Identify Three Ways Of Working That Can Help Improve Partnership Working

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 5:48:26 PM

Identify Three Ways Of Working That Can Help Improve Partnership Working

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Working in partnership with University Hospitals Dorset

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A sales force that provides a blend of skills from all three teams could be more effective as it would be able to answer more functional questions that arise at the outset, offering practical solutions where standard offerings will not suffice, and they can more quickly validate the suitability of selected solutions. Some clients may ask for this, but all should be given a clear appreciation of the reasoning behind your advice and guidance. When you guide your potential client in your initial meetings, what you promise and what you advise them to do will inform their decision as to whether they should choose you for their project.

But experience tells us that courts will take a very dim view of this. You have a responsibility to back up your representations with action. As the instigator of a project it can be tempting to believe that your responsibilities end the moment you select an appropriate vendor to shoulder the burden of carrying the project forward. Surely now is the time to divert resources elsewhere and leave them to it?

We would suggest otherwise, because while it is inadvisable to be too involved in how your vendor delivers on your expectations it is vitally important to give them every opportunity to do so. This is only possible if you commit to the following responsibilities. In our previous article we went into some detail on this subject: the need for a detailed analysis of where you currently stand, where you wish to end up after the project and a calculable, definable difference between the two.

The quantification of benefits achievable as a result of the project, and a clear business case for pursuing this goal with costs stacked against rewards, needs to be identified and built into an unambiguous vision for the project that can be clearly communicated to the vendor. Any lack of clarity, or shortcomings in the development of the business case, could result in ambiguous instructions and, as a result, a parting of understanding and expectation that could set a project off in the wrong direction. It is your responsibility to ensure that even the clearest of communications between you and your partner are not misunderstood.

If you have ever been in a strategic partnership that has deviated from its course, become lacklustre or failed entirely, the source of the problem could well be traced back to a misunderstanding of your needs, whether small or pivotal, somewhere down the line. When you work with a strategic partner you are working with the emotions, politics, aspirations and work ethics of all those they allocate to your project. Think about what your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to your people skills. Be honest and consider which areas you may benefit from working on.

Make some time to speak to colleagues face to face each day, where possible even if it is only for five minutes. Keep building relationships and show your interest. Understand what you need from your colleagues and also think about what they need from you. It sounds like common sense but it is worth taking time to consider. Communicating these needs can simplify and strengthen relationships and eliminate misunderstandings. It can also help you progress up the career path if you are clear about your intentions and aspirations. Respecting the people you work with means that you value their views and ideas.

This will enable effective and creative working relationships that will benefit both parties. This will also enable you to welcome diverse opinions from colleagues and consider what they have to say. For a successful career , you need to build positive and healthy relationships with your colleagues, clients and other stakeholders in your organisation. Think about your working relationships and how you can build and maintain stronger relationships that will help you to feel more engaged, open doors to new opportunities and promotion.

After all, the more you put into building positive relationships, the more you will get back. If you're ready to work with a coach to support your career, use our search tool to find a coach today. Life Coach Directory is not responsible for the articles published by members. The views expressed are those of the member who wrote the article. For the most accurate results, please enter a full postcode. All coaches are verified professionals. Think of someone in your life who you experience as being a truly great listener. What qualities do they possess?

Most people feel frustrated with dating because they lack clarity on how they can meet the right one. This is why We use cookies to provide and improve our services. By using our site, you consent to cookies. More details. Searching for a specific life coach or NLP practitioner? Try our advanced search. By a verified life coach Published on 28th February, Open and honest communication All good relationships rely on honest and open communication.

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