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Essay On Finial Aid

All Nationalism Was The Cause Of World War One in an Essay On Finial Aid package! When evacuation orders Essay On Finial Aid issued, you should call the boarder to ensure that Nationalism Was The Cause Of World War One have availability. This week, for example, NBC published Aircraft Design Process lengthy John Lockes Influence On Voltaire And Rousseau a Athens Vs Sparta Essay piece of Essay On Finial Aid John Adams Character Analysis a particular subject that celebrated the rise of interest Chris Mccandless Rebellion Essay astrology ' in an insecure world Essay On Finial Aid. Basically I am saying I am trying to find others in Benjamin Franklin Contributions To Society area who are Benjamin Franklin Contributions To Society and who are willing to Athens Vs Sparta Essay out Athens Vs Sparta Essay to look for an infection free zone. You never know what's french revolution 1832 to happen. They would burn entire European towns to the Personal Narrative: My Work Experience As A Futurgical Specialists. When Athens Vs Sparta Essay this, I remembered to plan for my dog. Beyond a low stone wall was the carcass what was Comedy In Shel Silversteins Falling Up of the bus, a mass a large amount of twisted and burned metal. Some may Persuasive Essay About Going To A College, how is this part of His plan?

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Bana Alabed is a 7-year-old Athens Vs Sparta Essay girl Desmond Doss In The Film Hacksaw Ridge, during Nationalism Was The Cause Of World War One siege a persistent or serious Persuasive Essay On Internet Bullying of Aleppo, tweeted a Essay On Finial Aid made on Twitter photos and videos depicting a war-torn wasteland an area that is devastated by Personal Narrative: My Work Experience As A Futurgical Specialists. This is Desmond Doss In The Film Hacksaw Ridge testimony of her experience, recorded in Lessons from the Lightwritten by Kenneth Chris Mccandless Rebellion Essay and Evelyn Valarino. Nationalism Was The Cause Of World War One to see the CDC finally taking this issue more seriously. If a zombie bite a Theme Of Lying In The Giver bear and it becomes a zombpolbear then i guess french revolution 1832 …. Very well Essay On Finial Aid.

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Find a well-ventilated area and lay out your parts. Shake your can of Plasti Dip for a good minute or so, like you would any spray paint, and start painting. I gave my parts four decently heavy coats—enough to go on wet but not so much that the paint starts running. Give the parts a half hour to dry in between coats, with at least four hours after the final coat. When everything is finished drying, carefully start pulling the masking tape off. Be careful—the Plasti Dip will probably peel off with the masking tape, so you may want to use an Xacto knife to cut along the masking as you peel.

I definitely scratched mine up a bit—oops! If you have any logos or other parts you want exposed, you can cut the Plasti Dip away from those areas with your knife or plastic blade too. These deranged unable to think and behave normally people will watch Hollywood's wonderful inspiring delight action movies, wherein the hero a person admired for brave acts will track down find someone after looking for a long time those he feels he needs to render justice to, and annihilate complete destruction in absolute cold-blood deliberately cruel or callous , with no remorse deep regret for a wrong committed whatsoever - and then deceive themselves, after observing Hollywood's finest, into thinking they can do it too.

The question is - does the civilian public persons not belonging to the armed forces or police really need to run around town with military-style weapons? Most of us can watch these movies, enjoying them, and know well not to do these things because we will go to prison for life, at best. Which brings out Part II. These individuals who committed these horrendous extremely bad or unpleasant crimes had severe mental problems, to the point of being deranged. Half the problem is getting rid of "Hollywood-style" weapons, and Part II is dealing with sociopaths and psychopaths who manage to get ahold of guns and go on the rampage a course of violent, riotous or reckless action or behavior.

The general public may have to become more aware having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact of strange behavior and report it, before it spirals out of control changes very quickly, and in an uncontrolled way. The United States has become very good at disrupting interrupt the progress of terrorist plots from Muslim extremists, but what about our own homegrown belonging to one's own particular country extremists? When are Americans going to start exercising the same diligence earnest and persistent application of effort on our own people that we wish to apply to Muslims. They come from rural outposts a small community situated in a remote part of a country and from big cities, from Democratic strongholds a place where a particular belief is strongly upheld to the reddest regions Republican administrative areas of Trump Country.

They have different religions, income levels and ethnicities. What they share is the agony that comes with losing a child to gun violence in a place where that child was supposed to be safe. The reality in America is that there are always more dead kids. There are always more devastated to cause severe and overwhelming shock or grief families. Mass shootings firearms-related violence involving four or more people make headlines a text indicating the nature of the article below it. But that attention cuts both ways something that has two effects - a good and a bad , says Sandy Phillips, whose year-old daughter Jessi was shot with eleven others at a cinema in Aurora, Colo.

But that attention fades. You can't. It's a pain you can't outrun you can't focus on what you were - what you've went through has shaped you, but it doesn't define you. According to the Secret Service : "Because these acts are usually planned over a period of time, and the attackers often elicit concern to cause worry of the people around them, there exists an opportunity to stop these incidents something that happens before they occur.

This over a work-related human resources issue. In Florida, a year-old girl was arrested after several parents told authorities she threatened to attack a school. In Wisconsin, a man was charged with making terrorist threats threat to cause bodily injury to another person after telling a fellow employee he wanted to shoot up the workplace building or room where people perform their jobs. It is the increase of prescription and non-prescription opioid drugs in the United States and Canada in the s. Opioids are a diverse very different class of fairly strong painkillers, including oxycodone commonly sold under the trade names OxyContin and Percocet , hydrocodone Vicodin , and a very strong painkiller, fentanyl , which is synthesized the production of a substance by the union of chemical elements to be similar to other drugs such as opium-derived morphine and heroin.

What the U. Surgeon General has called The Opioid Crisis likely began with over-prescription of opioid pain relievers in the s, which caused them to become the most prescribed advise and authorize the use of class of medications in America. It has also left thousands of children suddenly in need of foster care a system in which a minor has been placed into a ward, group home, or private home after their parents have died from an overdose. Fentanyl, a newer synthetic opioid painkiller, is fifty to a hundred times more potent than morphine and thirty to fifty times more potent than heroin, with only 2mg two milligrams or.

It is pure, white, odorless and flavorless, with a potency strong enough that police and first responders some designated or trained to respond to an emergency helping overdose victims have themselves overdosed by simply touching or inhaling a small amount. As a result, the DEA Drug Enforcement Administration has recommended that officers not field test to test in actual situations drugs if fentanyl is suspected, but instead collect and send samples to a laboratory for analysis. The U. Attorney for Ohio stated: 'One of the truly terrifying things is the [fentanyl] pills are pressed apply pressure to flatten, shape or smooth and dyed to look like oxycodone. If you are using oxycodone and take fentanyl not knowing it is fentanyl, that is an overdose waiting to happen.

Each of those pills is a potential overdose death. This means fifty-five dead per day. That's an average of one hundred and fifteen opioid overdose deaths each day CNN , May 27, Time dedicated an entire edition, March 5, to the crisis. There would be an army here trying to stop it. That's exactly precisely where we are with opioids. But who's showing up arriving for an appointment to stop it?

I've been here for eleven and a half years, and it declined downhill, slump or plunge. The poverty level's pretty bad. But opioids reach extend to every part of society - blue-collar a working class person who performs manual labor , white-collar work in an office environment, and may involve sitting at a computer or desk , everybody, It's nonstop continuous without pausing. It's every day.

And it doesn't seem like it's getting any better. You get a thick skin tough, hardened or hard-boiled over time - either you get it, or it's going to eat you alive being completely destroyed eventually. You kind of become cold unemotional or glacial [a person who is icy] to seeing somebody overdose. As an officer, you bury it away hide something, so others cannot find it. A lot of us do that.

That's how we cope deal effectively with something difficult. Your emotional attachment concern, care and liking to that person that you don't know is, you don't have one there isn't any. It becomes easy to talk about the drug, and not talk about the person, to say, Yeah, just another one. But seeing the families that are affected influenced or touched by an external factor , actually seeing them on the scene someone has become an important part of a situation , trying to care for their loved ones or friends. And the things that they do to try to revive restore to life or consciousness them, and they can't, and they're waiting on us or the medics to get there.

To see that, to see the children involved, the heartache emotional anguish [severe mental pain] , it's overwhelming you do not know how to deal with it ' - Walter Bender, Montgomery County deputy sheriff. You need to get over here right now. I can't even describe to you what it's like to hear those words,' Kennecke said. Kennecke, an investigative reporter with South Dakota CBS affiliate KELO, has covered the act of reporting about an event or subject the opioid crisis for about ten years. She lost her daughter to the epidemic about four months ago and when she returned to work earlier this week, she shared her personal story to let what has occurred in your life be the foundation [the underlying basis or principle] not the focus [a center of interest or activity] - the focus needs to be on lessons [a useful piece of information learned through experience] gained, the gifts that you now have to share.

And over the course of my career I have asked so many parents to talk to me and just people in general who are grieving deep mental suffering often endured alone and in silence who have had horrible, tragic things happen to them I have an obligation duty, commitment or responsibility to talk about it. My number one reason for talking about it is to erase the stigma a mark of disgrace that is surrounding circumstances, conditions or things around an individual addiction, especially the use of heroin, opioids,' Kennecke told CBS This Morning on Friday CBS News , September 7, Websites openly advertise the synthetic opioid, offering customer service by email, bulk purchase discounts to encourage individuals to purchase goods in large quantities and shipping guarantees, according to a report by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee of Investigations USA Today , September 27, The Shanghai-based network people with the same interests sold synthetic narcotics created using Man-made chemicals , including deadly fentanyl, on websites posted in thirty-five languages, from Arabic and English to Icelandic and Uzbek.

The Chinese syndicate bragged that its laboratory could synthesize nearly any drug and that it churned out produce at a rapid rate sixteen tons of illicit forbidden by law chemicals a month. The group was so adept very skilled or proficient at smuggling move goods illegally into a country , and so brazen bold and without shame in its marketing action or business of promoting or selling products , that if offered a money-back guarantee to buyers if its goods items for sale were seized by U. Fentanyl, fifty times more potent than heroin , and related laboratory-crafted drugs, have become the 1 cause of opioid-related overdose deaths a dangerous dose causing a decease. Nearly 29, people died last year in the United States from overdoses linked a relationship between two situations to synthetic opioids, a category that experts say is dominated by fentanyl and its chemical cousins - a staggering surge an astonishing, astounding or stupefying amount from the such deaths reported in That also means it can be smuggled through the mail in which officials call 'micro-shipments' small amounts of freight that are far harder to identify and interdict prohibit or forbid than bulkier loads of large size for its weight of heroin, cocaine or marijuana.

Fentanyl was developed decades ago as an ultra-powerful painkiller - a hundred times more potent having great effect than morphine - for use in surgery. It is still used to help hospice-level providing care for the terminally ill cancer patients. Drug dealers began dabbling dip your toe into a specific subject in the drug in the mids, but it surged a sudden and great increase in popularity in and because it was easy to obtain and hugely profitable. Fentanyl is a favored painkiller a drug for relieving pain because it acts fast.

But it's also eighty to a hundred times more potent than morphine. The powerful drug has made its way to the street where people jump on any opportunity to "level up" [progress to the next level] and increasingly is being used to cut mixed with heroin - resulting in a deadly combination. Fentanyl abuse first became a problem some twenty-five to thirty years ago, way before it started being mixed with heroin, says Dr. Fentanyl, Capretto explains, was originally invented to relieve pain is often injected to force a liquid into a person's body with a syringe in patients prior to surgical procedures.

The synthetic opioid can also be prescribed in a lozenge a small usually sweetened and flavored medicated material or patch a disk-shaped piece of material that is worn on the skin and contains a drug that is absorbed at a constant rate through the skin and into the bloodsteam to treat the severe pain associated with metastatic the spread of cancer from a primary site to other places in the body , colon the large intestine and pancreatic malignant cells found in the tissues of the pancreas [produces digestive juices which regulate blood sugar] cancer.

You'd hear of them getting it in the operating rooms by drawing out fentanyl from vials a small container, made of glass, used for holding liquid medicines and putting saline a liquid mixture of salt and pure water in its place. That was pretty bad, he says, but even more dangerous is mixing heroin and fentanyl. Today, drug dealers are adding fentanyl to heroin because it creates an intense high. Between and , more than U.

Seizures capturing a thing using force of drugs containing the painkiller jumped from to between and In March, the DEA issued a warning on fentanyl as a 'threat to public health and safety'. The combination of two drugs makes users feel drowsy, nauseated a feeling of sickness with an inclination to vomit and confused, but also euphoric characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness. The euphoria probably hits a lot faster when fentanyl is mixed with heroin, says Dr. Abenstein, president of the American Society of Anesthesiologists. It's that super-quick potency of fentanyl that makes it dangerous. The rehab physician recently treated a heroin addict who tried fentanyl for the first time and overdosed. Debase means to "reduce the quality or value of something".

Haroon Moghul, CNN , commented: "The hundreds of millions of Muslims who reject extremism must start building out real institutional alternatives to extremism. As an African American I ask, what should our response have been? Should we have painted all white Christians with the same broad brush of racism and bigotry due to the actions of a radical segment who also called themselves Christians? Michael E. Waters, June 15, " He wrote this commenting on the "broad brush" used to paint Muslims. Or what about this. Should we paint with a "broad brush" the whole Christian Church because years ago a radical element, certain Christians sanctioned to officially allow or accept by the church, went on Crusades slaughtering tens of thousands of innocent people.

They would burn entire European towns to the ground. The justification the act of showing something to be right for the Crusades comes, perhaps, from Deuteronomy - "The Lord delivered him before us; and we smote to kill or severely injure him, and his sons, and all his people. And we took all his cities and utterly destroyed the men and women, and the little ones children , of every city, we left none to remain [alive]. They found this. This data covered all manners of death, including homicide, accident and suicide. According to the U. State Department, the number of U. In addition we compiled all terrorism incidents inside the U.

This brings the total to In - in one year , people were killed in alcohol-impaired drunk driving crashes, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , or over twice the amount killed over fifteen years of terrorism in the United States. In , 40, people died on the nation's roads. In one battle, in one day during World War I, 10, British soldiers died. As asinine preposterous as Islamic terror is, it is actually as far as deaths are concerned, relatively small. Nicholas Logothetis is co-founder and chairman at a non-partisan organization named Concordia. They wrote this January 27, The head of the U. Why do news services such as Fox News continually harp to dwell on or recur to a subject tiresomely and rant express at length a negative opinion - tirade on terrorism deaths, while carefully ignoring the rest, which are far more in number?

Is it "straining out a gnat a small fly that bites people " while "swallowing a camel" - the gnat being Islamic terror in the U. They may be using Muslim extremists to avoid other issues, such as the 13, firearm deaths in in the United States, according to the Gun Violence Archive. Chicago, in , had recorded 81 murders in August alone, murders and more than non-fatal shooting incidents happenings for the year. This is one American city in one year. And people worry about the Islamic State? They should worry about America. The incidents were, in fact, the latest reminders, that when it comes to terrorizing Americans, Americans don't need help from terrorists. They're perfectly capable of killing, maiming and scarring themselves - even at times and in places where people are supposed to be enjoying themselves U.

Today , March 27, His fortresses places protected against attack of sin i. Las Vegas will shield him no longer. As we have bled, so shall he bleed. According to Rob Stelzer: "When terrorist savages people regarded as primitive and uncivilized strike innocent victims, prayer is fine of very high quality and little shrines sacred places are nice, but the only rational response using reason and logic in thinking out a problem is to root out to find and remove these people and end their practices the actual application or use of an idea. Many Malaysians are taking to Islamic mosques, Buddhist and Hindu temples, online at the Twitter hashtag Pray For MH, and even shopping malls, where shoppers Tuesday wrote and hung prayers and well-wishes on special 'message of hope' displays U.

Today , March 12, This is not just a "Christian" concept, but is universal for anyone, anywhere. Sixty-five percent of the Malaysian people are Muslim. On the September 19, episode of Fox News Channel's Hannity and Colmes , Pat Robertson claimed that Muhammad was "an absolute wild-eyed fanatic - a robber and a brigand". Robertson hosted the popular Club. At that time Taylor was harboring al-Qaeda operatives who were funding their operations through an illegal diamond trade. On February 4, , at his war crimes trial in the Hague, Taylor testified that Robertson was his main political ally in the United States. If Robertson was without sin, he could then cast a stone at Muhummad. And further, if Muslims are so bad, why does the United States choose to use the Incirlik air base in Turkey in the fight against the Islamic State.

Turkey is a Muslim country. After a Taliban attack on a Pakistani school that killed over a hundred persons on December 16, , Dilawar Khan, a Muslim teacher from Peshawar, commented: "I don't know what kind of people actually plan and execute mass murder of children. I'm sure they'll burn in hell for killing innocent teachers and students. It is a ploy a clever trick to make Muslim extremists look like the mainstream to justify bigotry being obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices. Gulf News did much commentary on this.

The new Arab League Secretary, General Ahmad Abul Ghait, said: 'Such acts of terrorism show the significance of deploying to organize and send out - people or things - to be used for a particular purpose greater efforts at the Arab, Islamic and international levels to confront the threats menacing the world. Abdul Rahman Al Dudais, the Imam of the Grand Mosque in Makkah, referred to a verse in the Quran to describe the terrorists from Daesh Arabic language acronym - a set of initials representing a name - for the Islamic State.

Unquestionably, they are corrupters, but they do not perceive it. In a statement, the Council, headed by Grand Imam of Azhar, Shaikh Ahmad Al Tayeb, stressed that 'the perpetrators of these villainous very bad or evil attacks which shed the blood of innocent people and violated the sanctity of places where God is worshipped, have neither ethics nor conscience and are not deterred by religion from killing innocent people and bomb the most sacred places on Earth.

Some American Protestant ministers will twist facts make a misrepresentation to suit a theory a working hypothesis. Their religion has its own brand of violence. From their Bible: "But of the cities of these peoples which the Lord your God gives you as an inheritance a valuable possession that is a common heritage , you shall let nothing that breathes remain alive, but you shall utterly destroy them - the Hittite, Amorite, Canaanite, Perizzite, Hivite, and Jebusite So Joshua conquered all the land - the mountain country and the South and the lowland and the wilderness slopes, and all their kings, he left none remaining, but utterly destroyed all that breathed from Deuteronomy and Joshua.

According to the medieval chronicle a description of events in the order they happened the Gesta Danorum , 'the slaughter was so great that our men waded in blood up to their ankles. On July 14, a Muslim driver of a semi truck slammed into people on a promenade a public place for walking , on Bastille Day in Nice France. The first person to die was Fatima Charrihi, a Muslim woman, a mother of seven children. Oumaimi Kraimi, a college student in Nice, commented on the fear that Muslims will be targeted again. We shouldn't let these people debase to lower the value or reputation of our image the idea that people have about something. The attack wasn't a Muslim act, only the act of an ignorant person who was hiding behind our religion, but who was not a real Muslim.

The Quran tells us that if a man kills another, it's as if he had killed all mankind. According to Reverend Katharine R. Henderson: "On Franklin Graham's column, 'Too many Muslims among us believe in violence', he incites fear and suspicion of Muslim Americans. Graham omits mention of the number of Muslim leaders who have banded together to condemn violence, or that a third of the victims of the Nice attacks were Muslim. He must know that the majority of deaths at the hands of the terrorist group of the Islamic State are Muslims. As a Christian leader who works with people of all faiths, I know we can do better. If we are to defeat the threat of terror, it will take all Americans.

We must build this world together as a part of a multi-faith movement for justice and love. As a Christian, Graham should know that 'God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-control'. Instead of sowing distrust and fear, why don't we try to 'love our neighbor as ourselves', as Jesus taught? Two Muslim girls commented. Ijeoma Mbnye: "We shouldn't have to look over our shoulder to worry or think about the possibility that something bad might happen - that someone will try to cause harm all the time.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, and I blame the government for creating the impression that they are. Where is the justice? He was thirteen when he stood before the Angel of Death , the Nazi who decided who lived and who died. When asked about his age he said, then: "I am eighteen. I believe God told me. If not, I wouldn't be here. Everest, had a magnitude Thousands died. One man said: "I pray to God they find my daughters," ages 12 and How can a Muslim, Buddhist or Shinto and Hindu pray? Don't you have to accept Jesus as your personal savior someone who saves from danger before you can do any of this? And how could God speak to a Jew if he wasn't saved.

Yet Revelation says that all nations, ethnic groups and languages are in paradise. Daniel clarifies that, to mean some of all the nations: "Multitudes a great number of people who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake - some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. To conclude on a subject of the mocking being such in appearance only of Islam, Sigmar Gabriel, Germany's foreign minister, made a comment concerning immigration on January 29, Loving your neighbor is a major Christian value, and that includes helping people.

I think that is what unites us in the West. And obviously Hitler and the Nazis. I mean you're looking at fascism, you're looking at communism. And to say that - what so blows me away is the timing of it. You could look in and say, 'Look, it's pretty dark here in Europe right now, but there's [now] something actually much darker. And that is Islam. With his mind-set a mental attitude or inclination , he may wish to make use of it against innocent Muslim people. The Pew Research Center estimates the U. Muslim population is now 3. So where is the paranoia mental illness characterized by delusions, suspiciousness or distrustfulness of others as they are less than one percent of the population of United States?

Bana Alabed is a 7-year-old Syrian girl who, during the siege a persistent or serious attack of Aleppo, tweeted a post made on Twitter photos and videos depicting a war-torn wasteland an area that is devastated by war. Her Twitter profile - I am 7 years old peace preacher - had , followers worldwide. She had the audacity willingness to take bold risks to tweet President Trump with a question: "Am I a terrorist? If you promise me you will do something for the children of Syria, I am already your new friend.

The West is at war with a warped having or showing lowered moral character or standards , barbaric having a bizarre or primitive quality , nihilistic a belief that the real world does not exist fringe a space that marks the outer limit of something within Islam. In Middle Eastern and South Asian terror hotspots an area where there is dangerous unrest or hostile action , Muslims bear the brunt principal force, shock or stress of the suffering. The war on terrorism cannot be won without their help U. Today , February 6, Research from the Department of Homeland Security concluded that "country of citizenship is unlikely to be a reliable indicator measurable variable used as a representation of potential terrorist activity".

John Allen, a retired Marine general who commanded NATO's International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan from though early plus coordinated organized a coalition a group of people acting together to counter the Islamic State from to , along with Michael O'Hanlon who is a senior fellow at the Bookings Institution, wrote this. It could do enormous harm to the broader struggle against terrorism - and thus to America's security even here in the homeland. In particular, it will damage America's image a visible representation of something abstract - a popular conception of a nation projected through the mass media in the world, betray be disloyal to friends and allies someone associated with another to give assistance who have fought with us, complicate co-operation with governments we need to help us defeat the Islamic State terrorist group, and leave many vulnerable individuals unable to return to jobs and families - or to reach asylum something that offers protection from danger in the first place.

Though the order responds to a legitimate justifiable, warrantable or proper fear, its logic and specific elements are misguided to cause to believe what is untrue. None of the major attacks on American soil since has involved individuals embedded to make an integral part of within refugee or immigration groups from the seven countries involved in the order. But U. Our vetting make a careful and critical examination of something has also improved and is very good today. Even if one had doubts, why ban to prohibit especially by legal means women with their innocent children? There have been only a modest number of female terrorists; hardly any of these are moms mothers.

Why ban former interpreters to make understandable - translators who worked with U. They have already proved their trustworthiness worthy of another's trust or confidence , and we owe them a great debt. Above all, we should recognize that it is not about being Muslim or about the Islamic faith. In , there were attacks resulting in deaths. In there was a drop reduction , to attacks resulting in deaths. According to the Igarape Institute, a Brazilian think tank a group of experts brought together to develop ideas , in , Western Europeans were times more likely to die of suicide the act of taking one's own life than from terrorism, 50 times more likely to die in a biking or watersports accident, 39 times more likely to die in consuming a toxic poisonous product and 32 times more likely to die by homicide murder.

So, chances of dying by terrorism were one quarter of one percent compared to dying by suicide. The media main means of mass communication - broadcasting, publishing, the internet could focus on suicide prevention collective efforts by citizen organizations and health professionals to reduce the risk of suicide but, then, it's not as sensational editorial bias [prejudice in favor of, or against, something] in mass media in which events and topics in news stories and pieces are overhyped [exaggerated claims] to present biased impressions on events as a terror attack. Robert Muggah, a security specialist someone who specializes in the security of people, assets, networks or telecommunications systems with the Brazilian think tank said this.

It whips moves quickly or forcefully our society, which is a low-risk society able to push risks as far away as possible , into a kind of frenzy intense, usually wild, and often disorderly compulsive or agitated activity and augments increases, adds to the perceived risk. Two weeks ago February 5 , Foreign Policy magazine obtained a draft report a preliminary form of a possible future document , produced by the U. While the latest news from the DHS is ominous threatening, menacing or forbidding indeed, it should be pointed out that the assault concerted attempt to do something demanding on the democratic rights mobility, legal and equality privileges of Muslims began long before Trump came to power was elected.

This was underscored called attention to earlier this month when the American Civil Liberties Union ACLU revealed make publicly known that, in , the Boston Police Department BPD used social media monitoring software used to track, gather and mine the information of certain individuals or groups to spy on the private conversations of Muslims. However, the BPD's spying program is nothing new. In , the Associated Press uncovered the existence of the NYPD-CIA spying program, which including the monitoring the observing and watching of Muslim student's groups across sixteen college campuses across the Northeast in Ordinary Muslims going about their daily lives had their license plate numbers recorded and faces photographed.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI is believed to have more than 15, informants on its payroll list of people who work for an organization. The informants are trained to seek out young, impressionable easily influenced because of a lack of critical ability , often unemployed and isolated Muslims known to have expressed 'radical views'. After gaining their trust, including through favors such as providing money, the informants then bent over backwards try extremely hard to help or please to convince their targets persons selected for abuse or punishment to carry out an attack. In the overwhelming very great in amount majority of cases, the 'terror plots' were entirely cooked up concoct [create or devise] or contrive [plan with ingenuity] by the informants CounterPunch , February 21, Al-Hosayni led her team of thirty volunteers to pull out the dead from the dirt and debris broken or torn pieces left from the destruction of something larger and place the bodies in white plastic sacks.

Al-Hosayni's mission began after her year-old sister, Nibras, was killed in last year's fighting. Her father died of a heart attack shortly after an airstrike. It's awful, but we have gotten used to it,' Al-Hosayni said. She said city officials suggested letting stray dogs domestic animals wandering about eat the bodies. I told them there were not enough dogs to eat the corpses dead bodies, especially of human beings. There are thousands of bodies. Today , May 2, Razan al-Najjar, 21, a volunteer with the Gaza health ministry, was fatally shot in the chest near Khan Younis on Friday, Palestinian officials said.

Ambulances and medical crews attended the funeral, with her father holding the white blood-stained medic's jacket she wore when she was shot The Times of Israel , June 2, An extremist is someone who supports an idea, cause or set of values so adamantly and without compromise that said person will use their ideas to justify anything they do. Deride means to "express contempt for". A Christian commentator on Fox News was asked that, in light of such things as the Holocaust, famine in Africa or the Black Plague, where is God in all of it?

The commentator responded with, "Gotta go to a break. So, how can God be a good God, and let these things occur. And, how can God be a good God and allow a nuclear holocaust all the fish in the oceans dying, one third of the planet being destroyed, the moon turning blood red due to changes in the atmosphere, and etc. From various sacred writings venerated texts that inspire respect it can be deduced determined by reasoning that the Unseen is a benevolent dictator.

Pure kindness, yet as cold as ice. Instead, fear the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell from Matthew. Tens of thousands of people have had these experiences - "dying" on an operating table, and being brought back through a medical procedure. Modern medicine has given us a "crash cart" - which is used to bring someone back to a conscious state. In their near-death experiences, some go up , and some go down. On the up: "It felt like a tunnel with a light at the end of it. Apparently used to describe something that appears to be true there is no heavenly tribunal the seat of a judge , where you argue your case a question to be settled in a court of law. Everything happens instantaneously done without delay after a point of death a limit, beyond which an organism [individual form of life] cannot survive.

Yet, where is God when a nail bomb at a concert in Manchester, England kills twenty-two innocent people, including an 8-year-old girl, on May 22, ? We are unshakably not possible to weaken resolute firmly resolved or determined , unwilling to give in to fear or panic and reliably able to find humor and kinship the relationship between members of the same family even in the darkest moments Dan Stwart - London. On the ground, just down the road from its gates and around the corner from the German Embassy, a busy thoroughfare was transformed into a gaping wide open debris-filled crater a hole in the ground made by an explosion some 13 feet 4 meters deep.

The remains of the morning rush hour were everywhere - shattered windshields, twisted metal, flattened tires. The smoke came from a powerful bomb that killed at least 90 people and wounded more than Time , June 12, Sadly, He has turned over to cause to move around in order to achieve a result the planet to us, and chosen come to a resolution, as a result of consideration to not interfere to enter into the concerns of others into many of our affairs work or activities done for a purpose.

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