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Personal Narrative-The Girls Gopher Game

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He has no regrets, no personal longings, and he never reflects on his life before he was on the island during his decades on the island. I understand that this is just an "adventure novel" but people actually still read this tripe and consider it a classic! View all comments. Nov 22, Jason Koivu rated it did not like it Shelves: fiction , classics , food.

Reading Robinson Crusoe is like reading a grocery list scribbled in the margins of a postcard from Fiji: "Weather's fine! Wish you could be here! Need fruit, veg, meat View all 38 comments. The first edition credited the work's protagonist Robinson Crusoe as its author, leading many readers to believe he was a real person, and the book a travelogue of true incidents. Epistolary, confessional, and didactic in form, the book is presented as an autobiography of the title character whose birth name was Robinson Kreutznaer —a castaway who spends twenty-eight years, on a remote tropical desert island near Trinidad, encountering cannibals, captives, and mutineers, before ultimately being rescued.

View all 3 comments. Shelves: travel-books , bookcrossing-books , books. August Dear Diary, Woo hoo! Run away to sea at last! Mum and Dad didn't want me to go but honestly, what's the worst that can happen? So far I'm loving life on the ocean wave and have only been a little bit sea sick. Anyway it's Bye bye Hull, hello Honolulu! There was a minor incident with a shipwreck and just when I'd managed to find passage on another boat some pirates turned up and I ended up as a slave. I had to do loads of wor August Dear Diary, Woo hoo! I had to do loads of work for this Moorish guy and while it was all nice and exotic, it's not nice being stripped of all your civil liberties. Anyway I've just escaped with my buddy Xury and we're heading out to sea in order to see if we can flag down a bigger boat, er sorry, ship.

Much hotter than hull at any rate. I'm redder than a snapper on stick and am having a bit of trouble finding my feet. There's some sort of carnival on and I've seen a big hill which would like nice with a big statue of Jesus on it. I've met some nice blokes on the boat and they said they'd help me make my fortune. Someone is predicting that Brazil nuts will be the next big thing come Christmas next year so maybe I'll give that a go.

I got myself all set up with a nice plantation and enjoyed the good life for a while here but I miss the salty tang of the sea air, the creak of the sails and the gentle rocking of the boat so I've decided to sink my money into slavery and am going to put to sea as soon as I can. I've realised I'm not one for a landlubbers life. My slaving venture didn't go too well. Guess I should have thought about my own time as a slave with that Moorish guy before I set out in order to profit from other peoples misery but hey, everyone else is doing it and even Bristol are getting in on the trade now by all accounts. Anyway that's all by the by now. We headed for Africa but a devil of storm came and dragged the ship and all the men on down to Davy Jones.

I think I'm the only survivor and the sea has spit me up on this miserable sliver of land with only the clothes on my back. A couple of animals survived too. I've called the dog Defoe and the cats are called Swift and Behn. For now I just pet them but if I can't find any food then Defoe is going to make a tidy stir fry. Am off to set up camp now so will write upon my return. It's taken a lot of ingenuity to make all the things I need. Wreckage from the ship and flotsam and jetsam have washed ashore and provided me with some raw materials like sails and timber, bits of rope and metal.

It's not exactly the Radisson Blue but I'm quite proud of my little house. The cats and rats are multiplying quite ridiculously - I shudder to think what it's doing to the ecosystem. I kill and eat the goats and birds but they're getting wise to my tricks now. I've kept one of the birds as a pet and called him bird brian. I'm having to go further and further afield for food I thought for certain I was a goner but the lord has been kind to me since I arrived here. I'm not normally one for solitude but the peace and quiet has been educational. I suppose I've become a bit introspective but I don't have much time to mope as staying alive takes up most of my days.

Wish I'd baked something! Turns out they're cannibals though so I guess nice scones and a cup of honest to goodness tea bark probably is not their thing. Was tempted to smite them for being heathenish devils but I'm looking pretty heathenish myself these days and beggars can't be choosers over company at a time like this. One of them chose to stay behind. Can't understand a bloody thing about him and he's not one for chatter. I've called him Friday and he's put up no objections so far. Am looking forward to spending some time with my new friend Yours, Robinson March Dear Diary, Seven years since I last wrote - well you could have knocked me over with a parrots feather when I realised!

Friday and I have become firm friends. Still not a lot of chatter but then a man is glad of companionship without all the additional twittering. He's got a bit of a grip on my lingo now though and has shown an interest in the ways of our Lord. I told him about my big statue idea. He laughed. They were planning to hot-pot someone but we soon put pay that idea.

There was a bit of a to-do and now we have two newly saved captives on our hands. The island is starting to feel quite crowded. One of them is a Spaniard who says his country men are near by and could save us, the other bloke was none other than my man Friday's father. The two of them are off back to the mainland to rustle up a rescue party. I keep thinking about bacon butties. Felt a bit sad to say bye bye. I've grown fond of all its nooks and crannies now, and though admittedly, I would give my eye teeth for a bacon sandwich and a nice cup of tea I suspect that never again shall I experience the resplendent solitude which I experienced on the island.

Don't know if I'll ever get used to sleeping in a bed and not a hammock either. I'm thinking of writing about my experiences though. Wonder if this is the sort of thing that people would like to know about? Friday has agreed to come with me which is nice but I'm not sure what he'll think of Hull, after all it's no paradise island. Yours, Robinson View all 29 comments. As a novel Robinson Crusoe is not the easiest to read, three hundred years separate us, their world and ours will never connect too much has passed for that, however we are the same species with faults and all human. The well known story shows survival is the ultimate prize for the vast majority of creatures called people of the Earth.

A lone and lonely man shipwrecked by an intense storm in a hostile foreign environment, far away from his own land in fearful existence as any normal being would b As a novel Robinson Crusoe is not the easiest to read, three hundred years separate us, their world and ours will never connect too much has passed for that, however we are the same species with faults and all human. A lone and lonely man shipwrecked by an intense storm in a hostile foreign environment, far away from his own land in fearful existence as any normal being would be, living from day to day escaping and hiding from cannibals.. A nearby island they come, feasting on captured rival tribes these natives of the Caribbean Sea of the late 's never could imagine what will occur in the future here while eating in their banquet and devouring the victims , the creamy-white sands don't stay that color.

Today millions of tourists travel to the gorgeous beaches as the Sun's bright rays shine on these happy men and women from cold places seeking relaxation. On the other hand Mr. Crusoe complains of being soaked by the rains Until Friday shows up his parrot with a limited vocabulary and spicy dialogue I'm sure, being a gentleman the narrator fails to bring to light and you can't consider his other pets the cats , dogs and especially the numerous goats they communicate very little except for dinner let me be very clear on this they eat, not Mr. Some of the best action scenes are not on the isle but off the island either a long distant from shore or the Atlantic, Arabs of North Africa kidnap the sailor making him a slave but ships sink, pirates are greedy, and while digging for useful items on his beach still the tide flows in, hanging to a piece of wood which was once a ship, yet finding rum has its compensations The battle with hungry wolves in the mountains of northern Spain is the best Dislike or enjoy View all 10 comments.

Feb 19, Molly rated it liked it. Spoiler alert Robinson Crusoe was a total douchebag. If anyone deserved to get stuck on an island for 28 years, it was this guy. His story begins with his dying father pleading with him to stay at home, but the teenage Crusoe won't have it. He wants to be a sailor, he swears that he's meant to be a sailor, he totally loves the sea - even though he's never been on a boat.

So, against his family's wishes he runs off to a buddy's ship. And guess what? He hates it. He's sick all the time, the boat Spoiler alert He's sick all the time, the boat is super rocky, there are too many waves - then, they crash. It's the worst. Somehow, he survives. Once on land he gets drunk with some of his friends and is all like, maybe I was wrong about the sea, maybe it's actually great. So, after a night of binge drinking with the sailors, Crusoe forgets that he hated the sea and vowed never to go to sea again. So, like the idiot that he is, he gets on another boat. The minute he's on this other boat he's captured by pirates and he's forced to become a slave. Once again, asking for it. So, after a few years of slavery he escapes on a tiny boat.

Not this guy. He escapes on this tiny boat with a guy who is now HIS slave and after making HIS slave kill some huge, dangerous lions - so Crusoe could have a blanket to lay on what's the slave sleeping on? Crusoe sells his slave to them and ends up in Brazil. He starts a farm and is doing pretty well, on land, mind you. Of course, old dickish Crusoe forgets how lucky he's been to make it this far, and decides it's time for another voyage. Because he's a lazy prick and wants some free slaves to run his farm.

So, he sets off for Africa, and gets what's coming to him. If only it ended there. After about 24 years on this island he saves this kid, who he names Friday, from being cannibalized. This is the first person he has spoken to in 24 years. And what does he do with him? All he has is time! What do you need a slave for? After a mess of shit, involving more cannibals, some Spaniards and some mutineers - Crusoe and poor Friday make it to civilization. His time off the island is summed up in this paragraph, "In the meantime, I in part settled myself here; for, first of all, I married, and that not either to my disadvantage or dissatisfaction, and had three children, two sons and one daughter; but my wife dying, and my nephew coming home with good success from a voyage to Spain, my inclination to go abroad, and his importunity, prevailed, and engaged me to go in his ship as a private trader to the East Indies; this was in the year He gets married, has some kids and when the wife starts to die he decides it's time to leave!

Ring any bells? Dad is dying, time to be a sailor. Same deal. If all that isn't proof enough this guy was a total douche, he drowns a TON of kittens on HIS island, so many he lost count. View all 14 comments. Around the year , Alexander Selkirk, a 28 years old Scottish privateer was marooned, at his request, on a desert island off the coast of Chile. He managed to survive there for about five years until he was rescued and brought back to England. The young man died a few years later on a voyage to Africa, but his story as a castaway became a legend.

Supposedly, Robinson Crusoe is one of the first modern novels written in English. To be sure, this book soon became a significant landmark in English literature, translated into almost as many languages as the Harry Potter series. The story is told in the form of a journal, but with considerable after-the-fact knowledge of the events and with many tangents along the way. The first few the Salee pirates and last few chapters the crossing of the Pyrenees are a bit off-topic.

When Robinson finally meets Friday, the noble savage, he also realises that, although casual cannibals are an abomination before the Lord, a man in the state of nature is genuinely good and has an innate intuition of Christian theology. Indeed, Robinson, on his own, has been fruitful and has multiplied! View all 4 comments. Apr 16, Duane rated it really liked it Shelves: english-calssics , reviewed-books , rated-books , guardian Many consider this the first English novel. It was published in , and the setting was around But the amazing thing about this novel is that it's timeless. Being stranded on a deserted island would be much the same today as it was years ago.

The 18th century writing style is a negative for most kids today I would think. Dec 29, Monsieurboule rated it it was amazing. I'm surprised and amazed and dismayed by the ex post facto muy-contempo correct-nosity readings below Gee whillikers, kids, uhm, here's one of the great social and, perhaps even more, spiritual documents of Western Civ, and it's a ripping read that declared ongoing archetypes, and it's getting dissed for Which of us won't end up wishing for at least that when our tombstone gets knocked over? View all 5 comments. It is hard to estimate the literary and cultural impact of Robinson Crusoe.

First published in , this is certainly the benchmark upon which most all castaway stories have been judged since. No magicians or witches here, and no Calaban lurking in the shadows, this is all about everyman Robin taking care of business on an island that may have been present day Tobago. Having never read the novel before, I still fel It is hard to estimate the literary and cultural impact of Robinson Crusoe.

Having never read the novel before, I still felt like I knew the story, simply because of all the references to it that exist in various media. What is not generally known is the quality and style of writing and the very illuminating before and after chapters, particularly his dangerous travails in seventeenth century France, that had more than its share of wild trails and snarling beasts. This is also an introspective work, with a loner of more than twenty years having plenty of time on his hands to consider social, economic, political, philosophical and theological mysteries. A book everyone should read.

Robinson Crusoe was the first book I had read by myself — I was absolutely entranced, I had no smallest idea that books could be so hypnotizing. Strange may it seem but most of all I enjoyed reading the lists of the items Robinson was salvaging from the wrecked ship. There were two very good fowling-pieces in the great cabin, and two pistols. These I secured first, with some powder-horns and a small bag of shot, and two old rusty swords. I knew ther Robinson Crusoe was the first book I had read by myself — I was absolutely entranced, I had no smallest idea that books could be so hypnotizing.

I knew there were three barrels of powder in the ship, but knew not where our gunner had stowed them; but with much search I found them, two of them dry and good, the third had taken water. Those two I got to my raft with the arms. And I followed Robinson step by step participating in all his adventures and misadventures. But somehow after Robinson Crusoe had found his man Friday the charms started dissipating… His solitude and lonely existence in the wilderness were much more enchanting. And although I was literally stunned by this novel I never had a desire to reread it. Robinson Crusoe is a timeless memorial to the human willpower and invincible will to live.

I'm so happy this nightmare is over! I only trudged through to the end because it's a classic. Look at me, yes me, I'm Robinson Crusoe and I'm stuck here on this Island and I'm going to tell you all about it, down to the minutest detail Since I'm on this Island all by myself for pages long, you'll have to put up with every wisp of internal monolog too, that's right. And I'm going to be scared and worried until I figure out each obstacle - even though you'll hope for tension and excitement about the state of my imagined dangers, there's really nothing to worry about. I'm a genius, yes, because even though I was stuck here at a young age all by myself, and even though I hardly knew a thing about the world beforehand, I'm going to figure out farming, goat herding, carpentry, sewing, weaponry, tool making, boat building and so many other skills, and I'm going to be an expert in each one of them.

Ok ok, you've put up with all of this right? Now I'm going to reward you with a bit of action here and there for the last pages, but mind you, I'm never in real danger and I'll always be the victor and supreme ruler of my Island, AND I'll thank Providence after each victory. Basically, I'm blessed and everyone I'm in touch with will have good fortune and will give me in return nothing but good fortune, no one will ever cheat me, lie to me, betray me, hurt me or do any evil unto me. There you are, everything works out, smooth sailing all the way, the end. View all 26 comments. Alright, well I am going to respond to those who think that the only way you could not enjoy this book is if you are looking back from a privileged 21st century point of view and judging the actions of our less socially conscious ancestors.

I read this book as a part of my 18th century literature class, so I have been reading a lot of novels written around the same time and with a number of the same themes. I have been able to enjoy many of them despite some uncomfortable and shocking moments of Alright, well I am going to respond to those who think that the only way you could not enjoy this book is if you are looking back from a privileged 21st century point of view and judging the actions of our less socially conscious ancestors. I have been able to enjoy many of them despite some uncomfortable and shocking moments of racism and superior Christian colonialist sentiment, though the religious rhetoric in Robinson Crusoe was admittedly far beyond that of any of the other books I've read in this course and very difficult to swallow as a result.

The reason I did not enjoy Robinson Crusoe is that nothing in this novel made me care for or invest in any element of it. The main character is psychologically flat and completely lacking in complexity, seeming to suffer absolutely no ill effects from being completely alone for 25 years or so. The drama is contrived and not suspenseful. As I don't really care for the main character, I don't really care if he were to be eaten by pagan cannibals. The over detail, while perhaps a comment on the plodding, relentlessly boring life of an isolated islander, could be eliminated entirely. I do not need to know how much bread someone ate on a particular day or how to make clay pots. The plot left absolute GAPING holes in it's wake, which I do realize is a symptom of lack of editing and the cost of paper at the time, but it still made it difficult to enjoy parts of the novel.

Those are some of the reasons that I personally did not enjoy this novel. I do not disagree with it's status as a classic because it was an important novel in it's time and obviously provides an excellent commentary on British attitudes of the 18th century. I simply did not enjoy it, but that does not diminish it's importance. I think that to accuse people of not enjoying the novel because of a lack of understanding of the time in which this was written is an oversimplification and I will remind you that many people writing these reviews, such as myself, enjoy other novels written in the same period despite their cringeworthy racist or zealous moments.

There are two main ways I could view Robinson Crusoe - firstly, as a reader who reads for enjoyment and entertainment, and secondly, as someone offering a more critical analysis of historical attitudes. To be honest, though, the book doesn't fare too well under either microscope. As a novel for enjoyment, it's about the titular character being shipwrecked on an island many believe to be based on Tobago, near Trinidad. There's a whole lot of survival skills going on but a modern reader will likely have read more compelling accounts of survival and Crusoe finds himself facing native cannibals and captives. The style is distant and emotionless, only marginally more readable than Swift's Gulliver's Travels , but that is largely due to the more simplistic narrative.

The parts where Crusoe turns to his knowledge of European agriculture to survive are particularly tedious for any reader not interested in production theory, trade and economics. Looking at this book through the eyes of history, it's something of an advocate for colonialism and European superiority. Crusoe arrives on this island and quickly attempts to adjust it to his own expectations of civilization, even to the point of wanting the prisoners as slaves. It should also be pointed out that Crusoe is shipwrecked during a voyage to acquire African slaves. He survives by using his European knowledge, adapting very little, killing off natives, and embracing Christianity.

Crusoe is the intelligent European and the natives, including his one friend - Friday, are savages. He becomes a "king" figure of this "colony" and the conclusion appears to be that he brings civilization to these backward peoples. Perhaps interesting as a view of European mentality in the 18th century, but frankly quite nauseating to sit through today. View all 9 comments. Jul 13, Francisco rated it it was amazing. Now and then it's good to go back and read a book written three hundred years or so ago. The mind-shift necessary you need to make to enjoy the book keeps your brain limber, cleans the mental attic of the literary clutter that has accumulated- that a book needs to be fast-paced, that the dialogue needs to be witty and revealing, that long descriptions are boring.

So you read a book that doesn't meet any of the standards someone has told you a good book should meet and you still enjoy it because Now and then it's good to go back and read a book written three hundred years or so ago. So you read a book that doesn't meet any of the standards someone has told you a good book should meet and you still enjoy it because somehow you allowed yourself to enter and accept the author's and the book's world. I say this because I think Robinson Crusoe is a book that doesn't quite transcend its time, like say Don Quixote, a book that is both of its time but also magically contemporary. Robinson Crusoe's world is the world of 18th century England, a world where a person's highest achievement is the use of reason to make life more comfortable.

Crusoe's challenge is twofold. Externally, he needs to use his reason to survive. Internally, he must use his reason to conquer fear and despair. This account of Robinson Crusoe's internal journey was an unexpected pleasure. It is a journey that we can all identify with - the journey from anger at our hardship to resignation and acceptance to tranquillity and peace to end finally in gratitude for life itself, despite the hardship, which is as good a way as any to define joy. Crusoe is aided in this journey by the Bible he rescued and by prayer, but really the mental transformation is more the result of reason, of the ability of Crusoe to direct his thoughts, through constant practice, in one particular direction and away from another.

Another possibility could be issues with farm labor. One last thought as I think through this more. We are seeing more pest and disease pressure on produce as climate change and other ecological disturbances continues to wreak havoc on climate and local ecosystems. Damage from pests, lurking disease, fungal infections—all of these can lead to greater perishability, not just before harvest but even after harvest with small blemishes or undetected infection that quickly spreads into mold and disease, etc.

And of course this can again be exacerbated not only by longer transport but by inconsistent control of humidity and temperature, which could create conditions for better fungal growth. Given the multiple stress points that seem to be arising in our complex industrial systems, my guess is that many or all of these factors play a role. It would also be in line with some of what you write in this post, that small breakdowns create major problems throughout a complex system. Has anyone else run across this particular bit of illogic? Re: the rotting veg. This of course puts the advantage to local producers and buying directly from the farmer, which are both better for the producer but a threat to all of the intermediaries.

Amazing that beer in the UK is another product suffering from shortages! I wish I had done more to prepare for the forced dealing with limits that has been suggested. Instead, the wife I married from Russia has learned a ton from my insistence to live life as I wanted.. Funny how we shape our futures, hah! One thing she and I have talked a lot about is food. It was interesting when we first got together how she decided to go on a raw food diet. A huge change I noticed about her, other than the weight loss, was how much more disciplined she became.

It makes me wonder how such small acts of limitation can grow into something much more powerful…surely many religions and spiritualities have tapped into this idea and why they have diets with restrictions. There was a video I saw once while on a plane, which had talked with a Russian who advised that many Russians will spend money while they have due to seeing what happens when the value of your money goes to naught over night.

Is that all though? Or what other shapes might we see in the future as middle class continue getting the squeeze? I have a feeling a lot depends on the outcomes of the recall in California and the election in Canada. Gawain re: comment 64, what were the corrections he posted? I tried some quick searching and only turned up his older work, not anything that looked like corrections. Another data point? Over at Data Secrets Lox a forum associated with Scott Alexander , Forward Synthsis posted a pro-Progress but impressively-intelligent explanation of why overpopulation and resource limits matter, contra the usual canards marshaled against them:.

He has to create a community centered around local food. So his first tier, his favorite folks, are the growers themselves. He scouts for them all the time. Development has gobbled up farms everywhere, so you have to unroll the red carpet for the few remaining growers of any size. Most markets have a flat rate for all vendors. That makes no sense. You need quality local growers that will vastly exceed the quality and freshness of store bought produce. They are rare. You need them there. From the midsize farm to neighborhood amateur growers and community gardens, you not only will let them vend for free, but help them in any way you can.

The core is this group of growers. Your market will not make it without it. Then you get the growers to donate a bit of what they grow to the musicians, yoga teachers and such that are necessary to organize free activities that attract traffic. You can also organize free gardening and urban farming workshops, taught by yourself or the other growers. Hobby gardeners, beekeepers, picklers and such come to the workshops to connect with experts for knowledge, and there you have the seed of your market.

Food trucks, bakers. Your third tier is people who pay a still higher price to be there with handicrafts and art they make. They are very plentiful. They subsidize the first two tiers. They pay an outrageous fee, in advance, no exceptions. Made in China, no. Too tacky and too crappy, no. You take a few of the least bad. People with a franchise in some online pyramid scheme or direct-sales cult. They provide the bulk of the money you need.

You need the money to hire a general liability insurance for market hours, so if anyone trips and wants to sue you the ins co. Could have happened anywhere, it happened at your market, you need insurance. That will set you back between a thousand and five a month for a weekly 8hr market day depending on size and traffic. Then you have to pay yourself and any labor you need to hire. You may not be that good with promotion, say, so you pay some dude to maintain a website and send out press releases.

A club or church or VFW may have someone in their staff or volunteers that already does that and can just add your stuff. Publish photos there every week. Make sure your photos show a crowd, a fun moment, something memorable. Ideally, you want to work with a nonprofit or chamber of commerce that has ample grounds, a mailing list, a structure they want to add the market to, under their own name. You contract running the thing for them. A non profit is best of all. You get free labor, community service workers that need to do hours and you put them to open tents, sweep the grounds, bring coffee to the musicians.

DUI cases for the most part. I had a serial flasher, a Harley old girl type, that kept lifting her shirt. Same deal with a stripper very proud of her new silicone. Also a millionaire, and he scrubbed toilets for years and was the best worker I ever had, before finally telling me of his large fortune. When he got his license back, he special ordered a very fancy car from Britain, and started driving it to market to clean the johns. He still needed hundreds of hours. He never thought of bribing me for the hrs and avoid the toilets.

You have to be somewhat media savvy and be able to write good copy and take pics for local rags and websites. Invite them to tour the farms if they need material, or to cover your gardening workshop, environmental rally or food sampling. Most media of any kind need to fill up their pages with something, and will take you up on the offer. The growers glow. They are doing well. All prosper. It helps to have an outdoor stage for your activities, picnic tables, green areas, benches, and some storage available. Vendors usually bring their own set up, but it helps to have a few spare tents and tables for emergencies. If the organization sponsoring the market has a supply, you can offer a set up ready market, where vendors arrive to find their booth ready for them, and charge more.

You need free parking. You need toilets. You need running water. Ideally your location will be along public transit or a busy road. Bike and pet friendly, too. All these are things you will be looking for when establishing a potential site for your market. Farmers markets are great places for single people to meet. Make sure you have something that attracts women, like free yoga, and many men will start showing up. Many gay couples are formed too. Best place to flirt under the sun. You need coffee. Cooking demos excluded. Vendors who cook on site need certain certifications, like safe food handling, as well as fire dept. You need to keep copies of that on file, after figuring out who needs to show you what. Only a few of your growers will be certified organic. However, many grow organically and you have to be able to explain and defend this.

If the food sucks, the market sucks and will fail. You have to call the local PD sometimes, but it rarely goes beyond that. It can be handled. People have found and returned wallets at the market, helped complete strangers. For some people, the weekly market visit will be all the social life worth anything they have. You have to create trust, joy, pleasure. A moveable feast that comes back to life week after week, year after year. Local farmers need that. You nurture a big group of friends and a strong market community.

So I hope you can use this advice if you decide to start something in your town. Good luck! JMG — I appreciate your links to appropriate songs for our times, this time being the John Denver song. I was born in That was the very first time I remember hearing that song and it deeply resonated with me. It helps me embrace more of a deep time perspective and find the beauty in a decaying society. My generation has a lot to answer for. Yes, this is what decline looks like; might as well get used to it. Mark, thanks for this! I should have some good news along these lines to announce shortly, btw…. What happened in Afghanistan should have told you that. Stilltherebemore, I can imagine it quite well, having read accounts from societies that went through such contractions.

Pygmycory, thanks for this. I hope those readers of mine who are in the market for jewelry are paying attention. Prizm, good. Yes, deliberately choosing a limit is a source of self-discipline and thus of power. As for putting up with bad government, people will put up with enormous amounts of tyranny but they generally lose tolerance for incompetence very quickly. Here is the plaintext. Thank you so much for that song. I had never heard it before. Quite emotional listening to that after reading your blog today. You encourage the heart. Soil restoration will be one of many critical activities going forward. It has to do with one of your other books Monsters.

Maybe encounters with other Monsters will see an increase in frequency and potentially severity as well. I guess cultivating serious security skills will make a real difference, yet I think when the violent ones are inside the gates it is much better to be far away from the zones of conflict. But, I think that, when the US is gone, Israel will just go with a certain foreign policy that almost seems to have worked for it for nearly a thousand years. See, not sophisticated. Any population group that practices restraint, will tend to get swamped by rival population groups that do not.

When Americans started hoarding rice and toilet paper a few years ago, the stores here put exactly those two items on sale! A feeling that we could change our ways and actually build a better world. From scratch. You bet! I have certainly taken a lot of flack from never deviating from belief in the predictions baked into the base model. And events over the past decade and more recently seem to have vindicated my belief in it. His songs always went straight to my heart.

This one, even more so, now that I have heard it. I, too, share a pessimism that society will wake up in time to seek the wisdom of the children and the graceful way of flowers in the wind. Those brave souls who have bucked the trend and live a life of LESS and in harmony with nature and the limits that it imposes have all my respect and they definitely inspire others to follow in their footsteps — but their efforts at the physical level is as insignificant as throwing a thimble of water at a raging forest fire. Naivete and genuine hope have become withered, dessicated flowers.

I think that at this point prayer is all that we have left. I was seventeen and smitten with a girl that wanted zero to do with me but she loved John Denver. It is a treasured memory. Scarred me for life I would posit. I guess what I am trying to say here that you scare me sometimes. But for what it is worth, a lot of us oldsters are discovering just how wrong we were. I kinda pity the current resident of Pennsylvania. He is trying to prove, beyond all rational cues to the contrary that the decisions we were made were correct. John: We will follow the path you have outlined and that the Club of Rome argued for fifty years ago. But follow it we will. No bathrooms, but there were coffee shops etc within driving distance.

I recognized so very, very much of what you said! The stand with the honey was always the most popular, and in early August, the green chile roasters would be set up. There was always someone with crocheted items. BYO H2O, but homemade lavender lemonade was for sale. Oh, does that bring back memories! Are you referring to this UnHerd article by Tom Chivers? That said he does have a point, which is that degrowth will inevitably involve population decline aka more death, and folks who promote it as government policy generally fall into the camp of wanting austerity for others so that they can maintain their lifestyle. We will get degrowth whether we want it or not, and preparing for it is helpful, but pursuing it through legislation may not be.

About defending the periphery: Trier Augusta Treverorum , one of the four capitals of the 4th century Roman empire and near the Rhine frontier, was in a building spree right up to AD, when emperors stopped residing there and it went promptly in a tailspin. However, in the 5th century it was still an island of relative order in lands abandoned by the empire. Rome and Constantinople were amply supplied with free grain until Egypt and Tunisia were lost over the 7th century, and even after that were relatively well supplied, compared to the rest of the Roman lands.

From your argument, it would seem that the rest of Italy, Spain, Greece etc. I am far from an expert, but it is part of my job to keep the small company I work for supplied with the electronics we need, and things are looking better. Several distributors have told me that the problem is tantalum supplies. On the surface, this makes sense, as tantalum is needed to make precision oscillators. One of the worst shortages has been GPS and Real-Time-Clock RTC chips, both of which need very accurate timekeeping to work at all, and a tantalum shortage would make those chips scarce. So I do not think that there really is a tantalum shortage.

On the other hand, the young woman who rang in my cat food purchase recently said she was thinking about moving back in with her parents in a small town, because housing is so expensive in the city. The chokes can cause digestive problems, even in small amounts. But their are solutions. The article mentioned lemon juice. Lemon juice, anything tomato based … vinegar. But, I will. Also, they can be invasive. In the UK, Mary Harrington has been bringing the idea of progress as a belief system to popular consciousness, on Unherd and the Triggernometry show. I feel the tide really is turning.

Dear Mr. Greer, and Commentariat — Western Washington State, here. Kinda rural. Those are solved, so I hit three of the discount groceries, to hunt, forage and gather. In general, inventory seems a bit thinner. But, there are still bargains, and treasures to be found. Those places are pretty hit and miss, anyway, so, no stress. Canned diced tomatoes.

Canned garbanzo beans. Canned refried beans. Some bar soap brands. Some tooth floss products. I live in government subsidized senior housing. We get three food boxes, a month, from various sources. Again, hit and miss. Dairy is a bit thin. Speaking of the Great Resignation, well, first a bit of background. From the time I was 14 and there was berry picking and paper routes, before then , til I retired, I was never unemployed for more than two weeks. I had some pretty odd jobs, along the way, but always had an eye out for something better. I overheard an interesting exchange, at one of the food stores, today. Two young to me. Probably 30 or so folks were talking.

He was a new employee of the store, and she was, I think, maybe an old high school buddy. They showed up, occasionally, just to check in. Just floored. Another long running shortage is ammunition and reloading supplies, as in powder and primers. They have been in short supply for a year and a half now, and seriously crimped my target shooting. They are reportedly small and misshapen. My red potatoes did practically nothing, although the Yukons did OK. They are smallish, but made up a decent bucket full. Late corn was a complete wipeout. The cabbage never set a head, it decided to be kale or something.

And the soft winter wheat crop is down a full third from last year. A bad year for agriculture here. I am in an online Environmental Science class and the graph from World3 was in my chapter 1 quiz. I flipped out! Still, it really is bleak when we look at all the consumption still going on… a prayer for the non believers indeed…. This post really makes me want to skip college to focus on my homestead but I really want to pursue a career in soil science and horticulture. Trystan, only if the methods for constructing an etheric revenant have been preserved in enough detail.

I expect things to end badly, just as they did every other time Israel has been an independent Jewish state — in much the same way, and for most of the familiar reasons. Consult the Bible if you have any questions…. Bei Dawei, as I noted in my post, that kind of sour-grapes thinking is very common. Obviously I disagree. Ron, I understand the feeling of pessimism. You might reflect on how much effort the establishment has put into convincing potential dissidents that they have no hope of making a difference. Tony, this might explain a little better. RE warbands, decaying civilization, and the legitimate use of force.

Or rather, the monopoly on the legitimate use of force. In any given civilization there is some subset of the population that uses violence, or the threat of violence, to establish order. Very few of us live in a situation where there is any dispute over who that group is. There can be nested or parallel systems, like the elders of the Navajo Nation settling internal maters in one way and using the US courts for external matters in another. It can be much more complicated with, let us say, good family men with totally legitimate businesses in Chicago mostly observing state and federal law in some places and paying lip service in others while adhering to a different set of codes in private matters slightly less legitimate businesses.

But no one has any doubts that one civilization is over when armed men march in to a city and say that they are in charge now and here is how things are going to be from now on, like the Taliban just did in Afghanistan. We are not at that point. My best guess is that peripheral areas that militarily or economically critical are assigned a high priority and get good resources. No one was going to just abandon Roman Egypt. So does the capital in the center, especially the powerful classes. So the roman patricians and wealthy do fine until very late in the game. Like Nedwina, Seaweedy, and John Patrick Moore, I have attempted a mature reevaluation of John Denver, but his work still rubs me the wrong way for some reason.

Stan Rogers, however, is one of my favorites: folksy, epic, rousing, heartbreaking, earthy, and the only popular musician I know of who spoke the uncomfortable truth that petroleum saved the whales for a while, at least. Essentially it argues that in order to deal effectively with climate change, we need to cultivate our imaginations. True enough, but these sorts of books are growing increasingly frustrating for me to read.

Hopkins writes as though climate change is some sort of new information, and that we still have time to do the Care Bear Stare hard enough to avert disaster. The premise is basic liberalism: Our systems, economic, social, what have you, are perfectible, we just need to come up with what changes will lead to climate perfection. The basic warp and weft of our lives can be changed by the proper implementation of rational policy. He also writes as though the desolation of the Western imagination is some sort of weird glitch or oversight. These problems have been a long time coming, and are the results of deliberate decisions made over and over again. I hope Hopkins succeeds in galvanizing people into taking action, and even five years ago, this book would have been a godsend to me.

A while back Jordan Peterson had a fellow on his podcast from the Cato Institute. And so Peterson asks the Cato guy, what could have caused this? Just say it so I can hear what else this genius has to say. We have some theories, though. Yes, 6 fold. This Cato guy is a perfect example of the managerial salary class — completely clueless of resources, physics, ecology, and economics. And shocked why anyone would want trade protectionism.

And DC, Brussels, London are loaded with these eggheads. Half my potatoes rotted when I left them out to cure during our one sunny week. I think it was because of high humidity in the air. A farmer from whom I buy said he is not bringing potatoes to market at all this summer and neither are some of his neighboring growers. The air is buzzing with mosquitoes, I have to wear a net outside, and toads are growing fat. The beginning fall garden of mostly leafy greens is looking not to bad so far. Beginning last year, all sorts of DIY supplies have been in short supply: seeds, caning lids as you said and chest freezers are just a few.

Yes and yes, indeed, it is a lovely poem and I came across it in a film on D Day while still at college!!!!! A German officer was uttering it in the film while contemplating the incoming disaster awaiting them. On Youtube you can find multiple versions of it. Very nostalgic. I do not recommend listening to this song if you are sad or depressed though! At the very least we can say that the French know how to write poetry and sing among other things of course!!!! The graph in your post is shaded in past the year When I learned about Limits to Growth on The Oil Drum it was mentioned that LtG had been dismissed in the decades earlier as a failed prediction because people misinterpreted the time on the graph.

It is a trivial and easily rectified misunderstanding, but that was enough for a lot of people to write it off. This time it is more difficult to dismiss what with temperatures rising and the corals bleaching and whatnot. Though much that could have been saved in the last 50 years has been lost there is still much that could be saved. Scrolling through the comments, it appears to be something by John Denver. If you can tell me the title, I can try looking it up elsewhere.

Single large room house for 20 years. Also likely to have very high levels of dissolved minerals including things like arsenic and lead. Thank you for your reply. As for the space factor, that could sure be a problem in a few settings, but considering the extremely low costs as far as the other aspects of the process involved compared to conventional water treatment plants , I believe it could still be workable. Not all constructed wetlands are necessary large in size.

Maybe a similar approach could work w. Well thank you JMG for keeping your head back in the day and for being such a powerful prophetic voice for so many people. To set the scene …. Small town in Western Washington State, kinda rural. On Interstate 5, halfway between Portland, Oregon and Seattle. The airplane carries 2 people, pilot included, is made out of foam and fiberglass not unlike a surfboard , with a hp engine, and was typically built by skilled-tradesmen class, middle aged men in their garages. It was relatively cheap to build, except for the aircraft engine and instruments, of course. It is less resource intensive than a small car; empty weight lbs. I remember it well. The airplane is generally excellent and safe, with forgiving flight and handling characteristics.

But it has its quirks. It has 2 fuel tanks, one buried in each wing. When one tank empties, the pilot has to unbuckle himself, and turn around to reach back and switch the fuel tank selector valve. John Denver knew about this, and knew one tank was low before he took off. Apologies for letting my irritation show. There will be an interesting dynamic as the world gets poorer, that of its impact on birth and death rate.

Generally poverty is associated with increases both birth and death rates suggesting that average life expectancy will take quite a tumble and be more pronounced that the smoother reduction in total population. This further impacts on a potential loss of wisdom and knowledge not that there is too much knocking around at the moment. Hello Nachtgurke, For some unaccountable reason, I always find your comments deeply engaging. You must be touched by some spiritual influence…. Regarding your comment What have you got against memes? They are potent, self-propagating, and one meme is worth a thousand words… Seriously, a meme is just another tool which can be used for beneficent or malefic purposes.

A campaign such as you are contemplating is just the sort of thing they are good for. The hard part is devising the meme. Thank you, Averagejoe. There has been a sharp increase in deposed clothing in recent years apparently. In the whole country. Someone said it was due to such a rapid turnover in fashion trends-. Allegedly at many times even without being worn. That made it to the news accompanied by a moniker some years ago on these same public transport screens, and now in comes this recommendation…. Debt Jubilees in canceling debt and making lenders eat the costs is in the long run is very effective parasite load shedding. Lew, you say you live in Western Washington State? Near Bellingham? There is a group of 4 of us Ecosophians who meet weekly, a 5th person has declared plans to join us this week.

I can get common vegetables and meat from local sources through the small outlet in my little town. Prices are kinda high nonetheless. Beer flows from Belgium and Germany. For now. Problems arise when you go to your local hardware store or need supplies for a job. Glass and aluminium are overpriced. Rumour has it that compounded window systems are in shortage. The fact is that the housing industry faces shortages of good construction lumber among other things.

Therefore, we must import our own lumber. This situation became worse since the covid crises as far as I know. Lew et al. You can cook them in water if you add one spoon of baking soda. You can roast them too in a little fat as you do with onions. Topis contain inulin as their main energy stock which contrary to starch is not a glucose-polymer but a fructose-polymer.

We can digest starch because our saliva contains an enzyme, the amylase that drives starch hydrolysis into overdrive in our stomach. Maybe trying to ferment artichokes of Jerusalem just as one does with cucumbers will do the trick? Lew, do you similar digestive issues with cabbage or common artichokes? They really showed me the potential of RPGs. The Salt Lake Tribune Final ed. Austin American-Statesman Final ed. Tulsa World Final Home ed. Staten Island Advance. The Buffalo News.

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I could certainly understand Kimba ' s creators feeling angry if they felt we had stolen ideas from them. If I had been inspired by Kimba I would certainly acknowledge my inspiration. All I can offer is my respect to those artists and say that their creation has its loyal admirers and its assured place in animation history. Yale University Press. Archived from the original on June 23, Retrieved November 27, July 13, Archived from the original on February 10, I know for a fact that [ Kimba ] has never been discussed as long as I've been on the project In my experience, if Disney becomes aware of anything like that, they say you will not do it.

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