Analysis Of Minyoung Kims Cellular Phone

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Analysis Of Minyoung Kims Cellular Phone

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YoungGi [Busted 2 Park Minyoung \u0026 Lee Seunggi] - Please Tell Me

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The poster well depicts the lives of people in modern society which tend to rely on technology. Kim anchors the importance of controlling oneself against technology as the message by emphasizing how technological domination is equally bad as being imprisoned. By this, the author illustrates how social isolation is characterized through exposing oneself to excessive hours of technology. With a sharp tone, Kim argues that even though technology can be used as an immediate social support system, it would eventually lead to a gradual breakdown of interest in developing relationships.

This hints the author intention to depict the lack of social bonds that results from isolation, in which the people find difficulties in building relationships. In contrast, by adding illustrations of helpful applications in the background of the phone, the author asserts how technology may bring favorable consequences. By stressing on the fact technology has brought people convenience, Kim delivers how technology can be a valuable resource amongst human.

The author asserts how technology can be a great tool in improving our quality of living, through various means such as, but not limited to, internet and social media. Through this, Kim conveys how it is important to find a balance between the virtual world and reality. By criticizing how people are under the control of technology, the author conveys how technology addiction is inevitable if the ability to control oneself is absent. Show More. Read More. Dangers Of Technology In Fahrenheit Words 4 Pages Although the novel describes a fictional America set in the future, Fahrenheit presents serious warnings about the dangers of conformity and technology in modern society that apply to America today. Word Wars Rhetorical Analysis Words 4 Pages She writes that, "a policymaking tool is needed to draw the line between speech that should be sanctioned and speech that must be tolerated in the name of freedom of expression, no matter how ugly it may be" Benesch T Anderson Feed Analysis Words 5 Pages Anderson 's Feed takes a glance at a dystopian-like society associated with dependency on technology.

Ray Bradbury's Use Of Technology In Fahrenheit Words 9 Pages This emphasizes the negative effect of technology on human relationships because it shows how in a world of increased computerization, conversation and communication are on a downfall in society and are pushed to a state of unimportance. Ray Bradbury's The Four Negative Sides Of Technology Words 7 Pages However, the citizens of our society, similar to Fahrenheits, fails to recognize this issue because ideally people should not know of these occurring changes.

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