Overstepping School Boundaries

Saturday, October 30, 2021 9:33:33 AM

Overstepping School Boundaries

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5 Reasons To Set Healthy Boundaries with Toxic People

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But sometimes, conflicts occur between parents and grandparents. For instance, complaints about overstepping boundaries are common. Whether it's a grandparent inadvertently undermining a parent's decision such as allowing a child dessert after a parent has said no or monopolizing special firsts like taking a child for their first haircut without the parents' knowledge, it's easy for grandparents to overstep without even realizing it. In fact, after years of being a parent and being the one calling the shots, it takes some time as a grandparent to adjust to your new role.

For most families, breaching boundaries only occurs on occasion but when it's not addressed, it can become an issue that causes conflict. To further complicate matters, when grandparents provide routine childcare , or when they live with their grandchildren in a multi-generational home, the likelihood of boundary issues increases. In extreme cases, these disputes can lead to grandparents being cut off from grandchildren. Most parents, though, want the grandparents to be involved in their kids' lives, but at the same time they don't want their roles and responsibilities usurped. Ultimately, it comes down to finding a balance between sharing your wisdom and allowing room for the parents to learn as they go. Obviously, the exceptions to this rule are the grandparents who are raising their grandchildren without the parents' involvement.

These grandparents must simultaneously occupy parenting and grandparenting roles. They have taken on a difficult job and deserve accolades. Healthy boundaries are an important part of any relationship. When used effectively, they establish expectations regarding the relationship and encourage people to treat each other mindfully and respectfully. They are especially important in parent-grandparent relationships because they not only establish roles and expectations but also provide a structure that keeps the children from being confused or caught in the middle.

It's hard for kids when a parent says one thing and a grandparent says something entirely different. Even when a grandparent tries to "help" by agreeing with the parent, this can create tension in the relationship. For instance, the parent may feel like their authority is being undermined and the children may feel like they are being ganged up on. Overstepping boundaries can also cause parents to feel inadequate and judged. Meanwhile, if boundaries are established and honored, parents feel secure in their role to parent their children, and grandparents can enjoy their role without the responsibility that comes with parenting.

Grandparents have a great deal to offer their grandchildren without trying to take on a parenting role as well. Helpful grandparents are wonderful and most parents are delighted to have them in their lives. Whether it's assisting when the baby first arrives or babysitting so the parents can have a night out, it's nice to have a loving, trustworthy support system. Even help with carpooling and school functions is a welcome addition. It could be something as simple as letting the grandkids watch too much television or allowing them to play on the iPad all day.

Or, it could be more drastic like giving your milk-allergic grandchild a cookie without reading the label or allowing your grandchild to ride in the cab of a pickup without a booster seat. Not only are these things violating the parents' rules, but in the case of the booster seat, it likely violates car seat laws. Here are some ways to make sure you are honoring boundaries while still enjoying your grandchildren. Even if you don't agree with the parents' rules and guidelines, aim to honor them. Remember, you are the grandparent and not the parent—you should not usurp their authority and do what you want. If you want to have more time with your grandchildren, you need to be sure you are doing things the way they want them to be done.

This includes indulgences like sweets, television time, and staying up past bedtime. Likewise, decisions about co-sleeping , potty training , and even starting preschool are not decisions a grandparent should be making. Notify me of new posts via email. Jessica Blondell. Skip to content. Home About. Photo credit: CNN. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a comment Filed under Opinion on National Issue Tagged as executive order , federal government , gay marriage , gun laws , immigration , state government.

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In the meantime, let's keep doing it this way. After all, we know how unpredictable diabetes is. It's good to work with someone who understands that we'll never be able to get his numbers perfect and that as long as he's in range more often than out, we're doing well. Why, just the other day, I was on the phone with a friend from Dallas, and she said that her school nurse gets really worked up when the numbers aren't right in range.

She actually thinks that diabetes can be managed perfectly with numbers in range all the time. Can you imagine! We feel so fortunate to have you, knowing that you are so much more understanding of the unpredictable nature of this condition. You know, I just don't think I tell you enough how much we appreciate you and how grateful we are at the excellent care you give Gavi. Acknowledge genuine things about her that you like and respect.

SandiT , Jun 11, I know she means well, Gavi really likes her and he's really comfortable with her, which I a, thrilled about. Every day when she calls me she tells me something cute or funny he said to her which puts me in a better mood! It just gets on my nerves when she gives me advice which I already know! Mish, I think I'll take your advice and tell her next time I'll bring up at the next endo visit and see her response. Joined: Sep 16, Messages: 1, Actually many hospitals in Canada use pen vials, also to reduce waste. I am pretty sure this is a practice used in American hospitals also.

You mean the individual pen vials? Not the whole pen with the vial preinstalled that you throw out once the insulin is gone? She is actually a registered dietician. She sounds way over qualified, it is really hard to become a registered dietician because you can go to school for it but it is really hard to get the internship you need to get registered. C6H12O6 , Jun 12, Joined: Jan 31, Messages: LoveMyHounds , Jun 12, Joined: Nov 17, Messages: 11, Beach bum , Jun 12,

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