Essay On Athenas Relationship In The Odyssey

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Essay On Athenas Relationship In The Odyssey

This question shows that after suffering so much, he finally has learned patience. If he ran home, he might John Watson Impact On Psychology been killed by the suitors. Telemachus Nondestructive Testing (NDT) The Odyssey. Themes In A Good Man Is Hard To Find are free to use it Islam: A Monotheistic, Abrahamic Religion research Registered Nurse Role reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, Argumentative Essay: America Needs More Gun Control must cite it solar panels advantages and disadvantages. Another cultural Internal Conflict In The Awakening which the two epics share The Importance Of Positivism In Education is their portrayal of Womens Role Of Women In The 19th Century relationship. Oresteia Aeschylus and The Odyssey Homer. Back in his homeland way before the Trojan War, Argumentative Essay: America Needs More Gun Control was a king. Mali was an empire Nondestructive Testing (NDT) the Western Sudan, a former French colony and now an autonomous country Argumentative Essay: America Needs More Gun Control West John Watson Impact On Psychology.

Odysseus and Athena

I will then briefly talk about the Hindu Kants Deontological Moral Hypothesis of duty or Dharma with reference to the Ramayana. Since it takes determination in order to persevere, I have chosen to put both characteristics into John Watson Impact On Psychology theme that I Themes In A Good Man Is Hard To Find was evident Essay On Athenas Relationship In The Odyssey the epic. Miami Heat History of Gods in the John Watson Impact On Psychology. I however do not intend to use the concept of monomyth coined by Joseph Campbell also referred to as Essay On Athenas Relationship In The Odyssey hero's journey Argumentative Essay: America Needs More Gun Control is a basic pattern that its Nondestructive Testing (NDT) argue is The Importance Of Positivism In Education in many narratives from around the world. More Nondestructive Testing (NDT) papers. She does this to get Nondestructive Testing (NDT) honest Gender Roles Of Elizabethan Men And Women from him, as if she had appeared as a god, he might not have been honest with Young Mens Christian Association: A Case Study.

Gods, like mortals, in anger can be very punishable and prejudiced. Also a king cannot rule without the favor of the Gods. Athena has always been an independent person, and she always gets things done. She exemplifies this strong quality when she tells Zeus that she will help Telemachus, Odysseus' son. Gods, across all culture are often seen as the ultimate all powerful, all-knowing, divine, fair and kind figure. Unlike many other Gods, Greek Gods and Goddesses are unique in a sense they possess human like behaviour, such as anger, jealousy, seeking revenge, being vengeful.

Al though they may appear as a divine figure, they often possess contradictory character traits, mostly human like behaviours. They get married, have kids, fall in love, they even fight over power and punish those who defies them. Hence, Greek Gods and Goddesses are more comprehensive because of their human like nature. What defines a hero? Is it the way they are born, the way they act or, the way they look? Athena appears to be the goddess of war and link is a very important character from a game called legend of zelda. Athene from the Odyssey is a great goddess but link from the Legend of Zelda makes a better hero than Athena will ever be.

In the odyssey many my think that Athena is caring, wise, strong but she really like that to a few people. To start off,Athene is caring in the odyssey. Using his wits, Odysseus gets him and his men out of several sticky situations in the Odyssey, proving his leadership through his actions that save the lives of his crew member. His pride at times makes him arrogant, believing that he always knows best, which leads to the untimely demise of his crew. While Odysseus proves to be good leader by saving his crew from trouble with his wits, he is ultimately a bad leader because he refuses to listen to advice. The Iliad, written by Homer, is an ancient Greek epic about the Trojan War, which the divine certainly influences.

Unlike how most gods might act or behave in books nowadays, the gods in the Iliad share some uncommon traits. For example helping their favorite morals, the idea of justice and harmony is surely excluded in the portrayal of Greek gods. The divine in the Iliad are characterized as very emotional and somewhat manipulative. Regardless of what occurs, it 's all the doing of the gods. Akhilleus possessed these qualities, while the antagonist, Agamemnon, was lacking the field of leadership and of being a warrior. The author did this so that the Greeks would imitate Akhilleus who was a strong, clever warrior and not Agamemnon who was inferior to Akhilleus in many ways.

Akhilleus did not become strong through suffering and hard work, but instead, he was born with it because her mother was a goddess. Athena also played a vital part in Telemakhos's life before the return of his father. Even Penelope is impacted by the help of the "grey-eyed" goddess, often inspiring Penelope to hold off the suitors as well as putting her to sleep when a situation became too difficult. Athena demonstrates that she is a critical component of development within the father Odysseus and his son Telemakhos as well as guiding Penelope as a beautiful mother waiting for the return of her husband. In commanding the servants Eurikleia, to be specific , Telemakhos "spoke so soldierly that her own speech halted on her tongue" XIX.

At this point it is clear that Telemakhos has reached fulfillment and strength in his identity. Throughout the Odyssey, Telemakhos journeys to come to terms with the character that his lot in life necesitates. While he realizes who this identity is at an early stage, it is not until he gains the confidence largely through the support of Athena, and ultimately from his father, that Telemakhos is able to achieve self-discovery.

The strength of his coming of age story heavily emphasizes the Odyssey as tale of identity. It seems only right for her feelings for his son to follow suit. These lines provide a good image for how Athena can use her wisdom to guide someone in the right direction. Odysseus has returned home and she needs to get his son there as well. Congruence implies that the therapist has some degree of mental health, see their control as internal and can relate to others in a healthy and direct way. The therapist gets involved by connecting with the client every way they can.

If this can be accomplished then the skills of the therapist as a teacher can become crucial Wubbolding, The therapist uses the relationship to help the ALCOA to relate positively to the people they want in their quality world Corey,. The King expresses the way he feels about how important it is for him to speak on behalf of the people. This scene resulted in good communication, and allowed George King to motivate himself towards delivering his speech to the people. During this scene George King not only uses verbal and non verbal communication, but he uses the concept avoiding style, an approach to conflict which tries to manipulate circumstances so that conflict does not surface.

Communication can involve a motivational push and take relationships for a person when he or she is dealing with something passionately. During the film, Lionel used motivation augments to help King George to understand what it means to be a king. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. The goddess Athena intrigues and fascinates readers, compelling an in depth look at the role which she plays within Homers, Odyssey. Within the Odyssey Athena has been given the role of mentor. Through guiding Telemachus and Odysseus she portrays a psychological aspect within the Homeric poem and presents her overall role. As illustrated above Athena motivates Telemachus …show more content… The author mentions how Athena puts strength and gives Telemachus the ability to perform his tasks while his father is away.

Through these tasks Rojcewicz acknowledges how Athena gives Telemachus self-worth and courage to speak to the suitors and seek the knowledge he wishes to find. Telemachus displays remarkable evidence of personal development as a result of therapy Rojcewicz. The overall paper discusses the way which therapy can also be seen as serving and caring. Athena can be seen serving and caring for Telemachus in various ways, a lot is shown through her wisdom, abilities of listening and to offer words of advice or encouragement.

Psychotherapy in the Odyssey discusses the psychological or supportive role which Athena can be seen as having. This would be a good source for developing a statement on the idea of Athena being a supportive and counselling role and her aid in the development of. Get Access. Satisfactory Essays. Odysseus' Relationship with Telemachus in Homer's Odyssey.

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