Analysis Of Kids And Guns And Public Safety By Diane Dimond

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Boy shot toddler sister: child gun use 'normal' in Kentucky

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Many students, once introduced to the opposing sides of a debate or the multiple positions taken toward a public issue, will begin to take a closer look at the merits of diferent opinions. Ater all, we are all part of the public, and to a certain extent all questions afect us: Ask the eighteen-year-old if he or she will be equipped to deal with the medical and inancial needs of elderly par- ents, and an issue that appears to afect only those near retirement will seem much closer to home.

As mentioned earlier, America Now is designed to stimulate discus- sion and writing grounded in response to a variety of public issues. A key to using this book is to think about discussion and writing not as separate activities but as interrelated processes. In discussion, we hear other opin- ions and formulate our own; in writing, we express our opinions in the context of other opinions. Both discussion and writing require articu- lation and deliberation. Both require an aptitude for listening carefully to others. Discussion stimulates writing, and writing in turn stimulates further discussion.

Group discussion stimulates and enhances your writing in several important ways. First, it supplies you with ideas. One of your classmates mentions some of the problems a mixed ethnic background can cause. But suppose you also come from a mixed background, and when you think about it, you believe that your mixed heri- tage has given you more advantages than disadvantages. Hearing her view- point may inspire you to express your difering perspective on the issue. Your perspective could lead to an interesting personal essay. Suppose you now start writing that essay. Discussion has already given you a few good leads.

You can begin your paper by explaining that some people view a divided ethnic identity as a psychological burden. You can then explain your own perspective on this topic. Of course, you will need to give several examples showing why a mixed background has been an advantage for you. Whatever the topic, your writing will beneit from reading and dis- cussion, activities that will give your essays a clear purpose or goal.

In that way, your papers will resemble the selections found in this book: hey will be a response to the opinions, atitudes, experiences, issues, ideas, and proposals that inform current public discourse. America Now consists entirely of such writing. I hope you will read the selections with enjoyment, discuss the issues with an open mind, and write about the topics with purpose and enthusiasm. The Practice of Writing Suppose you wanted to learn to play the guitar. What would you do irst? Would you run to the library and read a lot of books on music? Would you then read some instructional books on guitar playing?

Might you try to memorize all the chord positions? Ater all that, if someone handed you an electric guitar, would you immediately be able to play like Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton? You probably would start out by strumming the guitar, geting the feel of it, trying to pick out something familiar. You probably would want to take lessons from some- one who knows how to play. And you would practice, practice, practice.

Every now and then your instruction book would come in handy. It would give you basic information on frets, notes, and chord positions, for example. You might need to refer to that information constantly in the beginning. But knowing the chords is not the same as knowing how to manipulate your ingers correctly to produce the right sounds. You need to be able to play the chords, not just know them.

Learning to read and write well is not that much diferent. Even though instructional books can give you a great deal of advice and infor- mation, the only way anyone really learns to read and write is through constant practice. If we did, we would all be good at just about everything. We want to pick up the instrument and sound like a professional in ten minutes. We would never have to go through the slow process of consulting a dictionary whenever we stum- bled across an unfamiliar word.

But, unfortunately, life is not so easy. To succeed at anything worthwhile requires patience and dedication. Watch a young igure skater trying to perfect her skills and you will see patience and dedication at work; or watch an accident victim learning how to maneuver a wheelchair so that he can begin again an independent existence; or observe a new American struggling to learn English. None of these skills are quickly or easily acquired. Like building a vocabulary, they all take time and efort. And they require something even more important: the willingness to make mistakes. Can someone learn to skate without taking a spill? Or learn a new language without mispronouncing a word?

One part of the writing process may seem more diicult than others — correct English. Yes, nearly all of what you read will be writen in rela- tively correct English. Even skilled professional writers make mistakes that require correction. Suppose you went to a vegetable stand and asked for a pound of peppers and the storekeeper gave you a half pound but charged you for a full one.

In all cultures, languages — especially writen languages — have gradually developed certain general rules and principles to make communication as clear and eicient as possible. Writing as a Public activity 13 You probably already have a guidebook or handbook that systemati- cally sets out certain rules of English grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Like our guitar instruction book, these handbooks serve a very practi- cal purpose. Most writers — even experienced authors — need to con- sult them periodically. Beginning writers may need to rely on them far more regularly. Writing is an activity, a process. Learning how to do it — like learn- ing to ride a bike or prepare a tasty stew — requires doing it.

Correct English is not something that comes irst. As in any activity, correc- tions are part of the learning process. You drat a paper about the neighborhood you live in, and as you or a classmate or instructor read it over, you notice that certain words and expressions could stand some improvement. And step by step, sentence by sentence, you begin to write beter. Writing as a Public Activity Many people have the wrong idea about writing. A few poets, novelists, and essayists do write in total isolation and search deep inside themselves for thoughts and stories.

But most writers have far more contact with public life. Nearly all the selections in this book illustrate this type of writing. As you work on your own papers, remember that writing is very much a public activity. It proved to be an enabling experience. Writing is oten a response to public events. Most of the articles you encounter every day in newspapers and magazines respond directly to timely or important issues and ideas, topics that people are currently talk- ing about.

Writers report on these topics, supply information about them, and discuss and debate the difering viewpoints. In fact, all of the topics were chosen because they emerged so frequently in college newspapers. She knows that it is a serious issue, and she is aware that a wide variety of opinions have been expressed about it. She has not read everything on the subject but usually knows enough about the diferent arguments to state her own position or atitude persuasively.

In fact, what helps make her writing persuasive is that she takes into account the opinions of others. Her own essay, then, becomes a part of the continuing debate and discussion, one that you in turn may want to join. Such issues are not only maters for formal and impersonal debate. Many of the selec- tions in this book show how writers participate in the discussion of issues by drawing on their experiences.

You will ind that nearly every unit of America Now contains a selection that illustrates how you can use your personal experiences to discuss and debate a public issue. Writing is public in yet another way. Practically all published writ- ing is reviewed, edited, and re-edited by diferent people before it goes to press. By the time you see the article in a magazine, it has gone through numerous read- ings and probably quite a few revisions.

Although the article is credited to a particular author, it was no doubt read and worked on by others who helped with suggestions and improvements. How to Support Opinions In everyday life, we express many opinions, ranging from as the chapters in this collection indicate weighty issues such as race relations or the envi- ronment to personal maters such as our Facebook proile. In conversa- tion, we oten express our opinions as assertions. An assertion is merely an opinionated claim — usually of our likes or dislikes, agreements or disagreements — that is not supported by evidence or reasons.

When entering public discussion and debate, we have an obligation to support our opinions. Experts and authority. You support the view that your state needs tougher drunk driving laws by citing statistics that show that fatalities from drunk driving have increased 20 percent in the past two years; you support the claim that Americans now prefer smaller, more fuel-eicient cars by citing surveys that reveal a 30 percent drop in SUV and truck sales over the past six months. You support your opinion that magazine advertising is becoming increasingly pornographic by describing several recent instances from diferent periodicals; you defend your claim that women can be top-ranked chess players by identifying several women who are.

Note that when using examples to prove your point, you will almost always require several; one example will seldom convince anyone. Personal experience. Although you may not be an expert or author- ity in any area, your personal experience can count as evidence in support of an opinion. Such personal knowledge, assuming it is not false or exaggerated, would plausibly support your position. Many reporters back up their coverage with their eyewitness testimony. Possible consequences. You defend an opinion that space explo- ration is necessary by arguing that it could lead to the discovery of much-needed new energy resources; you support an opinion that expanding the rights of gun ownership is a mistake by arguing that it will result in more crime and gun-related deaths.

Note that providing support for an opinion does not automatically make it true or valid; someone will invariably coun- ter your expert with an opposing expert, discover conlicting statistical data, produce counterexamples, or ofer personal testimony that contradicts your own. Our discussion on public issues is largely framed by these ailiations, as well as by the big political parties Republicans and Democrats and the smaller ones Tea Party, Green, and others that are formed to advance the causes of those ailiations in government. But for the most part, the distinctions revolve around two key questions: What role should government play in regulating our behavior?

Most Americans agree on having a representative government that is elected and can be removed and is responsible to the people. Commentators and op-ed columnists on all stretches of the spectrum more or less take this for granted. We also prety much agree that the government should intervene in our lives at times, and should be restrained at other times. Our debates are nearly always about exactly how much the state should intervene socially and economically. In general, American liberals believe the government has a major role in regulating the economy, providing services that are available to every- one, and promoting economic equality among citizens.

Liberals gravitate towards government as the economic engine, while conservatives believe that engine is the private sector. Socially, conservatives tend to believe that individuals should be held to a standard of conduct consistent with past tradition. Many main- stream conservatives disapprove of same-sex marriage and abortion, think criminals should be punished harshly, and want religion to be a part of public life to some degree.

Liberals mistrust government in the social sphere, and they tend to promote extended liberties, such as legal- ized same-sex marriage, and consider bans on abortion or severe penal- ties for drug use an invasion of personal privacy. Other points of view hover between these ideological pillars. Libertarians dislike the power of government in both the economic and social spheres. Many libertarians go further than both mainstream liberals and conservatives, arguing for instance that drugs should be legalized and the government should not deliberately manipu- late the money supply. Opposite the libertarians are statists, believers in big government, who are economically liberal but socially conservative — this ideology is rather rare in the recent American political climate and the term is rarely used with positive connotations.

Centrists, on the other hand, are common but diicult to analyze. For instance, a centrist position on gun control might be that government should be allowed to ban assault and automatic weapons, but individuals should have the right to keep handguns. Many centrists feel that the economy should shit to be more equitable, but very gradually. Centrists are not, of course, lethargic or dispassionate in their beliefs — their beliefs are simply in the middle.

Politicians who are called moderate Democrats or moderate Republicans tend to be centrists. Recently, progressives have oten atacked mainstream liberal positions, and a number of politicians now call themselves progressives instead of liberals. Populists, meanwhile, believe in the power of the people collectively, and desire the outcome that provides the most beneit to the most peo- ple. However, populists are typically antagonistic to government itself, which they believe to be part of a privileged elite. Despite the many ideologies in the American political landscape, conversation is most oten framed by the division between the two major political parties.

It is oversimpliied to say that Democrats are liberals and Republicans are conservatives, but it is a convenient place to start. Recently, the Tea Party has made a signiicant impact with an ideology that focuses on eco- nomic libertarianism. Analysts debate whether Tea Party members are just conservative Republicans most elected Tea Party oicials actually run as Republicans or a libertarian party.

Some progressives and populists vote for the Green Party, which emphasizes the environment but also advocates for high taxes on the rich and wealth redistribution. Some issues, however, throw the Republican-conservative-Democratic- liberal equation of entirely. Not knowing any beter, one might imagine Democrats would approve more of foreign wars, which cost money, create government jobs, and enhance the power of the govern- ment.

However, those wars have, until recently, found more support from Republicans. In response to these complications, many sociologists have devel- oped a more geographical approach to the origin of American opin- ion. In these areas, religion, gun culture, and the military are traditional forces of social cohesion, perhaps explaining some of the anomalies listed above. Liberals, on the other hand, are far more heavily concentrated in cit- ies, where they are close to their neighbors, rely more heavily on gov- ernment services like police and sanitation, and have more contact with people on all parts of the economic ladder.

Writing for the Classroom: Two Annotated Student Essays he following student essays perfectly characterize the kind of writing that America Now features and examines. Writen by Kati Mather, a stu- dent at Wheaton College in Massachusets, and Erika Gallion, a student at Ashland University in Ohio, the essays will provide you with a conve- nient and efective model of how to express an opinion on a public issue in a concise and convincing manner.

In fact, each essay was especially commissioned to perform a double service: to show a writer clearly expressing opinions on a timely topic that personally maters to her and, at the same time, demonstrate how arguments can be shaped to advance the possibility of further discussion instead of ending it. In addi- tion, the second example shows how opinions can be expressed with ref- erences to reading and research. Each essay is annotated to help you focus on some of the most efec- tive means of expressing an opinion. First, read through each essay and consider the points the writer is making. It is an analytical process you should begin to put into practice on your own as you read and explore the many issues in this collection. A detailed explanation of the highlighted passages fol- lows each selection.

In her argument that Americans have grown so predisposed to a college education that they dismiss other forms of education as inferior, Mather shows how this common atitude can lead to unfair stereotypes. Her essay cites no formal evidence or outside sources — no research, studies, quota- tions, other opinions, or assigned readings. Instead, she relies on her own educational experience and the conclusions she draws from it to support her position. When I was 1 Opens with per- younger, higher education was not a particular dream of sonal perspective mine, but I understood that it was the expected path.

Education is important, but I believe our common expectations — that everyone can and should go to college, and that a college education is necessary to succeed — and the stigmas atached to those who forgo higher education, are false and unfair. In the past, only certain fortunate people could atain 2 a college education. But over time, America modernized its approach to education, beginning with compulsory high 2 school atendance in most states, and then evolving into Establishes main point early a system with numerous options for higher learning.

In our frenzy to adhere to the American dream, which means, among other things, that everyone is entitled to an educa- tion, the schooling system has become too focused on the social expectations that come with a college education. It is normally considered to be the gateway to higher income and an upwardly mobile career. But we would all be beter served if the system were instead focused on learning, and on what learning means to the individual. It is admirable that we are commited to education in 3 this country, but not everyone should be expected to take the college track. Vocational education, for instance, seems to be increasingly a thing of the past, which is regretable because careers that do not require a college degree are as vital as those that do.

If vocational schooling were more widely presented as an option — and one that everyone should take the time to consider — we would not be so quick to stereotype those who do not atend traditional academic institutions. Specialized labor such as construc- 3 Supports main tion, plumbing, and automobile repair are crucial to a point healthy, functioning society. Despite the developments in our educational system that 4 make college more accessible, inancial constraints exist for many — as do family pressures and expectations, intellectual limitations, and a host of other obstacles.

I did not stop to consider their situations, or that they might simply be on a diferent path in life than I was. Looking back, it was unfair to stereotype others in this way. Many of them are hard-working and fulilled individu- als today. Many famous actors, musicians, artists, and professional athletes will freely 4 admit that they never inished high school or college, and Provides examples of alternatives to these are people we admire, who could very well be making college more money in a year than an entire graduating class com- bined. But banking on a paying career in the arts or sports is not a safe bet, which is why it is so important to open all practical avenues to young people and to respect the choices they make.

We should focus on this diversity instead of perpetuat- 5 ing the belief that everyone should pursue a formal col- lege education and that those who do not are somehow inadequate. As a student myself, I will readily admit that a college education plays an important role in a successful life. Writing is one of the most useful skills taught in college because writen communication is necessary in so many diferent aspects of life. I hope that my college education will lead to success and 6 upward mobility in my career. But I can also allow that, once out of college, most students want to ind a job that relates to their studies.

In these hard times, however, that may not always be the case. I know from my own experience that other jobs — including those that do not require a college education — can be meaningful to anyone with the will to work and contribute. Writing for the classroom 23 he widespread belief that everyone must go to college 7 to be a success, and that everyone can go to college, is not wholly true. Of course, many people will beneit greatly from 6 Closes by summa- a quality education, and a quality education is more accessi- rizing position ble today than ever before.

But college is not the only option. We can all disprove stereotypes. While I will not deny that my education has helped me along my chosen path, I irmly believe that, had I taken a diferent one, it too would have enabled me to make a valu- able contribution to our society. Opens with personal perspective. Mather begins her essay with an efective opening sentence that at once identiies her background and establishes the personal tone and perspective she will take through- out. As a reader, you may want to consider how this per- spective afects your response to arguments against atending college; for example, would you be more persuaded if the same argument had been advanced by someone who decided against a college education?

Establishes main point early. Mather states the main point of her essay at the end of paragraph 1. Supports main point. Although Mather does not ofer sta- tistical evidence supporting her assumption that a college education is today considered a necessity, she backs up that belief with a brief history of how the increasing accessibility of higher education in the United States has evolved to the point that a college degree now appears to be a universal entitlement.

Provides examples of alternatives to college. In paragraph 3, Mather introduces the subject of vocational education as an alternative to college. In paragraph 4, she acknowledges how she personally failed to consider the diferent situ- ations and options faced by other students from her high school class. Ofers balanced view of alternatives. In paragraph 5, Mather shows that she is atempting to take a balanced view of various educa- tional options. She thus avoids a common tendency when forming a comparison — to make one thing either superior or inferior to the other.

At this point in the argument, some writers might have decided to put down or criticize a college education, arguing that vocational training is even beter than a college degree. By stating how important college can be to those who choose to atend, Mather resists that simplistic tactic and strengthens her contention that we need to assess all of our educa- tional options fairly, without overvaluing some and undervaluing others.

Closes by summarizing position. Her essay returns to a personal note: Had she decided not to atend college, she would still be a valu- able member of society. Expressing an Opinion in Response to an Opposing Opinion As mentioned earlier in this introduction, most of our opinions develop as a response to the opinions of others. It is diicult to imagine having an opinion in a complete vacuum. Much of the writing we encounter takes the form of a response to opinions that currently circulate in the media. Singletary herself was responding to the general issue by arguing that college was worthwhile but only if one selected a major that paid of with high employment and competitive salaries.

Instead, she follows two of the most efective methods of com- posing an opinion essay: 1 she forms her opinion as a response to an opposing opinion, and 2 she supports her response with additional reading and research that she discovered independently. In fact, her essay implies that if a student selects a major that does not lead to a well-paying career right away, then atending college may not have been worth it. She suggests that an English major, for example, with- out an internship will have no job ater graduation, whereas an engineering major with three internships will ind a job Singletary, washingtonpost.

Her argument that these majors are unequal is weakened because her example proves only that having one or more internships will beneit a stu- dent in a job search, regardless of the major. Would she also have an equal chance of ind- Challenges oppo- ing a job? Academic courses are more than simply strategy- Supports alterna- sessions for a future career. If students feel truly passionate about their majors their academic experiences will be much more interesting and desirable. Most importantly, Singletary overlooks how much stu- 4 dents learn and grow outside of the academic curriculum. Interestingly enough, only ten of these top ity lessons have anything to do with academics at all. Most of these lessons involve cleaning, socializing, and making time for relaxation.

College teaches more than just academics: in this sense, college majors ARE created equal. As long as a student remains dedi- cated and determined, a major in any subject can be reward- ing and worthwhile. Rea- sources son, 19 March Singletary, Michelle. Washington Post, 14 Jan. Smith, Jennifer. Daily Mail, 12 Nov. Cites opposing view concisely. But note that she will refer to various other points made by Singletary throughout the essay. With litle space to waste, Gal- lion clearly establishes her main point at the end of her irst paragraph.

In crating an opinion essay that takes an opposing view of another opinion, the writer should exam- ine weaknesses in the opposing argument. Here, Gallion objects to an argument Singletary makes to support her point that all majors are not created equal. Ofers an alternative argument. Supports alternative view with apt quotations. Ofers another view with support.

Note that this source ofers more objective data in the form of a survey that examined what students actually learn in college. As Gallion reports, these lessons have litle to do with academ- ics and more to do with practical skills. Since the lessons learned in college have litle to do with the classroom and course work, majors are irrelevant. Summarizes her position. In her concluding paragraph, Gal- lion summarizes her position. Her inal sentences restate the opinion she has expressed throughout her essay: that the beneits of a college educa- tion can apply to all majors. Demonstrates sources.

What inspired you to write this essay? Gallion E. I wanted to stress the importance of learning about something an individual loves and show the positives of majoring in things like the arts or humanities. Are your opinions unusual or fairly mainstream given the general climate of discourse on campus? More and more parents are stressing career- driven majors instead of valuing the education classes within the humanities for example.

And that worries me. Who was your prime audience? I wanted to speciically write this for potential students thinking or worrying about what to major in. I also wanted to write to the current students majoring within the majors that Singletary views as unnecessary. I think it is empowering and comforting to see someone advocate for the opinions you have. How long did it take for you to write this piece? Did you revise your work? What were your goals as you revised? I drated this about three times. It took me about two-and-a-half weeks to completely inish it. I also focused on cuting things out that were unneces- sary to the piece as a whole.

What do you like to read? I love reading novels, short stories, essay collections, memoirs, poetry. Anything, really. As far as magazines go, I love reading Time and National Geo- graphic. My heart lies in the literature realm. What topics most interest you as a writer? Issues surrounding multiculturalism and diversity. Are you pursuing a career in which writing will be a component?

Being able to write well is essential in any career. What advice do you have for other student writers? Make time for it! I know how busy being a student is, but in order to develop writing skills, you have to sit down and spend time writing. The Visual Expression of Opinion Public opinions are expressed in a variety of ways, not only in familiar verbal forms such as persuasive essays, magazine articles, or newspaper columns. In newspapers and magazines, opinions are oten expressed through photography, political cartoons, and paid opinion advertise- ments or op-ads. Photography At first glance, a photograph may not seem to express an opinion.

But on reflection and careful examination, we can see that photographs can express subjective views or editorial opinions in many different ways. Ater a irst lag rais- ing was photographed, the military command considered the lag too small to be symbolically efective though other reasons are also cited , so it was replaced with a much larger one and the event reshot. A photographer can deliberately echo or visually refer to a well- known image to produce a political or emotional efect. A photographer can shoot a picture at such an angle or from a par- ticular perspective to dramatize a situation, to make someone look less or more important, or to suggest imminent danger.

See photograph on page A photographer can catch a prominent igure in an unlatering position or embarrassing moment, or in a latering and loty fashion. A photograph can be cropped, doctored, or digitally altered to show something that did not happen. Dartmouth College has created a Web site that features a gallery of doctored news photos. A photograph can be taken out of context or captioned in a way that is misleading.

Although most reputable news sources go to great lengths to verify the authenticity of photographs, especially those that come from outside sources, and enforce stif pen- alties on photographers who manipulate their pictures, some experts in the ield maintain that doctoring is far more common in the media than the public believes. Hant III, a graphic designer, in an August photography blog. It is relatively simple to doctor a photo and everybody knows it. I think this has something to do with a human desire for photographs to be true. Likewise when we see news stories that conirm our beliefs we want them to be true. Almost from the start, political cartoonists developed what would become their favored techniques and conventions.

Because cartoonists hoped to achieve an immediate intellectual and emotional impact, usually with imagery and a brief writen message, they soon realized that exaggeration worked beter than subtlety and that readily identiied symbols were more quickly comprehended than nuanced or unusual imagery. Rarely does a political cartoonist muddy the waters by intro- ducing a mixed message or entertaining an opposing view. A cartoonist, unlike a columnist, cannot construct a detailed argument to support a position, so the strokes applied are oten broad and obvious.

Please note that the following cartoons are included for illustrative purposes only. Many other recent cartoons could just as easily have been selected. First, a note about context. In other words, most cartoonists expect their audi- ence to know a litle something about the news story the cartoon refers to. Unlike the essayist, the cartoonist works in a tightly compressed ver- bal and visual medium in which it is unusually diicult to summarize the political context or the background the audience requires for full com- prehension.

Notice how much the cartoon- ist expects the audience to bring to his cartoon, however. Note the elements of iconography. Iconography is the use of short- hand images that immediately suggest an incident, idea, era, institution, and so on. Such images are intended to relect immediately and clearly what they stand for. For example, a teenager with a pack of cigaretes rolled up inside the sleeve of his T-shirt is iconographic of the s; a cap and gown indicates an academic; a briefcase represents a business- person or a public oicial; a devil is traditionally represented with horns and a pitchfork. In this cartoon, the Capitol Dome immediately suggests not only Washington, but also all that American government is sup- posed to stand for: democracy, inclusiveness, openness, and justice for everyone.

On the other side is another icon — the parabolic dish that immediately conjures up thoughts of espionage, secrecy, and invasion of privacy. In expressing it as a cartoon, of course, he takes obvious liberties for the sake of demonstrating how big of a problem he thinks the alleged spying is. Matson, published on June 17, However, cartoons can be equally efective without a caption, and with few or litle words to push their messages. Supreme Court striking down key aspects of the Defense of Marriage Act DOMA , a law that refused gay and lesbian couples federal recognition for their marriages, even when states recognized them.

Notice how the cartoonist tells a story with only one static image, rich in symbol. Both characters look far more relaxed and joyous than they do in the well-known poses of the statues, signaling that this is a moment of jubilation for both. Yet advertising does more than promote consumer products. Every day we also encounter numerous ads that promote not things but opinions. To examine carefully their verbal and visual techniques — whether you agree with the message or not — will help you become beter acquainted with the essentials of rhetorical persuasion.

Note that all three ads reproduced here consist of three main elements: a visual image, a headline, and a body text in smaller type. When an individual or a group is featured in an ad, it oten signals that a particular audience is being targeted. Note that the only character that appears in these three ads is someone young. Questions: Efective ads oten use questions in their headlines. Images can only do so much persuasive work. Imagine how you would respond to the image of the young man with a metal detector if you had no verbal copy whatsoever. You would have no clue of what the image is intended to mean.

Ads difer signiicantly in the amount of text used. Sometimes the persuasive elements can be simply an image and a headline. Two of the three ads encourage their audience to save money by packing their own lunch or cooking their own dinner and avoiding expensive take-out. Writing as Empowerment 41 Do the math: he irst two ads argue their point with simple arith- metic. But where, an atentive reader might ask, are these numbers coming from? Food may cost less at the supermarket than at a restaurant, but it still costs some- thing. Are the ads suggesting that readers invest the money they are saving in other ways the stock market? And that there is no risk? Tag lines: In advertising and marketing, a tag line is a memorable phrase closely associated with the brand or message that is repeated oten in a campaign.

Big bucks tomorrow. Small change now can accu- mulate into big bucks in the future. Taking action: Most opinion ads oten conclude with a call to take some direct action — vote, write, call, redeem a coupon, register a com- plaint, and so on. Because of the Internet, an ad today is able to continue and expand its message in ways that could never have been done in earlier times. Writing as Empowerment Writing is one of the most powerful means of producing social and polit- ical change. It does not mean that your opinion or point of view will suddenly prevail. It does mean, however, that you have made your voice heard, that you have given your opinions wider circulation, and that you have made yourself and your position a litle more visible. And sometimes you get results: A newspaper prints your leter; a university commitee adopts your suggestion; people visit your Web site.

Such inluence is not restricted to professional authors and political experts. America Now urges you to voice your ideas and opinions — in your notebooks, in your papers, in your classrooms, and, most important, on your campus and in your communities. Reading, discussing, and writ- ing will force you to clarify your observations, atitudes, and values, and as you do, you will discover more about yourself and the world.

Jump in and confront the ideas and issues currently shaping America. What Do We Lose? On weekends they pass in procession under my window, cosseted in their SUV-like strollers, screaming their heads of. Have they all dropped their sock monkeys? My wife, however, has nicknamed our street Tantrum Alley. Andrew Santella is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in GQ, the new york times book Review, Slate, details, and the new york times Magazine, among others. For Freud, the narcissism of kids was perfectly healthy and even necessary. Evolutionary biology backs him up. Born unable to care for themselves — compare human babies with the much more quickly self-suicient ofspring of other animals — babies learn to treat their par- ents like servants to ensure their own survival.

Or servitude, if you prefer. So why does narcissism of the adult variety bother us so much? We 4 see it everywhere. Disgraced bicyclist Lance Armstrong went on Oprah to call himself a narcissist. As commonly used, the term is not so much a diagnosis as an all-purpose slap-down for any- one we think has become too full of himself. In fact, the term may have more currency in popular culture than it does in medicine. What bothers us about narcissists is that they demand and claim 7 more than their fair share of atention. In a time of economic anxiety, like ours, that kind of grasping tends to provoke a backlash. But Lasch and others thought that economic forces had come to shape the American character in disturbing ways.

Look at me! Social networks depend on the belief that we all have a story to tell, 11 we all have some pictures to show and the world wants to hear from us. Sustaining that illusion requires at least a litle narcissism. Ater all, who cares what I had for lunch? Who would possibly want to see a picture of it? But maybe the illusion is easier for some generations to sustain than for others. Why bother eating? And if I stop, I cease to exist, to at least some segment of my world. Not that this is necessarily evidence of pathological narcissism.

It demands that we — and note here the juve- nile nature of the imperatives, straight out of the preschool lexicon — keep sharing and poking and liking. If there is anything narcissistic about all this, it is that it is self- 13 defeating. We think of narcissists as being obsessed with winning, but Narcissus himself could never win. He could never possess the prize he sought — his own image — because every time he stooped to approach it, it vanished in the ripples of the pond. It remained ever out of reach. If we 14 stop providing content, the whole thing shuts down.

He is playing the game we all play but is playing too intensely, trying too hard. Art, performance, even worship all require silence as well as statement. And the true narcissist has probably discovered that silence, too, can be a source of strength, of power. What are narcissists para. Santella alludes to a classical quote in paragraph Yzzy Gonzalez student essay Technology Taking Over? I wake up to the sound of Sleep Time, a smartphone app that keeps track of my sleep paterns during the night. Aterwards, I jump in the shower, get dressed for the day based on what weather. I eat my breakfast reading theSkimm, Deadline Hollywood, Cup- cakes and Cashmere, and many more news sites and blogs, all on my laptop. First, it 3 enables me to do things that I will probably regret at the end of the day.

For example, mobile banking that allows you to transfer between your accounts instantly. While its main beneit is to give you money when you need it, it also enables your increasing spending habits. On that note, technology is killing face-to-face interaction. Going 4 out into the real world is so much less appealing when you can accom- plish everything you need to from the comfort of your bed with a few keystrokes. It astounds me that online grocery shopping is currently a thing. People buy Kindles and Nooks so they can have ten million books in their hands rather than just one, but because of that, places like Borders and Barnes and Noble are closing stores and going out of business.

Improving on what already exists. Technology constantly succeeds because of its porta- bility and ways of connecting people. No one will get hurt if you just take a day away from the phone or computer and enjoy the outdoors, or pick up a newspaper instead of staring at an electronic screen; it might just be the right amount of change in your daily atmosphere. A pen and paper were not 8 used during the writing process at all. What is a cardigan para. What has happened if something is obsolete para. If something is mundane para.

What is a peeve, based on what Gonzalez writes in paragraph 3? What is the diference between everyday para. When Gonzalez refers to technology, what is she speaking of? What is technology doing to the newspaper and book industry, according to Gonzalez? What can people do to change their habits in this technology-driven world? In her irst paragraph, how does Gonzalez indicate the role technology plays in her life?

Gonzalez ends paragraph 4 with a parenthetical. Why do you think she ends with that? What would the essay be like written in third person? What would life be like without Internet and smartphones? What would be diferent? What would make you happier if it disappeared? Are there other things you can think of about technology that really matter to you? Gonzalez includes the point about being able to have face time with a friend in another state. Gonzalez goes over her entire morning schedule in all its technological detail. In a brief writing exercise, consider your own morning routine and include all the technology you use, just on your way out the door or choose a diferent time of day and catalogue the technology used.

Consider a life before the technological revolution. Describe what that would be like. Do things happen faster or slower? Do you feel more con- nected or less connected to the world and people around you? Is technology dependency a real problem? In pairs, talk about what it means to be technology dependent as Gonzalez presents it in this essay. Can you form a list of other potential issues? Discuss your ideas with the class, and write a brief essay about your pair and class discussions. A writer has to draw the reader in with a compelling and animated introduction — and simultaneously establish credibility and knowledge in the depths of his or her topic.

One of the best ways to accomplish these twin goals is to avoid the urge to be general. While you might assume that you want to cover the totality of your topic in an opening paragraph, it is oten more efective to start with a concrete example and branch out from there. Yzzy Gonzalez, a freshman at California State University, Los Angeles, writes about the broad topic of the role of technology, par- ticularly the Internet, in our lives.

But notice how she begins with her own day, providing copious examples of the phenomenon she describes from her personal experience. Let me tell you about my morning routine 1. I wake 1 She ofers us a up to the sound of Sleep Time, a smartphone app that story keeps track of my sleep paterns during the night. Ater- wards, I jump in the shower, get dressed for the day based on what weather. I eat my breakfast reading theSkimm, Dead- 2 Speciic sites line Hollywood, Cupcakes and Cashmere 2 , and many establish depth more news sites and blogs, all on my laptop. And publish it in your campus paper? I wrote this essay based on my real life experiences with using technology while going to college.

What was your main purpose in writing this piece? My audience was the freshmen students at my university, though my piece could apply to any student, or even anyone living in the digital era. What response have you received to this piece? Have you writen on this topic since? What topics interest you as a writer? I am interested in human proiles when it comes to news writing, but I also enjoy freestyle creative writing. I usually focus on topics of change, like growing up, and life in designated areas such as the city or the suburbs. Do you plan to continue writing for publication? Write oten and write what you like!

Are teenagers losing their social skills? Parents and pundits seem to 1 think so. Lots of work ofers the opposite conclusion, such as Pew surveys inding that kids who text the most also socialize the most in person. Has craty Facebook, with its casino-like structure of algorithmic nudging, hypnotized our youth? Simple: hey should blame themselves. Boyd — full dis- closure, a friend of mine — has spent a decade interviewing hundreds of teens about their online lives. What she has found, over and over, is that teenagers would love to socialize face-to-face with their friends. But over the next three decades, the media began delivering a metronomic diet of horrifying but rare child-abduction stories, and parents shortened the leash on their kids.

Politicians warned of incipient waves of youth wilding and superpredators neither of which emerged. Municipalities crated anti-loitering laws and curfews to keep young people from congregating alone. New neighborhoods had fewer public spaces. So their avid migration to social media is a rational response to a crazy situation. In fact, Boyd found that many high school students lock to foot- 4 ball games not because they like football but because they can meet in an unstructured context. So, parents of America: he problem is you; the solution is you. If 5 you want your kids to learn valuable face-to-face skills, conquer your own irrational fears and give them more freedom.

Who or what is the potential problem for teens who have lost the ability to socialize? What do you believe is the assumption Thompson makes about par- ents in this article? What example does Thompson give that indicates teens actually do want to socialize? What about this example speaks to the impor- tance of face-to-face time? One of its inventors, Samuel Morse, used the machine in to transmit a short message by means of coded electric charges across a 3-mile stretch in New Jersey and shocked the world. Like the modern Internet, though, telegraphy had its critics. Was it really such a good thing to be able to speak to someone thousands of miles away without moving a muscle except perhaps a inger muscle or two , or thinking through a leter someone would have to hand deliver?

In the excerpt that follows, horeau concentrates on the enthusiasm surrounding the instant interna- tional message, and suggests some of it may be misplaced. What, we ask, do we really have to say to each other? And might constant contact with every- one actually dilute it? What would horeau think of Facebook and Twiter? Would you agree with any of those contentions? Our inventions are wont to be prety toys, which distract our atention 1 from serious things. We are in great haste to construct a mag- netic telegraph from Maine to Texas, but Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate.

Either is in such a predica- ment as the man who was earnest to be introduced to a distinguished deaf woman, but when he was presented, and one end of her ear trum- pet was put into his hand, had nothing to say. As if the main object were to talk fast and not to talk sensibly. We are eager to tunnel under the Atlantic and bring the Old World some weeks nearer to the new, but perchance the irst news that will leak through into the broad, lap- ping American ear will be that the Princess Adelaide has the whooping cough. Ater all, the man whose horse trots a mile in a minute does not carry the most important messages.

What is Thoreau trying to express with this metaphor? Discussing the Unit 59 2. What sort of news is he talking about? What would an example of the modern equivalent be? Why or why not? Characterize the way Thoreau makes his point. Does he proceed by logical argument or by illustrative example? Do you consider his means of advanc- ing his argument efective? What is the tone of the paragraph? Is it despairing, playful, comedic, or some- where in between?

Does Thoreau sound like he thinks technology will be the ruin of his society, or is he simply poking fun at it? Compare the way Thoreau ofers examples of contemporary technology with the way Yzzy Gonzalez lists the technologies in her life p. Which one provides a more efective critique of the goods and ills expanded com- munication brings into our worlds? Whether or not you agree with his critique, try to apply it to your world. Pro- vide fresh examples and analogies for the digital media age. Do texts, e-mails, and social media exchanges ofer the potential of strengthen- ing social bonds, or do electronic connections run more wide than deep?

What is lost when e-exchanges replace phone or face-to-face conversations? Con- versely, does communicating electronically ofer any unique advantages? In certain text-messaging and social media exchanges, people present edited versions of themselves — versions that while perhaps less lawed than the senders or posters really are also lack complexity and truth. In what situations might such discrepancies between a text or post and reality be especially problematic?

Are you worried that you have less control over your privacy than you did before the advent of social networks? If so, why? If not, explain the concerns some people have about their privacy online and whether you think those concerns are overblown. Imagine a world without social networking: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and all the rest suddenly disappear tomorrow. What would hap- pen? How would it afect your day-to-day life? Write a short description of what you think would happen — in your own life, and in the world at large.

What does he appear concerned about? Many students today came of age with social media as a way of life; stu- dents of previous generations did not. Based on the essays from this chapter and on your own experiences and observations, how would you character- ize this generation? How might you distinguish it from Americans older than forty, who grew up forming connections through face-to-face interactions, phone calls, and letters? Beginning in , crowd-sourced videos, Twitter feeds, and other social media kept the world up-to-date about the uprisings spreading through the Middle East and North Africa — and continue to do so today in conlicts and events throughout the world. Does social media have the potential to be a lasting and popular news source, not only overseas but also in the United States?

How do the words we use in everyday conversation matter? Does it make any diference if we say girl instead of woman or colored people instead of people of color? Do some words indicate a hostile attitude? Do some words inlict harm? As Okrent says, huh? Take the word redskin, which many American Indians along with many Americans in general, President Obama among them ind hostile, insult- ing, and racist. Weighing in on the issue a few years before it became overheated, Greg Nasif, then a University of Maryland history major, relies on humor to make some serious points about racist stereotypes.

How do you respond to women in authority? Would you respond diferently if the same authority igure were a man? Santa Claus! But the mysterious planet holds terrifying secrets hidden in the sand. With both determined to cheat death, the battle ranges from the wastelands of London to the mysterious Immortality Gate. But when the Doctor meets another Doctor, the two must combine forces to stop the rise of the CyberKing.

Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride No sooner has the Doctor said a tear-stained farewell to Rose Tyler than he finds himself face-to-face with a woman dressed in a wedding frock. Who is she? And how did she get on board the Tardis? When the fairytale becomes a nightmare and a chilling menace threatens Earth, an unorthodox young governess calls on the Doctor's help. Two Doctors stranded in an Arctic snowscape, refuse to face regeneration. Don't Try This At Home Of all the artistic media, 'performance art' is perhaps the most difficult to define. From violent interaction, to political expression and shocking self-mutilation, performance artists engage their bodies as canvas.

Doodles Doodles is a multiplatform, interactive, animated comedy series that takes real people's drawing and turns them into hilarious animated micro movies featuring a cast of coloured-in characters surrounded by insanity. Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Capt. Feathersword are familiar figures and Dorothy also introduces 4 fairy friends. Dot is an inquisitive, exuberant, tech-savvy 8-year-old girl who embarks on hilarious adventures and conquers each new challenge the same way any 8-year-old would - by messing up a lot and laughing even more. Dragons: Defenders Of Berk The adventures of Hiccup, Toothless and the dragon riders continue as they take on their new responsibility as Defenders of Berk.

No longer novice dragon trainers, the kids encounter new threats as well as new dragons. Dragons: Race To The Edge Unlock the secrets of the Dragon Eye and come face-to-face with more dragons than anyone has ever imagined as Hiccup, Toothless and the Dragon Riders soar to the edge of adventure! Dream Build A series about Aussies who have been lucky enough to turn the dream of building their own home into a spectacular reality. Dream Gardens Join leading landscape designer Michael McCoy as he showcases some of Australia's most lavish and magnificent gardens from the first spade hitting the ground to the incredible end result. DW Conflict Zone From our broadcast partners Deutsche Welle an interview program that puts the spotlight on controversial issues and goes beyond the normal soundbite culture.

What are their views, hopes and fears? Dynamo: Magician Impossible Described as the most exciting and original British magician for a generation, Dynamo takes his magic to the streets and incorporates incredible illusion and amazing sleight of hand. Easter In Jerusalem with Geraldine Doogue Media personality Geraldine Doogue makes a pilgrimage to Jerusalem for Easter, searching for what she believes is the essence of her Catholic faith. Ecomaths A new way of showing how maths is used in the real world to help create a sustainable future. Stefan Gates meets people using maths to find innovative solutions to the ecological challenges of our age. Ella The Elephant Welcome to the Elephant Islands, home of Ella, a spirited little girl with a big heart, bigger imagination and a magic hat that can transform into almost anything.

Everyday there's a fantastic new adventure! In Emma Wiggle's first TV series she invites the audience into her special bow room where every day holds a new adventure. It could be anything from signing the alphabet to dressing up or, of course, dancing beautiful ballet. Endangered Species Pickle the adrenaline-junkie bunny, Merl the safety-conscious squirrel, and Gull the loving seagull find themselves in ridiculously dangerous and always hilarious situations whenever they try to go about their daily life.

Endeavour As dawns, a year of change promises to challenge the private and professional lives of Endeavour and his colleagues. The team continue to be tested by mysterious and intriguing cases of murder, greed and deception. Soon he is risking all in a search for justice that will ultimately shape his destiny. Ethics Matters Presenter Dr Dan Halliday talks with philosophers, and helps place the ideas in each episode in a real world context. Eve Eve is the first of her kind - a sentient 'artificial person' who on the surface seems perfectly human. Scratch beneath that surface and you'll find a robot trying to navigate her way through the perils of teenage life.

Extras Featuring more cameo performances by Hollywood's finest, the acerbic comedy from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, creators of the double Golden Globe winner The Office, returns for a second series. Fake Or Fortune? Fake or Fortune? Fall In Love With Music A fun exploration of the listening process, offering streamlined, effective pathways to musical understanding. The series invites viewers to solve musical problems. Family Confidential Goes behind the scenes with some of Australia's most famous and influential families as they share, often for the first time on television, the private truths behind the well-known public face.

Fangbone, a young Skullbanian barbarian, and Bill, a young suburbanite protect the blackened and slightly jam-smelling big toe of Venomous Drool from being reunited with its evil master. Plus, an old foe returns for revenge on Father Brown. Father Brown: Christmas Special A mysterious stranger, a missing donkey, an outbreak of laryngitis in the church choir and a kidnapped baby threaten to spoil Kembleford's Christmas festivities in Father Brown: The Star of Jacob.

Finding Vivian Maier Follow us into the world of Vivian Maier, a nanny whose previously unknown cache of , photographs earned her a posthumous reputation as one of the most accomplished street photographers. Fireman Sam Follows the adventures of the Pontypandy Fire Station as Fireman Sam, the ultimate hero next door, races to the rescue of his friends and colleagues caught in all sorts of perilous situations. First Footprints This four part documentary series explores the story of how people arrived and thrived on our continent. With startling new archaeological discoveries revealing how the first Australians adapted, migrated, fought and created in dramatically changing.

First Person Kodachrome Via a journey through the filmmaker's intriguing personal history, we learn about the wider impact of the widely popular and accessible photographic artform, Kodachrome. Fleabag Meet Fleabag. She's not talking to all of us; she's talking to YOU. A hilarious and poignant window into the mind of a dry-witted, sexual, angry, porn-watching, grief-riddled woman, trying to make sense of the world. Floogals Fleeker, Flo and Boomer are on their first mission away from their distant planet of Floog to observe and experience our world - planet Earth! Foreign Correspondent Australia's leading international affairs program featuring fascinating, in-depth stories from the ABC's unrivalled network of foreign correspondents.

ForeignCorrespondent Watch on iView. Fortitude Fortitude, surrounded by the savage beauty of the Arctic landscape, is one of the safest towns on earth. There has never been a violent crime here. Until now. Four Corners Australia's premier television current affairs program, hosted by Sarah Ferguson. Four Corners has been part of the national story since , exposing scandals, triggering inquiries, firing debate and confronting taboos.

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Each episode is hosted by a different child from anywhere in the world, where they do a number of surprising experiments. Game On The day-to-day adventures of Toby Martin, a 14 year-old boy who's diving headfirst into the world of being a teenager - while having every potentially mortifying moment broadcast by an enthusiastic pair of TV announcers. GameFace Marcella is an aspiring actress who crashes through life, assisted by her life-coach, friends and driving instructor. Bouncing back from a seismic break-up, she's on a mission to change her future for the better. Gardening Australia Gardening Australia provides practical, realistic and credible horticultural and gardening advice, inspiring and entertaining Australian gardeners around the nation.

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Old friends are at war, and some are no longer talking. It's total chaos and Maxine is caught in the middle. Go Jetters Follow four heroes - Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz on their adventures as they travel the world with their teacher, mentor and friend, Ubercorn. Golden Guitar Awards Highlights of the 46th Annual Golden Guitar Awards, showcasing the cream of Australian country music artists at a star-studded event in Tamworth.

This is the premier women's sporting event in Australia, and this year moves to Kooyonga Golf Club in Adelaide. Goober Harry, an optimistic Uber driver with autism, causes confusion, chaos and comedy for his passengers despite the advice of his ever-supportive father, all while trying to woo the sweet but unsuspecting girl of his dreams. With the latest game reviews, hottest gaming news, let's plays, and fun stories on gaming culture, coding, and tech. Grand Designs Kevin McCloud returns to follow more stories of some of Britain's most ambitious self-building projects, as intrepid individuals attempt to design and construct the home of their dreams. GrandDesigns Watch on iView. Grand Designs Australia Based on the UK series and hosted by architect Peter Maddison, Grand Designs Australia charts the in-depth process of elaborate design projects undertaken by self-builders - from initial blueprints to completion.

Grand Designs New Zealand Architect Chris Moller returns for a third season of Grand Designs New Zealand, to share more stories of creative and enterprising New Zealanders who take on the challenge of building their own unique and inspirational homes. Presented by Kevin McCloud. Grandpa Honeyant Storytime Grandpa Honeyant Storytime is a 25 episode series comprising of narrated stories told by an indigenous character named Grandpa Honeyant. When he puts the cap on Grandpa shrinks and creates comic mayhem, but somehow Grandpa and Jason always manage to save the day. It's teamwork! Grantchester Set in the English countryside, Grantchester follows two unlikely allies as they solve a series of cases that reveal the dark side of early s England.

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I Do: 40 Years Of Mardi Gras James and Stuart have invited close friends, family - and , extra witnesses - to celebrate their wedding at the 40th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in the year of marriage equality. Or so we all think but they've got a thing or two to say about that. In I'm a Creepy Crawly, the insects invite us into their alien world to set the record straight.

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Inside The Commons In this major new four-part documentary series, filmed over a year in the run up to the general election, reporter Michael Cockerell takes us into the heart of British democracy, the House of Commons. Insiders Barrie Cassidy presents Australia's most popular political program. Insiders Watch on iView. They investigate murder and corruption set against the turbulent tide of s Britain. Jack Irish: Dead Point When a high profile judge commissions Jack Irish to locate a mysterious red book, Jack is thrown into a world of sexy club owners, drug dealers and unhinged killers. Jamaica Inn Set in against the forbidding backdrop of the windswept and isolated Cornish moors, this is an epic coming-of-age story charting the journey of young and spirited Mary Yellan.

Jamie's Got Tentacles! Jamie lived a charmed life on the planet Blurb until the day that horrible aliens changed the course of his existence. Jamillah and Aladdin When Jamillah finds a magic lamp she is transported back to ancient Baghdad. There she meets Aladdin and together they embark on epic adventures. Janet King Now at the National Crime Commission, Janet King's investigation into the death of a young cricketer uncovers a web of match fixing, performance enhancing drugs, money laundering, kickbacks and murder. Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong! You will experience the zany world of Japanese game show culture complete with conveyor belts and velcro walls!

Jemima's Big Adventure Get swept away with Jemima and Luke Carroll as they are invited on the ultimate play date, through the red garden doorway and into the imagination of Australian preschoolers. Jesus: Countdown To Calvary Hugh Bonneville reveals how a perfect storm of political intrigue, power struggles and clashing religious passions combined, in a single week, to cause the event that changed the world: the killing of Jesus. Jillaroo School The Australian outback; a place the cowboy, the Jackaroo, calls home. But in a mining boom Jackaroos left the land; enter five wannabe Jillaroos. To succeed they'll need to show determination and a whole lot of grit. She takes no prisoners, insulting all and sundry. In this tipple-tastic travel show the two funny ladies head to the Champagne region of France to find out how their favourite glass of fizz is made.

Joey's Big Adventure Play School's new toy Joey jumps into a big adventure and explores the world of baby animals. Join Play School presenters Miranda, Luke, and Rachel as they meet and uncover interesting facts about a range of baby animals. Ready to leave the world of crime-solving behind, this may be Creek's most mysterious case yet. She has always loved trees but now with failing eyesight she's taking time out to discover what really makes them tick.

Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery Back for a sixth series, the playful and always entertaining Julia Zemiro walks notable people through their former lives, and helps uncover the people, places and events that shaped them into the people they are today. Playschool presenter Justine Clarke sings songs for and with children. Justine Clarke: Pyjama Jam Justine Clarke sings getting-ready-for-bed songs for the whole family to join in with. When Yui Hirasawa enters high school, she wants to join a club but can't decide which one is right for her.

Fortunately, the Light Music Club is desperate to find another member or they'll be disbanded! Pokie Nation They're rigged, they're addictive and they're everywhere. For the first time, the masterminds behind pokie machines reveal how they're programmed for addiction. Have governments become the biggest addicts of all? Here on the flood plains and ancient sculptured escarpments of Australia's largest terrestrial national park, danger and great beauty are often.

Kamisama Kiss Nanami was just a normal high school girl down on her luck until a stranger's lips marked her as the new Land God and turned her world upside down. Kangaroo Dundee This entertaining six-part series follows the work of Chris 'Brolga' Barnes, a man dedicated to rescuing and raising orphan kangaroos. Who says the world works the way grown ups think it should? Things can always be different if you just imagine Monty is a spirited boy of 6, with a vivid imagination and his best friend is Jimmy Jones, the family pet pig. Keeping Australia Safe If we could take a snapshot of what it takes to keep Aussies safe, how would it look? This 6 part series was shot over a single hour period with privileged access to those entrusted with our national and personal security.

Grace, Pip and Tim have all the inside info on what shows are launching and when, and how to get your face on the channel! Kev Carmody: Songman This program captures the creative process of one of Australia's most celebrated songwriters, Kev Carmody, as he sets out on his latest musical adventure. Kid Vs Kid With the help of science guys Luke and Wyatt, a human child and baby goat get creative in a friendly competition to determine who the better kid is! Kiki And Kitty Kiki and Kitty follows the adventures of a young, black woman in a big, white world, where her vagina is a big, black woman AND her best friend. Kiri When a young girl goes missing on an unsupervised visit to her grandparents, her social worker is publicly blamed by the police, the press, and even her colleagues for putting the girl at risk.

What's wrong with teenagers? Why are babies so angry? And of course, are all women who own cats mental? Kuu Kuu Harajuku Five best friends chase their dreams of musical stardom together, but find themselves fighting their way through a wild series of Kuu Kuu adventures. Lachy takes the child viewer on an early childhood musical adventure in every episode. Music is a part of every moment of Lachy! Lady Vocab Lady Vocab is a talented singer who loves to sing about words.

Lah-Lah's Adventures Take a ride down Lah-Lah Lane where you will first meet the enchanting central character Lah-Lah, who is inquisitive, clever and loves to sing. Lah-Lah and her band negotiate their way through the trickiest of situations. Lah-Lah's Adventures: Songs Combining live action with animated backdrops, the band introduces kids to an inspiring world of music and instruments of all shapes and sizes. Lah-Lah's Christmas Combining live action with animated backdrops, the band introduces kids to an inspiring world of music and instruments of all shapes and sizes at Christmas. Landline Pip Courtney hosts Australia's pre-eminent regional and rural television program covering farming, weather, food, innovation, mining, fisheries, agribusiness, commodity prices and other issues affecting regional communities.

Landline Weather Pip Courtney and Landline reporters around the country bring you up to date with the issues affecting rural and regional Australia including farming, agriculture, food, economics, innovation, climate, infrastructure and more. Last Tango In Halifax The Bafta-winning drama returns with the story of sweethearts reunited after nearly 60 years, as they negotiate the highs and lows of life and relationships. Lateline Presented by Emma Alberici, Lateline provides original journalism and investigations, quality analysis and insightful interviews, combined with a fresh approach to telling important stories. Lawrence of Suburbia is a metaphorical camel ride through the spiritual tundra of the suburbs. She takes us into the courts, and the places where our law has been made.

Lest We Forget What? When we reflect on WWI what are we remembering? The facts, or just one small part of the Anzac story, a story steeped in legend? Ask yourself this question when Anzac Day comes about - Lest we forget what? Let's Go! A high-octane travel series hosted by Grace Koh, who takes up challenges from kids all around Australia to 'Walk', 'Meet', 'Splash', 'Eat' and 'Jump' around their hometowns. Lily's Driftwood Bay Driftwood Bay is a special island that exists in the imagination of Lily, who creates a world of adventure and friendship from different treasures she finds washed up on the beach. Line Of Duty Line of Duty returns for a second series, featuring a new police corruption story told over six one-hour episodes.

Little Britain Whingeing Poms? Beer loving? Soccer mad? Just who are the British? Find out in this hilarious character-based, sketch comedy series. Little Princess The Little Princess is just like any other 4-yr-old. She's shy, exuberant and boisterous in turns. Little Roy Little Roy follows the everyday adventures of five-year-old Roy O'Brien, an enthusiastic, inquisitive and playful little boy. He's just like every other kid his age, except for one thing - he's a cartoon! Catch the best of British stand-up comedy with all new episodes. Lockie Leonard After an endless summer, Lockie Leonard and his family are back for another series of mayhem, laughter and the occasional tear.

The boy decides the penguin must be lost and tries to return him. Together they set out on a journey to the South Pole. Louis Theroux: African Hunting Holiday Louis investigates the elite world of well-heeled American hunters who pay top dollar for the ultimate luxury adventure experience: a chance to shoot big game in Africa. Louis Theroux: America's Medicated Kids Louis Theroux meets American families who have decided to medicate their kids to control their unruly behaviour. Louis Theroux: America's Most Dangerous Pets Louis Theroux meets the people who own animals like tigers, lions and chimpanzees and asks what drives them to keep these wild, and potentially dangerous, creatures as pets. Louis Theroux: Behind Bars Louis investigates San Quentin, the oldest and most notorious maximum security prison in California - and the only one with a death row.

Louis Theroux: By Reason of Insanity In this two-part series, award-winning journalist Louis Theroux explores how society treats those who have committed crimes - at times horrifically violent, while in the grip of severe mental illness. The city is changing so rapidly that formal structures of law and order can't keep pace with its population. Many citizens are turning to private security companies, with brutal methods, to help protect them and their property.

Louis Theroux: Law And Disorder in Philadelphia Louis Theroux signs up for his most dangerous assignment - patrolling the crime-ridden streets of Philadelphia with the local law enforcement - to find out why the crime and violence in the city is so bad. Louis Theroux: Miami Mega Jail Louis Theroux spends some time locked up with the inmates of one of the largest jails in the world - Miami's mega jail. Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie Filmmaker Louis Theroux is denied admittance into the Church of Scientology's headquarters, setting into motion a clever, confrontational, and funny plan to try and reveal the inner workings of the mysterious organisation.

Now Louis returns to find the family more hateful than ever. Louis Theroux: Savile In light of the unmasking of Jimmy Savile as a predatory sex offender, and 15 years on from the BBC documentary When Louis Met Jimmy, Theroux sets out to understand how he was able to get away with a long litany of crimes. Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists Louis Theroux spends time with a small and very committed subculture of ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers in the occupied territories in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids Award-winning journalist Louis Theroux travels to San Francisco where medical professionals are helping kids who say they were born in the wrong body to transition from boy to girl or girl to boy at younger ages.

Louis Theroux: Twilight Of The Porn Stars Louis Theroux travels to California, home of America's adult entertainment industry, to meet the porn stars and find out how the growth of the internet has changed the industry. Louis Theroux: Under the Knife Louis Theroux reveals the startling reality of a sweeping obsession with vanity - plastic surgery.

Can larger breasts or tighter abs really make a person happier? Luo Bao Bei Luo Bao Bei is a bright and spirited 7-year old girl with a vivid imagination, on a quest to understand the world around her. With her friends and animal companions by her side she navigates the excitement of childhood. Luther When a savagely intelligent killer leaves a trail of bodies but no trace of his identity, Luther is drawn back to the job and into his most disturbing case yet. Maggie Beer's Christmas Feast Maggie invites some special guests to the ultimate Australian Christmas feast under the gum trees in the beautiful surroundings of her own property in the Barossa Valley. Maigret In four women are stabbed to death in Montmartre after dark.

Justice minister Morel leans on chief Inspector Maigret to catch the murderer. He sets a trap, using a policewoman as a decoy. When a blizzard traps everyone inside the school, Sun Hi, Jodi, and Corki learn the true meaning of Christmas. Meanwhile, a mysterious new student arrives at school. Making Child Prodigies Follow five extraordinarily talented Australian children and their families, as we take an intimate and candid look at their lives at a pivotal time in their careers and ask what does it take to be a child prodigy? Originally staged in Melbourne and then toured across Australia.

Making Muriel Making Muriel gives audiences exclusive behind the scenes access as P. Hogan adapts his iconic film, Muriel's Wedding into a stage musical for Sydney Theatre Company, 23 years after the film was a surprise box office hit. Man Up Radio star, Gus Worland, is on a mission to break the silence around male suicide. But first, he has to challenge our ideas about what it means to be an Aussie man. Martin Clunes: Man And Beast Martin Clunes travels the world to uncover some of the remarkable and unique relationships between man and beast from birds to bears, pets to primates, involving ancient and modern techniques and partnerships.

Mary And Mohammad year-old Mary befriends an Afghanistan asylum seeker through the unlikely gift of a woollen beanie. Mary Berry's Absolute Christmas Favourites The much loved, national treasure Mary Berry celebrates some of her most inspired dishes by showing us how to make them while sharing her extraordinary knowledge from more than 50 years of cooking. Mary Berry's Absolute Favourites Christmas Specials The much loved, national treasure Mary Berry celebrates some of her most inspired dishes by showing us how to make them while sharing her extraordinary knowledge from more than 50 years of cooking.

Masha And The Bear With kindness and comedy in its heart, this series follows the adventures of a little girl, Masha and her friend, The Bear. Their relationship is a metaphor for how a child interacts with the big world. Matilda cooks her way through the very best of US and British dishes whilst blogging along the way and adding her own unique twists to the food. Matter Of Fact With Stan Grant Making sense of a rapidly changing world, Stan Grant presents the new show speaking to smart people about big ideas to uncover what they know, not what they think.

Because knowledge matters more than opinions. Maurice's Big Adventure Play School's much loved teddy bear Maurice is invited along to experience important events in a preschooler's life, joining his young friends as they embark on exciting adventures into school, new family members and beyond. Media Watch Media Watch is Australia's leading forum for media analysis and comment. Presented by Paul Barry, the program shines the spotlight on those who make the news, uncovering conflicts of interest, misrepresentation and manipulation. MediaWatch Watch on iView. Meet our latest bunch of stars and find out about their families, hobbies, jokes and heroes! Meet The Mavericks Two well known cultural figures sit down for a free-ranging exchange of ideas, and to chat about their passions, inspirations, shared experiences, and creative processes.

Melbourne Comedy Festival Upfront: The Queens Of Comedy Comedy's fiercest and funniest ladies join forces to deliver a formidable night that sees the most popular and irreverent comics on the scene shattering stereotypes and raising the roof with laughs. Hosted by Matt Okine, each performer shares their best material. Merry Christmas Music Video. Message Stick Message Stick offers engaging, topical and entertaining insight into contemporary Indigenous life. Messy Goes To Okido Messy is a monster who leads us on a journey under the bed, through the Vortex of Socks and into Okido World, where anything is possible and every question leads to a new adventure.

With music from Kylie Minogue and Pixie Lott. Michael visits six of the UK's most prestigious entertainment venues to unearth comedy's brightest talent. Packed with razor-sharp observations and fizzing with energy, Michael McIntyre: Showtime is a comedy master class. Michael Mosley and James Wong reveal the delicious physics, chemistry and biology hidden inside our food. Miffy's Adventures Big And Small Follow Miffy, a charming bunny-rabbit as she embarks on adventures, big and small - exploring the exciting world around her, with her friends and family. Mike The Knight A CG-animated action-packed series following the adventures of young Mike, an energetic, cheeky yet bountiful knight-in-training who is driven by his passion to help others, and along the way, be the best knight he can be.

Minibeast Heroes Minibeasts Heroes is an animated series that takes you up close and personal with six Aussie bugs to show you how they save the world. Their mission is to keep Hawk Moth, who wants to steal their Miraculouses, from wreaking havoc on the town. Miriam's Big American Adventure Miriam Margolyes embarks on an epic road trip through the heartland of America to learn more about the people who are reshaping the nation. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Our glamorous lady detective, The Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher, swans into early Melbourne, fighting injustice with her pearl-handled pistol and her dagger-sharp wit. Mister Maker Mister Maker is an arts and craft show that combines live action, graphics and animation to show brilliant art techniques in both 2D and 3D.

Mister Maker Around The World Mister Maker takes his brilliant artistic talents around the globe to help mini-makers with arty challenges. Packing up his 'Travelling Make Case' he sets off on his travels to have a go at art and get making. Mock The Week Comedy show combining the best elements of panel show, stand-up and improvised games with two teams of comedians taking a satirical swipe at the news and world events.

Mofy Follow the many adventures of Mofy, a shy and tender rabbit who lives in a cotton ball, as she learns to understand and deal with different feelings, such as loneliness, jealousy, joy, and empathy. Mornings With Joe O'Brien Joe O'Brien guides you through the morning with a mix of the very latest news, fast and accurate analysis, experts and guests who provide insightful context and live crosses to the scene of events as they unfold. Mouk An animated series that follows the adventures of friends Mouk and Chavapa - two globe trotters who travel around the world riding their bikes. Move It Mob Style An Indigenous youth dance-based health and fitness program which teaches viewers mad dance routines and showcases the latest Indigenous hip hop beats while also delivering strong health messages.

Murder In Successville Successville is a surreal place with a high celebrity homicide count. DI Sleet enlists the help of a genuine celebrity sidekick to solve the latest high-profile murder. Together they crack the case and catch the killer. Murder, She Wrote Professional writer and amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher uses her intellect, charm, and persistence to get to the bottom of every crime she encounters. Muriel Matters! Adelaide-born actress Muriel Matters made headlines in as 'that daring Australian girl' for her bold escapades in the struggle for women's rights in Britain.

My Great Big Adventure During this special, Kayne Tremills is joined by friends Steph, Takaya and Nancy, and their first big challenge is to understand mental health and what it means to young Australians. My Life Documentary series following the highs and lows of children across the world, each with a unique story to tell. My Mother's Lost Children An eccentric Jewish Australian family is thrown into turmoil when two stolen children reappear after 40 years.

Spanning five countries, this is the story of filmmaker Danny Ben-Moshe's extraordinary family saga. My Place Continuing the story of one spot in Australia told by the children who live there over years. Series 2 tells their tales from to before European settlement. My Year 12 Life Meet 14 Australian students as they self-document their final year of high school through daily video diaries. The stresses of this launch-pad year starts on day one as they delve into the pressures of the ATAR. Mystery Road When there is a mysterious disappearance on an outback cattle station, Detective Jay Swan Aaron Pedersen is assigned to investigate.

From Prime Ministers, visiting international figures, religious leaders, innovators, political, business and community leaders. National Treasure Paul Finchley is one half of a much loved British comedy double act, a cherished household name, but Paul's life is shaken to its foundations when he's arrested after an accusation of rape CAST: Robbie Coltrane, Julie Walters. National Wrap Patricia Karvelas hosts a sharp, relatable interview-based national affairs program that will set the agenda for the week, interrogating experts and leaders in their field on issues beyond the immediate news cycle. Nature's Microworlds This stunning series delves deep into the heart of these habitats, breaking down each intricate ecosystem, introducing the animals that live there, and revealing the fine balances of its existence.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks UK's iconic, irreverent pop quiz series with guest competitors from the worlds of music, TV and comedy. New Year's Eve A four-hour event live from the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House featuring The Early Night Show for kids and families, the family fireworks, a concert celebrating the iconic songs of Countdown and the Midnight Fireworks. Grace, Pip and Tim bring you all the latest from the entertainment world, viral videos, special guests and more! News To Me Featurettes Featurettes of the weekly wrap-up panel and clip show. Nippers Join the South Maroubra Nippers as they run, swim, paddle and rescue, battle nature, face their fears and push themselves beyond their comfort zone during training and carnivals so they can become lifesavers of the future.

Using a pioneering approach from Sweden, Dr. Javid creates a gender-neutral school that will turn conventions on their head. No Offence The action heats up in this gripping eight-part crime drama from the makers of 'Shameless', centring on a group of police officers working in a chaotic Manchester community. Noddy travels to the four corners of Toyland to investigate mysteries. Non Daylight Savings. Numb Chucks Using their imaginary 'kung-fu-bility', Dilweed and Fungus have now devoted their lives to doing good deeds and protecting the quiet woodland town of Ding-a-Ling Springs and its citizens using their imaginary 'kung fu' skills. Octonauts An intrepid band of explorers roam the oceans in search of adventure and fun.

Led by a valiant polar bear and a daredevil kitten, these talented critters are always ready to embark on an exciting new mission. Octonauts And The Mariana Trench Adventure Tweak has designed a new Deep Sea Station to study the deepest parts of the ocean, but the Octonauts face multiple challenges - from getting it down there, to the extreme environment and strange creatures they'll meet.

Octonauts Creature Reports The Creature Reports are one-minute, musical, poem-like sequences which recap the facts learned about the sea creature that the Octonauts encountered in the associated episode. Octonauts Special: The Over Under Adventure The mission to explore Antarctica becomes a desperate rescue as a group of sea stars and urchins is threatened by a rare underwater icicle that can freeze creatures on the seabed. Odd Squad Agents Olive and Otto work for an organisation run by kids that investigate anything strange, weird and especially odd.

Their job is to put things right again. Who do they work for? They work for Odd Squad. Oddbods Watch 7 friends survive the perils of everyday life, as ordinary situations spiral into extraordinary events. A comedy that captures the madcap yet charming antics of the Oddbods - celebrating success where they can find it. Officially Amazing Officially Amazing is back! Offsiders Kelli Underwood presents the show that gets to the centre of the big sporting issues of the past seven days. A panel of sportswriters, experts and pundits discuss the results on field and the key issues off field. Offsiders Watch on iView. Presented by Kelli Underwood. Old School Ted McCabe, a retired cop, and Lennie Cahill a retired crim, get together to solve crimes, unravel scams and make some cash, while avoiding the wrath of the police and the underworld.

Olivia Olivia is a 6-year-old pig with a boundless imagination. Whether at home or at school with friends, you never know what she will think of next! Olivia And The Treasure Hunt Its time for the annual town treasure hunt, which takes Olivia and her family all over town, by roller skate, scooter and bicycle performing silly stunts to collect clues about the location of the treasure.

Olobob Top This series follows a group of young creative creatures called the Olobobs. Tib, Lalloo and Bobble live in a big forest and have fun playing, exploring and solving everyday problems. OnePlusOne Watch on iView. One Plus One Redux In an intimate one-on-one setting Jane Hutcheon interviews celebrities, authors, sports heroes, actors and personalities from Australia and around the world. Operation Ouch! Operation Ouch is back! With big stunts and experiments they'll explore the extraordinary ways medicine can fix us.

Other People's Problems Reluctant copywriter and aspiring eco-warrior Florence embarks on a venture to ghostwrite other people's letters in exchange for second-hand clothing. Our Girl Follow East London lass Molly Dawes as she embarks on an emotional rite-of-passage as a young medic and woman in the British Army's final deployment of troops to Afghanistan. Our Zoo A charming series based on the true story of the Mottershead family who, despite staunch opposition and huge personal sacrifice, founded Chester Zoo in the s. Pablo Pablo is a 5 year old boy who is on the autism spectrum. Using his magic crayons, Pablo bravely turn his life challenges into fantastic adventures and his feelings into colourful characters in order to face the Real World.

Paper Port Matilda has a unique characteristic: when she wakes up each morning, she has a singular power which disappears the next morning when she wakes up with a new power. Only her best friend Charlie knows her secret. Parks and Recreation Follow the absurd antics of an Indiana town's public officials as they pursue sundry projects to make their city a better place. Join Myf Warhurst as she presents. Pearlie It's magic in the city with Pearlie the park fairy! Pearlie is an animated comedy series about a fashionable young urban fairy in charge of Jubilee Park, a park in the centre of a bustling big city.

Penn and Teller: Fool Us Hosted by Jonathan Ross, the spectacular show throws down the gauntlet to every magician in the US and from around the world to perform their most mystifying tricks to fool Penn and Teller. Peppa Pig The pre-school adventures of a cheeky and slightly bossy little pig called Peppa, who lives with her mummy and daddy and little brother George. Sometimes these adventures involve a few tears but they always end happily. Can Peppa track down the golden boots before the big puddle jump competition? When Father Christmas arrives down Peppa's chimney, having lost his list, Peppa has to remember what all her friends hoped to receive for Christmas.

Meet these epic pets and find out all about the special bonds they share with their humans. Peter Rabbit A dynamic reimagining of Beatrix Potter's children's classic, follows Peter as he encounters real dangers, overcomes obstacles and outsmarts predators, all while finding fun and excitement in the most unexpected places. Peter Rabbit's Christmas Tale Peter, Flopsy, Mospy and Cottontail have been charming the children of the world for years and star in this half-hour Christmas Special. But can he find the egg before it hatches, or has he finally met his match in the devious newcomer Samuel Whiskers? Petography Petography is the show in which pets, with the help of their trusty humans, have their dream photo shoots become a reality! We go behind the scenes and get to know our animal stars.

Pingu In The City Pingu has moved with his family to the big city from a small village. He meets many other penguins doing interesting jobs, from chefs to florists to carpenters. How exciting for the curious little penguin! Watch out nighttime baddies - the PJ Masks are on their way, into the night to save the day! PJ Masks: Songs PJ Masks follows three young friends who transform into their dynamic super hero alter egos, Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, when they put their pyjamas on at night and activate their animal amulets.

Play School Join the playschool team to learn a little, while singing songs, listening to stories, making things, and going on adventures with Big Ted, Jemima and all the other toys, on this all time favourite children's show. Play School Celebrity Covers We invite Australia's most iconic performers and entertainers to perform a song, story or nursery rhyme in the very special series Play School Celebrity Covers.

Each day they come to life for a playdate! Plebs A modern comedy in an ancient setting, Plebs follows three desperate young men from the suburbs as they try to get laid, hold down jobs and climb the social ladder in the big city - a city that happens to be Ancient Rome. Plumpton High Babies Ten Years On Revisit three young women we met over ten years ago when they were part of a unique program to keep teenage mothers at school. See where they are now and how the Young Mothers Program affected their lives. Poetry: Between The Lines Presented by hip-hop star Akala, this series features contemporary poets including Jackie Kay, Gillian Clarke and Ciaran Carson in conversation with Akala about some of their best-loved poems.

Poh's Kitchen Poh loves to cook and try out new things but as she says, "I love to experiment but you have to know the rules before you can bend them. Pointless A quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else could think of. Presented by Alexander Armstrong. Poldark In Cornwall, George Warleggan continues to build his empire in a bid to crush the Poldarks and Elizabeth resolves to forge a new life for herself as his wife and a Warleggan, burying her past and Ross with it. He's a friend to all the people of Greendale, with a kind word and a joke for everyone, and ready to help out when needed. Jess, Pat's trusty black and white cat, travels with him.

Prince Harry's Story: Four Royal Weddings From a childhood touched by grief to his upcoming wedding as Prince Charming to the girl of his dreams, new insights into why and how Prince Harry has come to be held in such affection by so many people all over the world. Prisoner Zero Teens Tag and Gem travel through space searching for their parents whilst figuring out their identities. They are befriended by Zero who takes them under his wing, protecting them from aliens, robots and the evil Imperium.

Project Lazarus Award winning Australian scientists attempt the seemingly impossible - to unwind extinction by bringing back to life the Australian gastric brooding frog.

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