Adnan Masud Syed

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Adnan Masud Syed

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Hae Min Lee Murder Case - Is Adnan Syed Guilty of Murder?

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Candidates should have received their result letters by email. If your name is not on the list below then please refer to your email. Candidates are asked to refrain from contacting the College as results will not be given over the telephone. A total of 22 candidates sat the examination. The two days affected are Monday 11 and Thursday 21 January This meant that it was not possible to determine a fair passing score for this station. Accordingly, the station was removed from the examination for these two days.

To pass the examination on the affected days, candidates must meet or exceed the total borderline regression score and achieve the passing score in a minimum of 11 out of 15 stations. Candidates sitting the exam on the other eight days within this diet are unaffected. Following consultation with the GMC, we are satisfied that all candidates passing the exam have sufficiently demonstrated the necessary standard across the breadth of the curriculum, and that for all candidates the exam continues to be reliable. If you'd like to appeal against your exam result and make representations about the way it was conducted, please follow the appeals procedure. You'll need to submit the appeal within 28 days of the date of publication of the results of the examination.

Please send all information to examinations rcpsych. Ali Awais. Muhammad Luqman Awan. Ahmad Ayub. Haniya Azam. Muhammad Azeem. Sadaf Aziz. Joham Aziz. Saad Azmat. Muna Baig. Mahrukh Baig. Abdul Bais. Rasul Bakhsh Rais. Faisal Bari. Khurram Bashir. Shaheena Bashir. Mohsin Bashir. Ayesha Bhatti. Saima Bhaur. Muhammad Awais Bin Altaf. Huzaima Bukhari. Abid Aman Burki. Laila Bushra. Nauman Zafar Butt. Arif Nazir Butt. Safee Ullah Chaudhary. Muhammad Imran Chaudhry. Amna Waqar Chaudhry. Nauman Afzal Cheema. Ali Cheema. Muhammad Imran Cheema. Ghayoor Abbas Chotana. Mariam Chughtai. Atifa Arif Dar. Daud Ahmed Dard. Rofice Dickson. Usman Elahi.

Muhammad Faheem. Essam Fahim. Maham Faiq. Amir Faisal. Asma Ul Husna Faiz. Nauman Faizi. Asad Farooq. Maria Farooq. Khadeeja Farooqui. Talha Farrukh. Muhammad Faryad. Anum Fatima. Anam Fatima. Anjum Fayyaz. Fatima Fayyaz. Launa Gauthier. Melinda Gurr. Noor Habib. Tahira Haider. Syed Hussain Haider. Mariam Haider. Zebunnisa Hamid. Aurangzeb Haneef. Ehsan Ul Haque. Omair Haroon. Syed M. Syed Ali Hasanain. Yasser Hashmi. Syed Moeez Hassan. Naveed Ul Hassan. Zia Ul Hassan. Faheem Hassan Akhtar. Sara Hayat. Wajeeha Hazoor Bajwa. Shezeen Salim Hemani. Sarah Humayun. Turab Hussain. Irshad Hussain. Sannia Hussain. Karrar Hussain. Tamkin Hussain. Syeda Habibah Hussain Rizvi. Syed Shahzad ul Hussan. Muhammad Naveed Iftikhar. Asif Iftikhar. Arif Ijaz.

Mohammad Jahangir Ikram. Mahira Ilyas. Tayyab Imran. Huda Imtiaz. Qasim Imtiaz. Muhammad Saad Imtiaz. Maria Farrukh Irfan Khan. Tariq Mahmood Jadoon. Amen Jaffer. Hassan Jaleel. Syed Jamal Haider. Aeyaz Jamil Kayani. Amna Jamshaid. Mobin Javed. Ali Javed. Umair Javed. Hassan Javid. Ali Jawaid. Shahzada Anwar Kabir. Muhammad Hashim Kaleem Bhatti. Rabia Kamal. Asim Karim. Hasan H. Uzair Kayani. Aamna Khalid. Rizwan Khalid. Zubair Khalid.

Lyyla Khalid. Raja Usman Khalid. Gulab Khan. Gulalai Khan. Abdullah Khan. Qaisar Khan. Ahmed Hasan Khan. Osama Khan. Marva Khan. Shmyla Khan. Kashif Khan. Rabia Khan. Iqbal Ahmad Khan. Maryam Wasif Khan. Hassan Abbas Khan. Asad Rahim Khan. Nadeem Ahmad Khan. Talalah Khan. Ali Khan. Mushtaq A. Salman Khan. Name: Dr. Name: Ghulam Mustafa Ch. City: Sialkot, Pakistan Email: [email protected] ; [email protected]. Name: Muhammad Rizwan Ch. City: Sialkot, Pakistan Email: [email protected] [email protected] ; ri [email protected]. Name: Safdar S. Shabbir City: Sialkot, Pakistan Email: [email protected].

Name: Sh. Name: Shahid Jamil Ch. City: Sialkot, Pakistan Email: [email protected] , [email protected]. Name: Ch. Name: Khawaja Musharaf Iqbal City: Sialkot, Pakistan Email: [email protected] ; ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected]. Name: Major Dr. Name: Prof. Name: M. Name: Mrs. Name: Ms. Name: DR. Name: Shahzad Gull City: Sialkot, Pakistan Email: [email protected] ; ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected].

Name: Muhammad Javed Ch.

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