Arguments Against Fracking

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Arguments Against Fracking

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Why This Man is Fighting Against Fracking in His Community - NowThis

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How do you perform a case study? My school advanced essay. So if hydraulic fracturing pollutes both soils and air, how can we live healthily? Shale gas drilling has been linked in many occasions to flammable drinking water. The Economist published an article on that earlier this year. Injecting in our environment a cocktail of water, sand and no less than hundreds of chemicals that can cause cancers or are neurotoxins. Not the kind of stuff you want anywhere near you….

Drilling holes in the soil and injecting massive amounts of chemicals and wastewater is not exactly what could be considered as safe regarding earthquakes. Mother Jones has a nifty animation GIF showing how and why. Magnitudes were ranging from 1. Arsenic is a poison of choice if you want to dispose of an Emperor or a King. Most unfortunately to people near fracking wells, it also has been found in groundwater near fracking wells. Because of all the negative side effects, the People can lose a lot because of fracking. The ones who benefit from it are Big Oil and so on… As I noted in my review of Promised Land, a clean energy alternative however can benefit the People at large.

I have read about such occurrences in the United States and in France alike. To exemplify my point : in April I read about a small city from Southern France that earned huge amounts of money — 2. I think you must have understood it by now. Hydraulic fracturing is not the solution we should be seeking right now. It is full of dangers and its merits are clearly overhyped by fossil fuels companies. These very companies are ready to silent children , to endanger communities and to stop paying what they should pay for the damages they did. Not the kind of people you would want to let anywhere near your houses and cities…. To conclude: if our communities can benefit immensely from renewable energy sources as seen above, they could soon become much more efficient as we have seen with the following books : Reinventing Fire , Factor five , Crossing the Energy Divide and Hot, Flat and Crowded.

I hope this long article will have enabled you to find the arguments against fracking you may have lacked. Edouard is a sustainability and energy professional committed to bringing our societies to a carbon neutral future. He has been writing on related topics on this very blog since Wind does not provide renewable energy. When the wind is absent, the turbines do not provide power. This drawback has proved so serious that wind power is now generally considered a pipe dream and waste of resources by all colours of the political spectrum.

It is still useful for individuals, for example I have a plan to connect a turbine to my hot water tank, For domestic heating of water the drawback is hardly noticeable and will save me hundreds of pounds a year. For massive turbine farms to feed the national grid the drawbacks are insurmountable. Industry cannot rely on fluctuating availability. Solar power in Northern latitudes cannot sustain the massive power needed by urban conurbations and is also at best a useful adjunct. The wisest course for any government is to massively invest in nuclear fusion development whilst simultaneously having a crash investment programme to develop electric transport and use of hydrogen and other more friendly fuels along with continuous improvement in fuel efficiency.

Meanwhile fracking, for all its risks, is a necessary evil. First, wind power is indeed the first electricity source for Spain , a tiny European country with no less than 47 million people. There, wind power produced 21 percent of the electricity consumed over a whole year. Second, the installed wind power capacity is of gigawatts globally. This represents the capacity of all power plants in Mexico and South and Central Americas.

In , the global wind capacity increased by no less than 20 percent. Last but not least, according to recent studies, by , wind power will account for a fifth of global electricity generation.

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