Lisa Bates-Ramos: A Latina Artist

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Lisa Bates-Ramos: A Latina Artist

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#IAmUnica Latina and Beautiful

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Despite being an agnostic, I had been in charge of my own small group of kindergarteners. I had helped lead the bible stories, sang with them and danced to the corny sign filled dances. When Lawrence was 7 he and his family moved from Atlantic City to Harlem, where he experienced the Harlem Renaissance and the Depression. In Lawrence studied at the Harlem Art Workshop under Charles Alston, where he started creating art with crayons and markers. Alton said that Lawrence was basically teaching himself and all he needed was someone to show him certain techniques and give him encouragement. In the beginning of the book, Melinda starts high school carrying her emotional wounds with her after something happens mysterious to her at a party during the summer.

In the chapter The Opposite of Inspiration is… Expiration? I try to paint them so they are nearly dead, but not. To put thing into perspective, Biggie died when I was only three years old, and yet his music has still been a huge part on my life. I remember the days of riding around with my dad as "the Ready to Die" album blasted through the speakers. As a kid and being unaware of the meaning of every bar, and not understanding certain references, he had the ability to paint a picture that even I could understand as a child. Listening to songs like "Warning" and envisioning a giant super hero defending himself from evil. He was born in Arcadia, California on September 30th His parents encouraged him to pursue all his dreams.

Though did not graduate from college, he dropped out during his senior year to become and author. At age eleven, Whitman began working in printing to help support his family, moved on to teaching at seventeen, then in moved on to journalism, founding the Long-Islander. After five years publishing under his own paper, he became editor of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. In four years, he worked for seven newspapers, often losing his jobs for his radical political positions. Upon moving to New Orleans in , Whitman was exposed to the slave-trade firsthand. One of my most cherished memories is some of my color guard and practices like my first day or when we were the half time show for the football game. Lisa Bates-Ramos is a Latina writer and illustrator. We have produced songs together, and she is incredibly talented and has exactly the positive mindset you need to nurture in order to keep showing up every day and creating your art.

I wouldn't say "unnecessary". Life in general is an obstacle. I am a wife and a mother of four children. I am a caregiver to my elderly mother. I teach and have a very limited amount of free time. However, I believe the fact that many of my responsibilities that have required me to be home have also enabled me to create art anytime I have a free moment. I have always lived by the saying "Bloom where you are planted" and that's what I choose to do. Shepard Fairey recently purchased one of my paintings which was pretty cool. I have several awards from the Portrait Society of America. I am also proud to be a representative of the Golden Paints Company as one of their "Working Artists". I get to go to Universities, Colleges and Art Schools and educate people about "all things paint".

I am very blessed to not only have art as my passion, but also my job. I have seen some very talented artists who have squandered their talent with a poor work ethic. I do not have a lot of natural talent, however I will paint and paint, and read, and paint until I get it right. I believe in the 10, hour rule. Anything you put 10, hours into, you will be good at. My painting "The Lookout" I feel expresses a strong, independent, fearless young woman. With a rifle and a pair of binoculars she scans the horizon for any potential threat.

I love the work of Pamela Wilson. She has such a unique perspective and an incredible imagination. Her work is always pushing the boundaries with fresh perspectives, and an incredibly strong female viewpoint. My mother is an artist. She inspired me to become an artist. I have encountered many obstacles. Yet, I believe a true artist stays the course regardless of the hardships being faced. In my artistic career, I had to take the obstacles that I encountered as a learning experience towards my growth and journey as an artist and as a person.

I have gotten a number of awards throughout my art career. I am most proud of the fact that some of my paintings are in the permanent collection in the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. The advice I give to aspiring female artists is to stay true to yourself and believe in your dreams. I like the work of sculptor Louise Bourgeois. Bourgeois' artwork is very strong and deep and full of raw emotions. Her work speaks to me. Becoming an artist happened gradually for me. My mother is an amazing painter in the methods of the old masters so I grew up with a fascination for the arts and always loved drawing. Around events happened in my life that led me to start drawing again and I made a conscious effort to draw every day as a form of therapy. Art became my voice in a time I was not able to speak my truth and my journey started from there.

I grew up in a religious cult which frowns upon higher education and a career, especially for women, so this was a headspace I had to grow beyond personally to achieve any success as an artist. Also, I lived in an isolated country town which made sharing art difficult, and also three small kids at home, one with special needs so fitting in art around life around me was a crazy time. Starting out I felt like I had no real style of my own and it was overwhelming. Overall I am proud of my art journey as a whole and how far my art has grown and progressed. Inspiring people from around the world who find something in my art they relate to is a beautiful humbling thing.

Having my art accepted into the Seattle Erotic Art Festival has been the highlight so far! I would say jump in, draw, paint, take yourself out of your comfort zone trying new things. Who needs a kitchen table anyway right? All of my art celebrates and acknowledges female strengths, fragilities and emotions. I do like doing my art at night after the kids are in bed. I also love sleep though! I never thought about becoming an artist and never had any training in the arts. I tried painting for the first time and it just felt right so right away I was hooked! It was very frustrating at the beginning when I was trying to find what was my style.

That is when my style started to bloom. I also asked myself what I would like hanging in my home which is a good question every artist should ask themselves. My most current accomplishment that I feel very honored to be doing is 12 large paintings for the inside of the Bank Of America Stadium in Charlotte NC. Never give up! Try, try and try again you will get there. My mother. I grew up with a very creative mother who was always painting or drawing - she is amazing and at 77 yrs old her pencil portraits look more real than a photo.

She also teaches art. Growing up with an artist mom, she always had us in the art room creating and experimenting. Those days inspired me to be a constant creator, I knew my hands were designed for making. I have had to overcome the constant comments "Oh, how is that art hobby of yours? I just smile, knowing I have collectors across the world and grace more living room walls than you can even imagine. My goal in my early 20's was to have my art in the Horchow catalog.

I met that goal not long after it was set. I owned an art gallery and curated over shows, furthering artists careers. I love helping others find success with their art. Always be creating, no excuses. Paint through the highs and the lows. Don't underestimate your talents. Get a thick skin and let negativity roll off your back. I was in an accident when I was 15 and her life has always reminded me to not let anything get in the way of creating art. Her determination to be an individual strong woman is incredibly inspiring.

Stephanie Gonzalez. She has incredible talent and work ethic. I am fortunate to paint alongside her every week brainstorming and experimenting. Collaboration is a beautiful process. I never had a choice, I was born that way! I tried more "conventional" careers but always came back to the arts. I struggled for years before finding a path that worked for me.

Finding the message that mattered to me the most, understanding what I wanted my art to say, is what finally opened a career for me. Photography is incredibly macho. Being a female photographer who takes pictures of dogs, was a big obstacle. It was impossible to be taken seriously. Women artists are constantly belittled and kept in sub-categories, especially when it comes to photography.

Women could be pet photographers, wedding or maternity photographers, but "nothing more". They were viewed as cute hobbyists. Over the years though, women have revolutionized the industry in many ways, and we are slowly gaining more respect. I once organized a meeting with one of the most important photo labs in New York City. I wanted them to sponsor prints for a local animal rescue organization. We spent an hour talking about the work the rescue did, my work, what we were trying to achieve. At the end of the meeting, the director of the lab, a very well respected man in the industry, looked at me and asked "What about you, what do you do?

Are you a housewife? My work was everything to me. If I had been a man, this person would have never thought to ask "Are you a stay-home-dad? I still fume when I think about this meeting because I didn't dare to tell him off. Since this meeting, I have successfully navigated the art world to find my own place and I don't have to hear the opinions of silly men behind their oversized desks anymore! In particular, finding my place on social media has been extremely freeing. Through social media, women artists can finally take their power back and write their own story, without being silenced or controlled by the men of their industries.

My first big project, Wet Dog, won several awards and it was amazing! That was an amazing accomplishment. Here I was, with pictures of soaked dogs, competing against incredible photographers with very serious human-centric projects. When they called me to tell me I had won, I kept telling them they had made a mistake. I said "No, no, no, you are mistaken, my series is the one with the wet dogs. I think you meant to call another person". I was shocked. A lot of people in the photography industry didn't take a woman and her dog portraits very seriously. I could see there was a real stigma around my type of work. The judges had been unanimous, but some people in the audience were upset. Winning was the confirmation that I was on the right path though, that my dog portraits had something to offer.

I wanted to photograph dogs as if they were human, and here I was receiving one of the most prestigious photo awards, in a category not primarily dedicated to animals or pets. I also won several awards for my animal advocacy for the work I do with shelter dogs , and those mean the world to me because advocacy is the best thing an artist can pursue. Being recognized for my charitable efforts is always an amazing feeling. Women have incredible intuitions. We don't need to be told what to do! Just go for what feels right in your guts. And don't listen to silly men or women who try to dim your light. Each time a woman dares putting her art out there, it's a victory for equality. We have been belittled, mocked, we have been kept out of HIStory for millennia.

Now that we have social media and direct access to our audience, nobody can stop us as we write HERstory in the arts. I have been following a few female artists who are truly revolutionizing their industry and the art world. I was always a fan of photographer Jill Greenberg for her animal portraits and also for daring to photograph crying babies! She recently launched Alreadymade. I am also in awe of Ami Vitale, an amazing photojournalist - one of the best of her generation. She also gives back to nonprofits a lot, which I think is important nowadays. I love the work of illustrator Polly Nor Pollynor on Instagram , who draws women and their demons. Her work is powerful and thought-provoking in the best possible way. She talks about menstruation, female sexuality, body image.

At the age of thirty-three, I was a housewife, busy raising my two children. She told me it changed her life and handed it on to me. I thanked her but was too tired to read the book as I preferred to sleep when I could. I left the book on my night desk for few nights before getting curious about it. What is this book about you may ask? So as suggested, I decided to create my own bedtime prayer that I repeated night after night. In essence, I prayed to find my purpose in life, with the conviction that the answer is already given to me, and with the sincere feeling that I have already accomplished this goal. Two weeks went by, and another friend came over, asking me to go with her to an art supply store.

I refused to go as I needed to make dinner and it was too late to take my two little ones with me. However, she insisted, and I need to thank her for that. The moment I stepped into that store I felt strange, I felt ignited. I felt exasperated and intrigued… I was staring at the canvases, brushes, and paints with a strong attraction. So I bought a few basic materials, rushed home, cleared the kitchen table and started to paint. I felt like I was in a state of flow with my own creation, and it felt awesome. I started to fill my house with paintings in within a month; all my walls were virtually covered with new artworks.

Yes, trends keep changing all the time and I had to expand my boundaries. Keep doing what you love and success will follow. Believe in yourself and don't listen to those who tell you to quit. In this piece, I painted a bold, colorful woman that can't be ignored. She was disabled and alone but she knew how to 'fly'. My mother enjoyed drawing and taught me to copy as well as experiment. Yes, I gave up an art degree for one in a more practical field of endeavor.

To make your art part of your life, no matter how little time you may have at the moment to focus on it, and continue doing it for yourself first. Don't give it up. WMG is in its 27th year and has shown the work of over 8, women artists in a great venue and provided an opportunity for women artists working in all mediums to meet and interact with their peers. I envy them. The desire for freedom and creative expression. I think all of the obstacles that I had to overcome were necessary for my personal and professional growth.

Losing a job has helped me discover my creativity. Support each other. We can all make it. To me it's my Rose Gold photograph it represents the inner strength I didn't know I had. Her artworks combine two of my favorite things: bees and drips. Her artworks are colorful and dreamy and the varnishing videos she shares on her Instagram page camilladerrico are simply mesmerizing! There was and is this deep, mysterious and wonderful need for me to paint. I think that everything I experienced in life and what I capture — the sad and the happy things nourish this need.

I had to give myself the permission to pursue my great passion which I already felt as a child and to make my profession out of it. To be honest, the moment which touches my heart and soul most is when somebody tells me how happy my painting makes them. Then I feel so much joy and gratitude — after all, I paint to bring joy into this world. Be brave, be patient and take every step with love. She studied with sculptor Alfred Boucher. She met Rodin in about and afterward their artistic association and passionate relationship began. Since about 3 years of age drawing came naturally as well as experimenting and creating with different mediums. The whole stigma attached to be an artist and having to suffer and struggle to make a living.

I have been fortunate to have been published and participate in various exhibitions. However, I am most proud of being able to be a full time artist as my career and income! An emphasis on feminine inner strength— a true visionary for paving the way for future female artists! The following 3 current artists all have vastly different styles all unique and inspiring…. Jennifer Fairbanks classical oil painting style with contemporary undertones , Elisabeth Fredriksson brilliant commercial organic style and Sofia Bonati stunning stylized modern portraits.

I try to teach people to see. I am proud of all my exhibitions and awards, but the most important thing that I am proud of is the comments from my viewers that their day became a little brighter when they looked at my work. They again believed in magic. No matter how trite it may sound, for me, the most powerful woman is still Frida Kahlo. Audrey Kawasaki. I never even really aspired to such a title. You understand and agree that full search reports will only be available after you register for an account or purchase a report.

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