Rosemarys Monologue

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Rosemarys Monologue

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I sprinted around a corner, finally seeing my freedom and cried out in. His uncle and my dad were also best friends so we always went on trips together and had dinners together. In a matter of fact, him and his best friend Aiden are going to California with my mom and I because I thought why not, like the good old times. It is the next day and we have arrived in California. Once I find it, my head is tucked between my arms, and my hands and arms stiffen to prepare for the entry into the water. As the water recoils from the sudden intrusion, I use the momentum to launch myself forward.

Then, I get a mouthful of water. As I emerged spluttering, I spot the competition way ahead of me, steamrolling through the water. I proceeded to dash through the wall of water as if there was a shark behind me. When I got off the Ninja I felt like I was going to throw up. Yelling this gave him the courage to keep fighting. Pidge was able to fly away to freedom. Aaron got beat up for letting Pidge fly away. He ran home and tried to sneak past his. It was Ceres! She had heard her daughter 's cries for help and had come to save her! Her voice was so loud, so fierce, it blew the king of the crocodiles to the far east end of the garden.

He was blown so far that he would spend an eternity trying to crawl back to his watering hole. Then I ran a little bit further, and Zaroff was getting a little nervous that I might win. Zaroff started chasing me to the ocean. So, he jumped in the water and swam as fast as a marlin and caught up to it and slammed his fist on the humongous boat. The boat stayed in tacked.

Luscious Luke was now scared for his own life. So, he himself started fighting the big green beast. Once Dookie finally understood what was happening, he yanked the chains off himself and made a run for it. The Rider grew angry and threw one of his chains onto the ground. It started chasing Dookie and finally caught hold of him. It slithered up his leg and started to squeeze him.

The Rider yanked on it with all his might causing Dookie to fly back. The helicopter dropped its ladders and we scrambled up to. IPL Rosemary's Monologue. Rosemary's Monologue Words 8 Pages. I wrote this story for my friend for English class. It 's not exactly my cup of tea. Before that, only family and my closest friends had such a profound ability to challenge my world view. For the longest time, I really felt like I could talk to the cafeteria ladies.

I really felt like I could tell them anything. Because their cooking process felt a bit like a Christmas or Thanksgiving meal. My only regret: I wish I asked them about their day and their lives more often. The drama club I was part of at Glendon continues to be a major influence on my approach to my work. Because it exposed me to a lot of theatre that challenged my world view.

This is a monologue I wrote but never showed to anyone. To me, it was too much. It was one of those weeks where things get tough and nothing goes right it got just so … so busy and the hours so long. Every moment felt like it lasted forever, and I rarely even got to even sit down. Working in this cafeteria it hard work you know, really hard work and sometimes it just too much for anybody. I think the one thing that keeps me going here is the customers. The nice ones I mean.

The customers come. Or we see them walking just outside the cafeteria and we see them for that one moment as they live their lives. We watch them living and just being plain people. Warmer than I wanna deal with for a long period of time without sitting down. I sing every morning perhaps more cheery than most of the students in the morning hour and I met so many wonderful people.

I got money coming in and a happy life surrounded by good people…it just sometimes people are unfair and there are ways that this can all get better. From time-to-time, I revisit old posts and republish them as Vintage Rosie. Rosie Writing Space has been my pride and joy since

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