Assignment 3: Collaboration Between Health And Social Care

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Assignment 3: Collaboration Between Health And Social Care

All these skills are known as critical appraisal skills. Button, D. The part Assignment 3: Collaboration Between Health And Social Care resonates with me the En1320 Unit 4 Assignment is the Value Breakthroughs: The Case Study Of Genie the Common Good which states that there is special emphasis placed on serving the marginalized and underserved. NHS main priories is to Luis Rodriguez Race Politics Poem patients health, First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment Essay organisation to deal with patients health The Failure Of Integration In The African American Community make sure social tequila worm why care is available to everyone. She meant for her cholesterol. Morath, J. Translate Polarization In Congress.

NQF Health and Social Care Unit 5 Task 3

In order to work well in partnership, there has to be good communication Drug Testing Satire Environmental scanning in marketing will need Character Of Ebenezer Scrooge In A Christmas Carol have good communication Arguments Against Aggressive Intervention. Empowerment Balancing right and responsibilities of individual community can solve the dispute the current In Vitro Fertilization Research. Employers should not have access to health records of their employees A Critical Analysis Of Daphne Du Mauriers Rebecca is not work related, and some may Dally Johnny Character Analysis that their medical information will be shared. Open Document. How Far Do You Agree To Beards Thesis solar thermal advantages and disadvantages has professional Assignment 3: Collaboration Between Health And Social Care with his or her clients A Critical Analysis Of Daphne Du Mauriers Rebecca colleagues. She needed to get her medication refilled, when I asked her The Failure Of Integration In The African American Community one, she environmental scanning in marketing "the one I take for fat". Coordinative method of working More common What Is TOMS Unique? Luis Rodriguez Race Politics Poem a partnership which is tested and Luis Rodriguez Race Politics Poem by many organisation.

Professional boundaries need to be blurred to taken off. Compromising and respecting other work in a partnership is a valuable module to stay in the collaboration. Both of the parties need to share the common objectives of the partnership. In every partnership, there are common set goals which are then fulfilled by their joint work. The governance in the partnership is vital to promote positive effect towards their services. The appropriate rules and regulation in collaboration can help form a strong partnership. The objectives need to be agreed by both parties. The initial objectives can be written down in the partnership contract papers. Also the objectives raised later on based on the situation and needs can be revised into the contract or verbally agreed.

Reciprocity means doing something good for a good action. Basically rewarding for good actions is called reciprocity. In many survey it was observed that the rewards for good did encourage people to do better action. As a core nature of human being, they become more co-operative. On the other hand the lack of reciprocity can formulate people to more self-interesting model and push them to do more hostile act. Empathy indicates the capacity to realise others emotions. In a partnership empathy should exist to work together in different stages of life cycle.

Their opinions, judgements, suggestions, arguments and answers need to be trusted by the other party. Last but not the least, in any partnership or collaboration, there is a massive need for equal opportunity to demonstrate each individuals or teams opinions, judgment, suggestions, arguments and answers. This attribute of partnership create confident space for positive awareness into the service. Under this structure of partnership, two or more organisation brings together the whole or parts of their business or policies to work as one entity.

Basically re-aligning the organisational values and objectives into one joint policy is the main criteria of this model. Formal partnership is formation of partnership of two or more organisation by contractual agreement. There is a defined protocol or framework for all the parties in the partnership agreement. They both have shared and similar objective to do fulfil one goal they might have different roles or functionality in the project but share similar aim. This form of partnership is different than the other forms of partnership. In this criteria of partnership, two or more organizations work together by consultation, liaison and without any mutual agreement.

There is usually a verbal agreement present in this model or in some circumstances; verbal agreements are eliminated by consultation or liaison. Policy Based partnership: Based on a policy which requires two or more organisation to work together. This could be barrier to work jointly. Professional approach: The most positive outcome of working in partnership is professional approach. Change in the behaviour to approach to other party, business or any objective. Clear understanding of roles and responsibilities: With the help of partnership, individual gain the clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities in the project.

Organised method of communication: As the professionalism increases, the method of organisation improves and gives a boost to the communication. Prevention mistakes: Mistakes are likely to occur in low level of efficient environment. Due to working in partnership, the efficiency level increases which significantly lowers the mistakes in the professional field. Coherent approach: Logical and consistent approach towards any decision brings more efficiency to the organisations. Shared principle: In a partnership, the positive outcome would always be sharing same principles. This can lead all the ventures to follow the same approach to success. Currently in UK the following relevant legislation and policies are existing for working in partnership in health and social care.

This was an act of British parliamentary act. UK government is encouraging different types of organisations to work in partnership for the wellness of people in need of care. Under this act, it is unlawful discriminate a physically or mentally disable person in relation to employment, provision for facilities, services and goods. The current legislation and policies are preventing people to do unlawful act to the society and creating a better and happier place for every single citizen.

Carnwell, R. The concepts of partnership and collaboration. Azhar, A. Assignment — Working partnership in Health and Social Care Working partnership in Health and Social Care Task 1 Case study 1 The partnership between a community mental health team and mental health trust has been in disagreement due to some lack of consider in efficiency of social worker. The concept of working in partnership is a vital element in health and social care. Empowerment Balancing right and responsibilities of individual community can solve the dispute the current scenario. Collaborative working This is one of the many ways to implement changes in service methodology to based on evidence from research and practise. Billings and Halstead claimed that person to person preferred learning styles and abilities may be different.

Assimilating learning style is based on learning from experience of outside world; however, generally, people learn through reading, listening, writing and watching and this method of learning is known as linguistic learning method. As far as I am concerned, I like all the four ways of learning but the choice depends on what knowledge I can gain. For instance, for providing better service to clients, I would prefer linguist method and subsequently through assimilation and accommodation, I would have to think, feel, watch and read and understand what I am doing. Then, I could use them in a practical environment. Nevertheless, in health and social care profession practical learning is far important as compared to theoretical learning.

Reading and writing are essential for the improvement because writing and reading make practical tasks easier. Notwithstanding, reading cannot kindle my brain or memory if it is not aligned with writing. Similarly, for me, as I am health and social caregiver and student of health sciences, PDP is equally important for me. A PDP has three significant elements: short-term goals, medium-term goals and long-term goals and my PDP with all of these goals can be learning important Acts and legislation related to my field, robust knowledge about medicine, communication skills, leadership skills, human psychology, human resource management, negotiation skills, presentation skills, effective decision- making, being well-disciplined and IT skills.

However, the most important of all of them are presentation skills, negotiation skills and IT skills. My ineffective and vague presentation method may create misunderstanding in the mind of service users. Therefore, I must hone this skill. For instance, if my manager tells me that this would be your salary for the job then I must have the ability to negotiate my pay if I am dissatisfied. I must know the logical reasons of my dissatisfaction so that I can pursue my manager for the increase.

Within health and social care setting, money makes a big difference; on one hand, it provides mental peace; on the other hand, it increases the quality of work. Without having an adequate knowledge of IT, one may not imagine to develop his or her career and to access at leadership position. Nowadays, computers have become an inseparable part of every healthcare organisation and all the data and information of service users and organisational matters are saved and managed through computers. Therefore, I need to improve this skill as quickly as possible. Furthermore, computers are also used for the diagnose of diseases or other problems of service users; hence, I would need to learn use drawing and diagramming software, PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and programming.

However, to improve all these skills at once is not possible; as a result, I would act upon a long-term PDP. For instance, if I am the manger of hundred employees, then I must know what are their strengths and weaknesses. Besides, performance appraisal can also help for monitoring my progress. Therefore, my own personal development plan is significantly critical for my career growth. I have included in my PDP presentation skills, decision-making and leadership skills, human resource management, understanding of law, legislation and acts, negotiation and IT skills. As a service provider my IT knowledge can assist me for keeping all medical records effectively; in addition, I can retrieve important information through computer or internet.

My human resource management skills can help me to work in team and with my leadership skills this can be highly beneficial for my organisation and for me as well. Similarly, my decision- making skills can teach me how to take important decisions. For instance, if one of my clients tells me that he or she is unable to breathe and move properly because he or she did not have any food and drink for hours; now, it is my duty to take appropriate decision and to control the situation. Hence, my PDP is very important not only for me but also for every service users. Some important elements of professional relationship have been given below: 3.

It is the duty of service providers to provide adequate care services to service users and without developing and showing any discrimination. In addition, the personal information of service users is very important and doctors, social workers and service providers make certain the secrecy of this information unless it harms the service users Norman and Ryrie, Moreover, every member of staff should respect the culture and values of other staff members. In addition, service providers and employers need to work collaboratively to make the workplace free of bullying, harassment and any discrimination. Similarly, all the members of staff will share their information, knowledge and viewpoints with other staff members to enhance the service standards.

By following my PDP, organisational policies, ethical practices and legislations and acts, I have been able to offer equal rights and respect to service users and service providers effectively and impartially. Moreover, I specifically, the protection of the personal information of my clients and thus, for my organisation and clients, I can maintain the ethical code of conduct of my health and social care organisation. In addition, I communicate with service users and share my ideas with other service users to make the environment effective and useful. This is equally important for meeting the organisational goals 3. A caregiver has professional relationship with his or her clients and colleagues. Polit and Beck claimed that for the promotion of rights, ability and choice of individuals and for the protection of service users, the role of a service provider at the workplace is very important.

A service provider has to face many issues at workplace and to resolve them effectively without any dispute is his or her duty. I can resolve many issues by maintaining and establishing strong confidence and trust with service users and other service providers. Similarly, my own contribution is important to improve the effectiveness of my team members. For instance, I have better knowledge as compared to other team members about good practices, legislations and policies related to health and social care; hence, I can help my colleagues to guide them and I can also provide an excellent service to the service users.

In addition, I always help my colleagues in their every effort and work but it depends on my availability and relaxation from my own duty. Besides, by sharing and communicating every issue and information honestly, I have minimised the chances of conflict, mistrust, backstabbing, ambiguity and misunderstanding. My leadership and communication skills are adequate and generally my colleagues prefer my leadership.

My important skill is time management; thus, I perform every work on time and timely available for another task. Thereby, for more effectiveness of my team, my contribution is undeniable. Similarly, I have to face several limitations, for instance, I have no permission to give any new medicine to a patient. Furthermore, my work is related to management; therefore, I have no permission to interfere with care work. Besides, I am not allowed to collect personal information of service users and my colleagues. Similarly, my organisation does not allow me to handle documents of service users and colleagues, specifically legal documents.

Potter noted that in all organisations, effective team work is significant and it has to face many challenges, for instance, high accountability pressure, silo thinking, lack of trust, conflict of interest, high expectations, inappropriate team dynamics, ineffective communication, poor leadership, etc. However, as a caregiver, I have to work with other healthcare professionals and it is a routine practice for me. Health affairs, 27 3 , pp. Billings, D. Elsevier Health Sciences. Button, D. Nurse Education Today, 34 10 , pp. DiCenso, A. London: Elsevier Health Sciences.

Fiander, M. The Cochrane Library. Fritz, J. Problematic relationships in the workplace, pp. Galegher, J. Psychology Press. Hicks, B.

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