High School Basketball State Tournament Case Study

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High School Basketball State Tournament Case Study

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Nebraska State Basketball Tournament Highlights (2017)

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At least 50 member high schools must sponsor a sport for an official championship series to be conducted. Sports such as boys volleyball, field hockey, girls lacrosse, boys softball, and water polo are considered "emerging sports" by MSHSAA, but an official postseason series does not exist with less than 50 schools involved in those activities. In , while 46 of the states in the US already had governing bodies to regulate interscholastic activities, Missouri did not. The first meeting was held on November 13, , in St. Louis where a subsequent constitutional convention was scheduled for December 12, In , MSHSAA shifted its cause from solely athletics to include activities; the acronym stayed the same, but the name was officially changed. The organization continued to evolve, and in , the board adopted a program that would aim to use high school activities to educate students in a more holistic way.

Its first final was in boys' basketball, held that year at Washington University in St. In the late s, the group unified football tournaments previously only held locally to form the Show-Me Bowl that exists today. In man football the largest is Class 6, comprising the largest 32 schools based on enrollment. Schools wishing to play 8-man football must have an enrollment smaller than total students. Boys' and girls' basketball each have five classifications. Class 5 schools are those with 1, students and above; while Class 1 schools are those with students and below. However, the number of classes varies by the number of schools that participate in a sport: for example, swimming and diving, speech, debate and theater, only have one class, while girls' softball and girls' volleyball use four classes.

Schools in Missouri are able to form their own conferences and play whichever teams they wish in regular season competition. For example, the Ozark Conference , in the southwest portion of the state, has teams from two classes competing against one another. Schools are assigned into districts for playoff competition only; districts vary depending on sport, size and geographic location. Also unlike other states, there is no "regional" championship designation; during playoff competition schools are generally organized into brackets that are close in geographic proximity. Wrestling and track districts, for instance, usually have 10 or more teams due to the nature of competition, while football districts have anywhere from four to five. Beginning with the football season, districts comprised eight schools.

In other sports, district competition is set up like a more traditional tournament bracket at the end of the regular season. The winner of the district tournament advances in the championship series. Class 5 and Class 4 schools generally come from the state's major metro areas: St. Class 3, 2 and 1 schools are generally rural, although some small private city schools are grouped here as well. Its current Executive Director is Dr. Kerwin Urhahn. MSHSAA is governed by a member Board of Directors whose members are elected to four-year terms by school representatives in eight geographic regions of the state.

Two at-large positions to the Board of Directors were added in to ensure racial and gender diversity. Potential changes to MSHSAA's By-Laws, such as eligibility standards and activity regulations, are voted on each April, or in special elections, by the Associations's member schools. A process that includes input from more than 30 standing advisory committees, area meetings conducted throughout the state, and an annual questionnaire to the membership help identify issues to be voted on in the annual ballot process and identify issues for further study or modification.

Member schools may also request specific changes to the Association's by-laws and constitution through a petition process that places the item directly on the annual ballot. A three-level appeals process is in place for students not meeting the essential eligibility standards due to unusual, unforeseen or unexpected circumstances. Each of the state's eight geographic regions not only elects members to the Board of Directors and Appeals Committee, but also nominates representatives to the aforementioned advisory committees and elects three members to serve on each region's investigative committee.

The investigative committees were formed to investigate formal complaints filed regarding suspected by-law violations committed by member schools. The Association publishes a quarterly magazine, MSHSAA Journal, and sponsors one of the nation's largest annual sportsmanship and student leadership events each August. The MSHSAA trains and registers more than 5, sports officials and adjudicators each year to arbitrate various athletic events and evaluative music festivals.

These are the venues for the state championships during the school year. Some schools, notably in Kansas City where Rockhurst High School is powerful in local athletics, have proposed separate playoffs for public and private schools in some sports mostly soccer. This, however, has met resistance from most of the other parts of the state, especially St. Louis where the gulf between public and private schools is less noticeable than in KC. In addition, like in most other states, the enrollments of single-sex schools doubled to better reflect how they would compete against co-ed public school's.

Beginning in , however, MSHSAA voted to drop the private school multiplier and instead elected to determine class placement for private schools on a sport-by-sport basis using a "competitive coefficient". Registration is open online now. Once the season begins, WSL will have constant news updates, up-to-the-minute scores and game coverage, breaking news and recruiting news. The inaugural national tournaments are slated to be held in early September at the new Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Denver.

This new national organization of men's collegiate club teams was formed in the Fall of to provide more direct attention to collegiate club lacrosse and it replaces the old USL MDIA. Ford Stadium on the campus of Southern Methodist University. For more. This season, Harrington led the Tigers with 34 goals and 43 points. Each player participating in lacrosse during the Spring season is eligible for a discount from the prices listed on our website site - www.

In addition, we are providing a discount to all of the players' family members and friends. To purchase tickets for pick up at will call on Friday May 16 th or Saturday May 17 th , please send an email to tickets mclachamptx. This offer is good only through May 10 th , and does not apply to tickets purchased the day of the event. Registration: Sign up online at the uslacrosse. Austin, Tx. Stephen's Episcopal School St. Turn left. Stephen's Drive where you will see the guard shack. After you go through several lights, you will cross the bridge over Lake Austin. It was a well attended and productive meeting. The Rulebook and State Meeting Minutes are posted.

Please click on the link to access. Games are on regulation fields and will consist of two 25 minute running halves, and all teams will play at least 3 games during the two days. Playing days will run from am through pm. Junior registered career-high five points in conference-opening win. For more information go to the link,. Arrive at Research Forest Drive Parking: When entering the main drive of the school off of Research Forest Drive, there are visitor spots directly ahead.

The games on Sunday will be video streamed on the following links To view the stream, use web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Michaels p. Dallas Jesuit vs Highland Park p. Houston Christian vs St. Marks p. Sunday, May 6th p. Division II Championship Game p. Division I Championship Game. East View High School E. April 29 Games Dallas Jesuit 6 vs St. Johns 4 Highland Park 11 vs. Austin 2 April 28 Game Schedule Anderson 5 vs.

Johns 12 Highland Park 10 vs. Woodlands 8. Plano West 6 vs Houston Christian Marks 10 Westlake 8 April 28 Westwood 5 vs. Plano West 14 Episcopal Houston 7 vs. Marks Nicholas W. Mahowald, St. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product. Recall Summary Hazard: The Shield Throat Protector can crack or break when struck by a lacrosse ball, posing a laceration hazard to the user. ET Monday through Friday or online at www. The throat protector is black and has the letters "STX" engraved on the outer surface of the protector. It has straps attached by silver screws on each side and bottom of the protector to attach it to a lacrosse goalie's helmet below the helmet's chin guard. Remedy: Consumers should stop using the Shield throat protector and contact STX and return the product for a full refund.

Manufactured in: Taiwan. Upcoming Games. Game Type. Recipients of the RMM Scholarships. Team ATX Tryouts. Central District: Team ATX is an off season program that provides top notch training, competition and excellent coaching for serious players. Clear Lake Winter Classic. Texas Lacrosse Showdown Tournament. STX and Stony Point Girls Lacrosse would like to invite you to an exciting new tournament that we hope to make an annual event. Lax'n on the Red Lacrosse Tournament. Further Information Registration. US Lacrosse uses school-based teams as Criteria. If you believe you have an item that serves the lacrosse community in Texas, contact your District Coordinator.

He can help with postings on the calendar. Please use this tool as a resource for league-related deadlines and statewide events when planning your local calendar. Currently, we have no secretary and the calendar and news functions are under-utilized. If you are interested in supporting the growth of lacrosse in Texas, please contact David Hamill drhamill austin. Virginia 2. Johns Hopkins 3. Princeton 4. Duke 5. Syracuse 6. Georgetown 7.

Maryland 8. Cornell 9. Navy Denver Massachusetts Notre Dame Delaware Loyola Towson UMBC Fairfield Penn Albany Click on North District to the left. This year ten Texans appear on the roster of a Top 15 Division I team. Maitland Scholarship Application Deadline Approaches. Click to the left for application information. This year, the NCAA has asked officials to perform six pairs of stick checks during a game. SWLOA has posted the mechanics by which these checks will be implemented. The Star in the Circle under "Favorite Sites" - to the right - gets you there in a hurry. Look for the mechanics under "Training". The stick checks are now also on the League Rules page.

All spectators should be on the opposite side of the field from the team benches. The team box should contain a maximum of 4 coaches, 1 equipment manager, team trainers, and only players in uniform. The scorers table should contain a total of 4 people. This includes 3 from the home team and 1 from the visitors. The home team has the official scorekeeper, a game timer and a penalty timer at the score table. The visiting team has a scorekeeper at the score table. The site administrator has full access to the facility and should have constant communication with the scorers table.

It is the responsibility of the home team and site administrator to manage this policy. It is at the discretion of the officials to assess any penalties resulting from this policy. But rampant growth has swelled the membership to , making it by far the National Collegiate Athletic Association's biggest division, with enrollments ranging from to 40, The diversity has bred discord, and now the alliance is preparing to split in two, a recognition of how fractured the membership is over issues like money, national championships and the appropriate mission of athletics in higher education.

The dispute would be more suited to the major college sports landscape, except that Division III is home to many of the nation's top small colleges, and that brings an even bigger stake to the debate: the impact a split could have on academic rankings used by prospective students and their parents. The result could be a new Division IV or a sub-division with a lesser designation. At many Division III institutions, athletics is a leading admissions recruiting tool that has been credited with raising retention rates.

News and World Report rankings. Already, conferences are aligning themselves in various coalitions, although some prominent conferences involving athletic and academic elites, like Williams College in Massachusetts and Washington University in St. Louis, seem resistant to change. Hundreds of colleges could face awkward decisions, choosing between athletic or academic peers. Then, what happens when someone you didn't want to come to the dance ends up dancing on your side of the gym?

Finally, at the group's national convention last month, its leadership formally recognized a reformation movement by establishing two committees to recommend the models for a split. The tent has been stretched far enough. A vote deciding how, or whether, to split the division would follow in January Which Division III institutions would go where is unresolved. But tentative concepts on reorganization were proposed at the convention. One division would require institutions to play a large number of sports, perhaps as many as 18, and would restrict athletic departments in the sensitive areas of recruiting, the lengths of playing seasons and number of off-season practices. The other division would be more permissive in its recruiting, practice and competition rules, and require as few as 6 to 10 sports so that members could more easily focus on high-profile sports.

Stevens Point has been particularly successful in a few sports, having won two of the past three Division III men's basketball championships. The Stevens Point women's basketball team won the national championship five years ago and made the Final Four two years after that. The women's ice hockey team has been to the N. Final Four two out of the past three years. The baseball team was recently ranked fourth in the nation in a preseason poll, and the men's swim team also went to the N. Final Four last year. The college is competitive but not dominant in what is by far Division III's most restrictive league, the New England Small College Athletic Conference, which, for instance, does not let its football teams play in the postseason.

Colby has abundant on-campus athletic facilities and one team national title, in women's crew in But it will not be as simple as segregating institutions with diverse athletic or institutional outlooks. A look the current Division III men's basketball rankings reveals how messy breaking up might be. Stevens Point is ranked No. If the division splits along the lines expected, Amherst would probably go with its conference members to the traditional category and would forfeit playing against the most competitive, national-level basketball programs and the spotlight that goes with it. Now multiply the angst of that choice by 30 sports and hundreds of institutions.

Talk of reorganization has already caused public- and private-sector rifts, been likened to class warfare and stranded in the middle of the debate other institutions who wonder why change is necessary at all. At many Division III colleges, including the top academic institutions, varsity athletes make up a third or more of the student body. Division III coaches, like their major-college brethren in Division I, spend countless hours recruiting athletes. Recruiting top students to a Division IV could be more difficult.

Liebowitz, the president of Middlebury College. But I know others feel differently. It would seem unlikely for Cortland State to join the more restrictive N. Bitterbaum, Cortland State's president. You have to be very careful how you treat athletics. We would never do anything to create the impression we're giving it less than our full support. More than 20 people interviewed said at least institutions would join them. Lisa Melendy, the acting athletic director at Williams College, said that at last month's convention she was seated with several other athletic directors from her New England conference who are viewed as reform-minded traditionalists. It's a big group, but we can handle it.

I like the diversity, instead of just playing the same New England or Eastern schools. The traditionalists say they were there first and should remain. The nonreformers say they did not force the changes and that the traditionalists can go to Division IV if they are unhappy. Majority may rule. Some, like officials at Williams, a top-ranked academic institution with perhaps Division III's best athletic program, worry about the stigma of being associated with a Division IV. The name has such a substandard sound. It sounds like you've been demoted. When you've got students, how are you supposed to pay for the extra sports teams that are required? Others have proposed using proper names for the divisions.

And some administrators suggested there would be enough discord that the N. The outcome is too hard to predict. What do they do then? The camp is back and strives to be the best around. Camp Directors are also excited to announce the addition of a girls' camp that will take place during the same period as the boys'. The camps are open to all boys and girls from grade 5 through Christopher Figueroa cfigueroa sstx.

Lone Star Alliance Championship. For more information, please visit our site at www. These games are taken into consideration towards the voting process for the state playoff final four wildcard team selection. The games are set such that each Division 1 team will travel to one of the games and host the other. The district travel is rotated each season. Luke S. Jesuit Prep, Dallas. Will Campbell. Trinity High School, Euless. Cole Smith. Highland Park High School, Dallas. TJ Daniel. Richardson High School, Dallas. Matthew Braud. Clear Lake High School, Houston. State Championship Web Site Launched. Use the Site Menu at the left for developing information about the championships. Congratulations Ryan Harrington. Greg Bice St. Clear Lake Tournament Save the Date Flyer.

Save the Date! An evening with Mike Pressler. League Championships weekend. Cornell vs. Time to be determined. The Semifinal and Finals will be held at Texas Stadium. On Friday May 16 th there will be four semifinal games while on Saturday May 17 th there will be two Finals games and other events at Texas Stadium. Click on the left menu "League Championship" or the championship logo on the right for more details.

The Teams are being put together now to represent the East and West conferences. Congratulations to the North District DI players. Goalie Remington Steele belies size, catapults Canada into gold medal match against U. A rising sophomore at Robert Morris, Remmington Steele has captured the fancy of spectators, and opponents have marveled at someone so physically unassuming could master the sport's most visible role with such reckless abandon.

If I'm quick enough, I can take it away. With three close defensemen 6-foot-3 or taller - including , pound behemoth Brock Sorenson - Canada pushed the lightning-legged Americans to the limit late in the rivals' round-robin encounter last Sunday. But when they folded like a paper football, Steele still produced. Even Craig Dowd's game-tying goal with 26 seconds remaining came off a Steele save. Team USA escaped with a overtime win after a furious fourth-quarter comeback erased a seven-goal deficit. Steele stood on his head for 22 saves. Steele added 15 saves Thursday in Canada's victory over the Iroquois, which ensured a U. They'll meet Saturday at p. Southwest Lacrosse Officials Association. Positive Coaching Alliance Webinar. US Lacrosse National Convention. Cal Ripken, a Baltimore-area native and youth sports trailblazer, will be the keynote speaker for the US Lacrosse National Convention, sponsored by adidas.

The convention will be held in Baltimore, Md. The annual convention is the largest educational and networking opportunity for lacrosse coaches and officials in the world. State Meeting Oct. Click here for a map. State Meeting Follow-up. Southlake Round Up Feb. Become a Lacrosse Official. Lacrosse officials needed! The Patriot Cup, first held in , features some of the top collegiate lacrosse and high school programs from across the country. Bucknell and Notre Dame vs. Proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Project , a non-profit organization that helps provide services and programs for wounded service members coming home from conflicts around the world.

This award is intended to recognize the individuals overall coaching performance and contribution, not just coaching wins although they may be considered. Anderson High School. Sportsmanship Letter. Vermont and 20 Bucknell vs. Mary's Annapolis p. Marks v. Notre Dame v. Western New England v. SMU v. Purchase tickets and get more information at patriotcup. Ford Stadium to face-off in two all-star match ups. Lacrosse and the Patriot Cup committee chair. University of Vermont and U. Air Force Academy vs. Bucknell - will play on Saturday, March Bucknell game on March Tickets are available at www.

Texas Alumni in the News. Marks 15, Strake Jesuit 13 Sunday, May 17th, a. Letter from the Commissioner. Rule Proposals. All of us as Texas lacrosse enthusiasts, whether parents, coaches, administrators, or just fans, applaud the accomplishments of our Texas student athletes each year as they excel in THSLL competition, many going forward to colleges across the USA to make Texas even more proud. Supported Rule Change Proposals. ESD-high-hits-game-review-rule-proposal esd-high-hits-game-review-rule-proposal. Rain dates included. Local high school teams St. Tickets are available online by clicking here or by emailing patriotcup gmail.

This will be the 10th annual awards ceremony and is the "Year of the Seneca". Traditionally, one of the six tribal nations of the Iroquois Confederacy is celebrated in conjunction with the award, and will be recognized at "Year of the Seneca. The complete list of candidates follows this release. Ballots will be distributed through a nationwide voting system to media, coaches and fans, who will select one finalist who best exemplifies excellence in the four Cs of classroom, character, community and competition.

This year we introduce a new, and exciting expanded team expanded playoff structure for Division I with Super Regional Qualifying Tournaments in Austin and Houston on the weekend of May 1 st - 2 nd. D1 Selection Process District champions will control top 3 seeds. Teams will be seeded based upon the standings at the end of regular season play, and a predetermined serpentine pairing2.

Teams will be seeded based upon the standings at the end of regular season play, and a predetermined serpentine pairing Teams will be seeded based upon the standings at the end of regular season play, and a predetermined serpentine pairing formula as noted below. Of the 12 teams competing, there will be 4 teams from each district. Houston Location TBD. Super Regionals for May 1st. Anderson 9 pm ESD 9 vs. John's 13 vs. Johns 5 vs. Highland Park 19 pm Dallas Jesuit 11 vs. Austin 3. Highland Park - 19 vs Dallas Jesuit - 4 p. Coppell vs Reagan - 3 p. State Championships to be Televised. Texas High School League Awards. Anderson Cancer Center. Lacrosse and helping to cure cancer! That's quite a combination! It opens the door for local and regional sponsorship of the THSLL, and it improves the Team information, game scheduling, and game reporting processes through a much more intuitive user interface.

The THSLL Board would like to thank its Webmaster, Chris Shaffer, for his hard work and dedication to make this new website a reality, and our State Administrator, Nancy Powers, for collaborating with Chris on the website look and feel and user interface. Please see the attached communication on safety, conduct, and sportsmanship. These are great fundraising opportunities for THSLL Member School Programs, and offer outstanding community service opportunities for those student athletes who are looking for community service hours. Introducing the Lacrosse Information Exchange.

Game Fee Reminder. Rainout Procedures - Game Day cancellations should be made by a phone call to assignor and coaches. In the event games are cancelled less than two 2 hours prior to game time, Member Teams are responsible for paying officials for such scheduled games. If two 2 games are scheduled, the officials will be paid the higher of the fees. Officials will also be paid for suspended games. Thank you for voting, and participating in the decision making process that continues to make the THSLL an outstanding high school lacrosse league. Lax Information Exchange Reminder. Please keep an eye on the "LAX Information Exchange" news section link on the top left menu for upcoming tournaments and communications from college coaches.

A number of new articles have recently been published for the general lacrosse community. North Super Regional. South Super Regional. The State Championship will be decided on Sunday, May 8 as the top two teams left standing in each division compete for the title. Jeff Watts Production, Inc. Having the competition televised is a significant win for these student athletes and the sport of lacrosse in Texas," said Ray Martin, Commissioner of the Texas High School Lacrosse League. It will be a great weekend of lacrosse! Free admission is available for youth lacrosse players when they wear their team game jerseys or team spirit wear Young Guns, Middle School and Junior High.

Youth under five years of age are admitted free. The Woodlands Lacrosse Association is an umbrella organization representing over lacrosse players and their families from the Young Guns and Young Dolls to the varsity programs for both Girls and Boys. For more information on the WLA, visit www. For more information, contact: Lorrie Parise What a great weekend of Texas high school lacrosse Turn on west on Merrell Road off of Midway. Enter the security gate on the left, and park in the lot.

Walk to the left of the building through the courtyard. Save the Date - January , Early-bird registration is now in progress. Don't miss out on the discount. The Patterson Award. A strip of contrasting tape just below throat on shaft. There must be clear distinction where throat meets shaft. Pushing, interference, etc. A mere cross check hold can be upgraded to 1 or 2 minute CC personal fall if there is obvious thrusting action Substitution Changes Sub box is 20 yards long All live ball subs on fly All out of bounds clock stoppages are on the fly no horn Regular substitution may occur after a goal, timeout, or penalty enforcement seconds to sub Must have end line balls at ALL times.

This will be specific to new shot clock rule and the need for a readily available ball on end line shots while shot clock continues to run Enhanced Stick Checks degree tilts from upright and horizontal positions. Ball must roll out freely on the tilts Back of stick lower throat area. Ball cannot defy gravity when turned towards ground stick parallel to ground These particular fouls will result in 1-minute NR, stick removed from game Man Down Face-off Can no longer bring a player out of restraining areas to cover a wing 3-on-2 in middle of field. Must be legitimate shot attempt: deflected pass or inadvertent contact with pipe or GK not considered a shot. On end line or sideline shot attempts awarded back to offense that did not meet legitimate shot criteria , second timer continues even while ball is dead Must have balls at end line in the shot clock situation so as not to disadvantage team that has been warned for stalling If hand-count is in effect on end line re-award then count picks up from where ball was dead, i.

Act of shooting does not get benefit of the doubt. Ball must be on its way! Note on Quick restarts: It will be incumbent on coaches and players to know that they may be at a disadvantage on free plays awarded to the opposing team. The Sportsmanship guideline will dictate that player or coaches who vehemently argue a legitimate quick restart by an official may be subject to conduct or unsportsmanlike conduct fouls. The new definition of shot is only when the shot clock is on.

The panel also approved a rule regarding shooting strings. Starting with the season, players will be allowed to have shooting strings up to but not touching four inches from the top of the crosse. See attached image for example. Two lines shall be drawn on either side of the center line 10 yards from the center line and extending past the scorer's table. The number of balls in each area must be equal in each area. On the bench side, balls shall be placed at the scorer's table and outside each bench area. These balls shall be replenished by the home team and game management staff. No more than one sidewall string on each side is allowed. No crosse may have any tape affixed to the plastic. This does not include the crosse of a goalkeeper. This applies to both pre- and post-whistle violations that directly relate to the faceoff See A.

On the third and subsequent violations, the in-home is the player that must serve the penalty. Additionally, the requirement of the faceoff player to leave the field has been eliminated. Violations by the wing players before the faceoff will count toward the three per half. Only the faceoff players may be penalized for a postwhistle faceoff violation.

Exception: When a team has three or more players in the penalty area, a player may come out of its defensive area to take the faceoff. On a faceoff, A2 uses his hand to grab the ball. It is Team A's third violation of a half. Personal foul unsportsmanlike conduct on A2 and the in-home must also serve the team's technical foul, putting Team A two men down. Players may enter the field of play from the substitution area under the following conditions: a. The player must be properly equipped. He may not enter the substitution area until his substitution is imminent. The player leaving the field of play must exit via the substitution area. The substitute must wait until such player is off the field of play, and the substitute may not delay his entry onto the field.

During a regular substitution, or after a restart, A1 delays his entrance onto the field. The trailing official sees the delay. This does not remove the responsibility of a team to adhere to the offside rule. The substitute must always yield his position in the substitution area to any player exiting the field. Substitution may take place while play is suspended. Note: Any delay of the game is to be enforced strictly. See Rule f for method of enforcement. When is a team member considered legally in the game? RULING: When the substituting team member has complied with substitution requirements as provided by rule and when he has entered the field of play. These situations include: a.

End of a period. Scoring of a goal. Injury timeout. Equipment adjustment. Penalty enforcement. Man-up play. If an opposing player is within five yards of the player that has been awarded the ball, the official shall blow the whistle to start play. The opposing player is not allowed to defend the ball until he reaches a distance of five yards from the opponent. A violation will be a flag down slow whistle for delay of game. An unfair distance advantage gained by the team with the ball must occur to delay the restart. If officials confer on a play e. Restarting play when offensive team is awarded ball in attack area adjusted for quick restart "Any stoppage of play that occurs while the ball is in the attack area will result in a quick restart.

Exception: When the offensive team is awarded possession in the attack area, play will be restarted anywhere outside of the attack area. The offensive team is responsible for moving the ball outside the attack area for the restart. Only one pass is permitted. Any follow-through that contacts the head or neck shall also be considered a violation of this rule. Stay within his vertical plane with a stance no wider than shoulder width apart and shall not lean into the path of an opponent or extend hips into that path, even though the feet are stationary. Not be required to face in any particular direction at any time. No player, while moving, shall set a screen that causes contact and delays an opponent from reaching a desired position. It shall be the responsibility of the team in possession to try and create a scoring opportunity.

Exception: If the offensive team has the ball in the attack area and the defensive team is not playing the ball, no stall warning will be issued until either 1 the defensive team attempts to play the ball or 2 the offensive team brings the ball outside the attack area. However, a stall warning may be issued when the offensive team has the ball outside the attack area or below the goal line extended regardless of whether the defensive team is playing the ball. A shot is defined as an attempt to score that is on goal saved by the goalkeeper, rebound off of the goalkeeper, hits the goal pipe, or goal scored.

If the 30 seconds expires without a shot on goal, the ball is awarded to the defensive team. Officiating Mechanics. Trail official signals stall warning, verbalizes "Timer on! At the end of the second timer, a second hand count is administered by the trail official when the timer expires. The official shall announce "ten seconds" as an audible warning. This official has responsibility for the count until a shot is taken or the time expires. During the second period, situations where a shot goes out of bounds and the offensive team maintains possession shall be handled in this manner: a.

With more than 10 seconds remaining in the count, the timer continues to run and the procedure continues. If the timer expires before the restart, a second hand count will be administered starting on the restart. With less than 10 seconds remaining, the official shall hold the hand count when the whistle blows and continue the count on the restart. For example, if the ball goes out of bounds with 8 seconds remaining on the count, that count continues on the restart. The official shall communicate the amount of time remaining prior to the restart.

A shot that hits the goal pipe or rebounds off of the goalkeeper nullifies the stall warning and the game shall continue. In a flag down situation, the shot count shall continue until it expires or a shot is taken. Neither team shall be called for stalling during a man advantage. If a shot hits a defensive team player other than the goalkeeper does not satisfy the criteria for a shot on goal. Once the shot criteria is met, an audible "Timer off" command shall be given by the officials. Timeout situations. If the offensive team calls a timeout when the shot clock is engaged, the team will be granted the timeout. If there are more than 10 seconds remaining in the count, the shot clock will be moved to 10 seconds on the restart. With less than 10 seconds remaining, the count will continue from the point where it was stopped at the timeout.

If the defensive team calls timeout, the shot clock will be reset to 30 seconds on the restart. Shooting strings must be located within four inches of the top of the crosse. The rule doesn't apply to goalie sticks. I Stick inspection procedures adjusted Three field tests are required when conducting checks: 1. The ball placed in crosse perpendicular to the ground at the throat, then the crosse is tipped forward 90 degrees; 2. The ball is placed in the crosse horizontal to the ground at the deepest point of the pocket, then the crosse is tipped forward 90 degrees so the ball rolls out at the tip of the head; and 3. The ball is placed in the back of the crosse at the deepest point of the pocket and pushed in to reverse the pocket. The crosse is inverted degrees.

The ball must come out of the crosse without shaking, etc. PENALTY: If the ball does not come out of the crosse in any of these tests, it is an illegal crosse and a one-minute non-releasable foul. The crosse may not be used during play and will be kept at the scorer's table until the conclusion of the game. Points of Emphasis for and Touching Either Crosse on Faceoffs The focus of the committee's changes with regard to faceoffs are a continued effort to directly address players who gain an unfair advantage by touching either crosse during the faceoff play.

While improvement has been made in recent seasons, a continued emphasis is needed. Illegal Tactics When Defending e. In particular, when a defensive player thrusts the crosse into an offensive player, this is a violation. More stringent enforcement will be supported by the committee in this area. Sideline Behavior The committee remains concerned that in some areas inappropriate sideline behavior in NCAA lacrosse contests.

The committee asks coaches, players, officials and administrators to conduct themselves in an appropriate and professional manner. Through our partnership with Dick's Sporting Goods, we have a great opportunity for THSLL teams, coaches and players to save before the start of the season and throughout the year. Please forward this information out to your coaches, players, parents and young programs to support this event and our sponsorships. WHY: We appreciate everything you do in the community to support the youth sports initiative. The countless hours spent by coaches, board members, and volunteers does not go unnoticed. Attached is the recent slide show presented at the NCAA rules clinic in Philadelphia, which helps to explain and interpret this year's new rules and points of emphasis.

It basically follows the rule book and modifies what is in the book. The book has been removed from distribution because there were several errors in it. This attachment corrects a lot of the errors but we suspect there will be more. The book will ultimately be put on line so it can be downloaded. Several highlights that may not be immediately apparent after reading everything are as follows: 1. A face off middie who illegally touches the ball will receive a one minute NR penalty. This counts toward the number of face off violations in a half that can lead to a team being penalized. If a team already has incurred two violations and their face off middie gets called for an illegal touch, they will be down two players: one for the illegal touch 1 min NR , and the in-home for the 3rd violation in a half 30 sec tech foul.

Pre-whistle and post-whistle violations count toward the number allowed in a half. If the face off middie plunges down on the ball and it becomes stuck in his crosse, it is a violation. If someone clamps and holds his opponent that is a violation. Anything at the spot of the face off will count. Wing line pushing and shoving would not. The new rules have the requirment that any player doing face offs must have a piece of contrasting colored tape near the head of the stick. This will make it eaiser for officials to see if the player is grasping the plastic. If a player comes out without the tape, that counts as a violation.

He can stay in the game but the ball is awarded to the opposing team without a face off occurring. When a flag down occurs the slow whistle technique is used. In the past, if a team went into the box and came out, the whistle blew to stop play and assess the penalty. Now, we act as if the box doesn't exist. This means a team can go in and come out of the box without the whistle being blown.

Also, if a flag is down, they come out and the ball hits the ground for any reason, play will continue. This will occur even if a second penalty created the loose ball. The whistle will be blown if the ball goes out of bounds, a goal is scored, the offensive team commits any penalty, an injury occurs or the end of the period. This has changed because of the new stalling and timer on rules. If a team does not attack the goal in a flag down situation a timer on call will be made and they have 30 seconds to get a shot off. At that point the penalties will be assessed.

There will be quick restarts all over the field. If the clearing team gains posession in their defensive zone they do not have to restart in the alley. This includes crease violations. The goalie can pick the ball up immediately and throw a clearing pass. The riding attackman must be careful since he has the responsibility of getting back five yards before he can attempt to play the ball.

It covers a lot of what is mentioned in the slide show presentation. It does have one error. In the cross check portion it mentions that a cross check will get a one minute NR penalty. That is not true. It could happen though if the cross check goes to the head and neck. Officials are learning these rules as well and are being trained to handle them. Mistakes will occur. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact your local district Chief Referee.

Attached is a document with an update on the NCAA rules changes and how the officials are to interpret them. This should be helpful for you to review as well. Included is information on the rules themselves and on rule mechanics for the officials. This was originally proposed at the beginning of the year but has since been reconsidered. The tape on the handle of face off players must extend from the bottom of the head and run 6" down the handle. This aids officials in their insuring that a middie doesn't grab the head of the stick. Tape on the head is a 3 min NR. Take note of the guidelines for restarts and the direct path to the goal.

Thanks for your concern and awareness in combating young athlete concussions! The winner must be a member in good standing with US Lacrosse; 3. Nominees must demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship on and off the field at all times; 4. Nominees must demonstrate excellent rapport with officials, other coaches and his own players at all times; 5. Nominee did the most with what he had; 6. Nominees shall meet the following criteria: 1. Nominees did the most with what he had; 6. Co-Varsity coaches from an Area will not be recognized. Person of the Year 1. Voting Process 1. League Administrator submits to each District Coordinator the nominations for their District; 3.

Nominations are presented to the District Coordinators for each Division per the timeline; 4. The District Coordinators meet and select the awardees; 5. Any tie-breaker necessary within a District would be broken by the District Coordinator;. All Americans. Player eligibility guidelines 1. Players under consideration must be members of US Lacrosse. Players must be a member in good standing with US Lacrosse; 4. Post high school graduates who continue to compete for a high school program are NOT eligible to be considered for All-American. Selection process 1. There is no limit on the number of players a District can nominate; 3. The standard set over the years has been that our AA nominees are our very best players; Selection Committee 1.

It is recommended that coaches that serve on the Committee be very experienced, possibly having coached summer all star teams from Texas and inter-District and inter-Divisional games; 4. Terms are two years and one year to ensure Committee continuity; 6. A member may not serve more than two consecutive terms, but may serve more than once; 7. Terms run from October 1st and expire on September 30th; 8. Terms are to be staggered, and initial terms determined by lot; 9. The Texas Area Chair for US Lacrosse will serve two-year terms, with a limit of two consecutive terms, but may serve more than once.

The Texas Area Chair will be selected by the Committee. Voting process 1. Voting will be done during a conference call consisting of the 11 participants; 2. Coaches with nominated players will present the nominations to the Committee during the conference call; 3. Coaches with nominated players may be on the Committee. The voting coaches count for one vote each 5. Eligibility Guidelines Academic All-American 1.

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