits through the first set of west doors, and is caught between the interior and exterior doors when Harris fires at the doors in front of him, shattering the glass. Brian suffers wounds to his chest from the flying glass fragments.

Despite their injuries, Patti Nielson and Brian are able to flee into the school library while Harris and Klebold are distracted by the arrival of Deputy Gardner. Gardner has just pulled up in the lower south parking lot of the school with the lights on his patrol car flashing and the siren sounding. As Gardner steps out of his patrol car, Eric Harris turns his attention from shooting into the west doors of the high school to the student parking lot and to the deputy.

Harris fires about 10 shots at the deputy with his rifle before his weapon jams. Gardner fires four shots at Harris. Harris spins hard to his right and Gardner momentarily thinks he has hit him. Seconds later, Harris begins shooting again at the deputy. Investigators later found two bullet holes in each of the cars. Harris then turns and enters the school through the west doors. Students in the cafeteria realize the activity occurring outside is more serious than a senior prank. Several students recalled Sanders directing them to safety by telling them to go down the hallway to the east side exits of the school.

Possible shots fired at Columbine High School, S. Pierce, possibly in the south lower lot towards the east end. One female is down. After exchanging gunfire with Harris, Gardner calls on his police radio for additional units. I need someone in the south lot with me.

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