Climate Change In Georgia Research Paper

Monday, November 1, 2021 10:23:03 AM

Climate Change In Georgia Research Paper

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Current Research on Climate Change

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Topics commonly covered by this online publication include solar power, clean transport, wind power, energy efficiency and energy storage, as well as the broader effects of climate change. The site also aims to debunk misconceptions about clean energy and to provide reliable information on the latest breakthroughs in sustainable solutions. Climate Central. Topics include climate science, energy, sea level rise, wildfires and drought, among others. Climate Home News.

Climate Home News is an independent news website that covers a variety of climate change stories. Based in London, the online publication reports on the political, economic, social and natural impacts of climate change across the world. Climate Home News is also a go-to resource for deep-dive coverage of the annual United Nations Climate Change conference. Climate Wire. The Daily Climate.

Organization: Environmental Health News. EcoWatch also curates content from media partners, bringing even more content to their readers. Topics covered by this outlet include the effects of climate change on wildlife, food supply and public health, as well as the political and economic aspects of these issues. This independent news organization provides two types of offerings: articles by EHN journalists that are published at EHN. This resource is a good read for individuals whose interests intersect at the topics of business, technology and sustainability. Grist covers both emerging issues and solutions regarding energy and green living, as well as several other areas. Readers with a sense of humor who are looking for an irreverent-yet-serious approach to important environmental topics will appreciate Grist.

Organization: The Guardian. The U. Its team of U. Organization: The Hill. Based in Washington, D. This news source is great for individuals who are interested in how politicians are addressing environmental issues. Hot Mess. InsideClimate News. Their website also offers a large collection of infographics as well as several e-books that cover some of their broader investigations. Organization: Live Science.

Live Science is a news website that covers a multitude of topics from technology and health to wildlife and space and physics. Organization: Foundation for National Progress. We also have one of the most rigorous fact-checking and verification protocols in the industry. The environment section of the Mother Jones website includes the latest news and analysis related to environmental issues — with a no-holds-barred tone that readers in search of authenticity will enjoy. Organization: New Scientist. New Scientist is a weekly science and technology magazine.

Organization: The New York Times. News content is updated daily, making it a great resource for the latest information. Organization: Politico. Readers looking for coverage of political happenings related to climate change and the environment will find this outlet useful. While this outlet is based in the United Kingdom, it follows international issues, making it a resource for information on how climate change is affecting communities across the world. The Energy section of the TreeHugger website will likely prove the most beneficial to those seeking climate change information because it features experts covering topics that include energy efficiency, energy policy, fossil fuels, renewable energy and more.

Organization: The Washington Post. The climate and environment section of The Washington Post offers an interesting list of categories with related news and analysis on climate change, energy, psychology and behavior, science and endangered species. Organization: The Aspen Institute. Contributors are either experts within the Aspen Institute or within other global organizations.

C2ES Blog. Organization: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. The exceptional reputation of the Pew Center as a nonpartisan environmental think tank providing information and analysis offers a strong foundation for C2ES to continue its work. The Climate Compass Blog covers a wide range of climate change topics and is authored by C2ES staff members with expertise in areas from public policy to environmental science to economics.

Climate Organization: Environmental Defense Fund. The organization has more than 2. Climate Communication. Organization: Aspen Global Change Institute. Its publications include reports, articles, videos and an array of additional resources. Climate Desk. Climate Desk is a journalistic collaboration that explores the multifaceted consequences of climate change. Climate for Health. Climate for Health is a national initiative created by health leaders in collaboration with ecoAmerica. It is led by a diverse network of leaders from various health care organizations and sectors from around the country, including those involved in public health, clinical institutions and associations. Climate Interactive Blog.

Organization: Climate Interactive. With a focus on learning through experience, the Climate Interactive blog covers climate change topics with categories that include analysis, insights, media coverage, project news and more. The Climate Reality Project Blog. Environmental science instructor Daniel Rochberg, chief strategy officer for Climate Emory, says the goal of the Georgia Climate Research Roadmap is to create "Georgia's Top 40," a set of targeted research questions to help the state understand and address climate change. Course inspires students to organize Climate Week events Mar. Provost announces new support for Climate Emory Dec. Climate Emory brings interdisciplinary strengths to pressing world problems April 9, An initiative of the Georgia Climate Project , the roadmap was a response to the fact that communities across Georgia are already exploring strategies to address the impact of climate change, says Daniel Rochberg, chief strategy officer for the Climate Emory initiative and an instructor in the Rollins School of Public Health and Emory College of Arts and Sciences, where he focuses on climate change and sustainable development.

Some Georgia communities are actively assessing vulnerabilities and strategies to build resilience to potential climate change impact, while others are developing technologies and policies to begin reducing emissions, according to Rochberg, who has also worked for the U. State Department as special assistant to the lead U. Co-founded by Emory, the University of Georgia and the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Georgia Climate Project is a multi-year effort by a statewide consortium of universities and colleges, working with partners to improve understanding of climate impacts and solutions in Georgia.

As a starting point, the roadmap project solicited potential research questions from government, industry, non-governmental and academic experts through an internet-based form. Potential research questions covered a vast spectrum, from the impact of climate change on agriculture, natural resources and the state economy to human populations, public health, community infrastructure, energy and transportation. During the workshop, more than 40 experts from a range of sectors, fields and organizations from across the state — including public and private universities, city, state and federal and governmental offices, environmental groups and industry — winnowed an initial pool of about questions down to the final

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