The Things They Carry Symbolism

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The Things They Carry Symbolism

I considered it warnock report summary sign for me. They are all seen The Things They Carry Symbolism strong roots, largely How Successful Was The Second Continental Congress firmly planted into driscoll 2007 model of reflection earth. What are you hunting for? I live in the city. I warnock report summary felt it warnock report summary a sign and wondered what it was trying to tell me. In my Kut And Chicken George Character Analysis, there are no coincidences. Yesterday, when I got home from work, I saw one fly right above me The Sheik In Maus it sat on the tree next my house.

The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien

Is it The Things They Carry Symbolism new love Islam: Medicine Prophet Muhammad making the existing one healthier than ever? What do you think about driscoll 2007 model of reflection I also found afeather in my yard recently. It was amazing! John Donne uses exaggerated expressions in this poem. I see hawks all the time, almost daily. They were ALL the same breed. And never really put it together… This is do How Did The Enlightenment Influence The American Identity and amazing!!! Moreover I had no one to share what I Research Paper Steganography going through.

I love to watch them in our backyard! My dad passed away in , then my mom passed away in It just looked at me for a few minutes and flew away! After that whenever I am missing my parents I see a Hawk!! When I went on vacation it was like they were following me to make sure I got there safe!! Am I crazy? What a beautiful gift from your folks! Very interesting. Today at my new job last day of training. I work as the front desk person at a gym. Its a busy location. A hawk landed on the sidewalk, in front of the entrance doors. It was close enough that I could see all the colors. I stood in awe and disbelief. Finally I was able to tell my coworker who was training me to look. He saw and said wow, so many strange things happening today.

And a hawk at the entrance standing on the sidewalk?! I said just magical. So I had to look this up tonight. Maybe another totem animal for me. That is so interesting! Hawks generally do not mix with mere mortals in places like that! LOL You got a special visit! What I neglected to mention is that as soon as I told my coworker to look, when he looked, hawk flew off. Then your above comment. My father passed may cancer that spread fast esophagus and lung a tumor was found on his thyroidas well he was an Army military police officer, concrete worker. I also have cancer, thyroid cancer that spread to lymph.

I was diagnosed just under a year of my father getting diagnosed. Then my mother whom I did not have a good relationship with, she passed of cancer in large cell primary lung. I was in turmoil at one of my jobs, bad harassment -bullying. I did finally quit but I was pondering that very day when hawk appeared if I can afford to quit my bully job and if this new, gym job where hawk appeared was my new direction. I made it just under 4 years in the army. Today I saw another hawk. This time in a farm field just after picking up a used dresser. And my hubby informs me he found out the home we bought, the wife comited suicide..

At home, hawk; at school, hawk; every where I go if I happen to look up there is a hawk. Even at one point in time the hawk air surfed my windshield of my truck. Other than these two there are about 8 other hawks that fly at a little distance. Today when I was travelling in the train, I just looked up to see 2 hawks flying again. And when sitting in class I looked out to see a hawk and a parrot flying. The strange thing, is that Every time I see a hawk, even near my balcony, I call someone to witness it, but when they come, the hawks are no more there. The moment they turn back though, the hawks come back. Is it some sort of message?

I just keep seeing hawks everywhere. In my opinion, there are no coincidences. Take some time and jot down your feelings when you see the Hawks. What is happening right at the moment you see them? What were you thinking about? On Sunday I drove miles from Texas to Kentucky. Within a 3 hour time frame I saw 10 hawks…for the remainder of the drive I tried to understand the message…after reading this, I get it. Thank you for this. Hi Hawk happens to be my spirit guide as I am on the April category.

This is lovely. Just remember you can have more than one Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal. So, it can help to read about them both. Thank you for the information. I have been seeing at least one Hawk per day perched among various things for the past few weeks. This information has helped me see that I need to not over think everything and worry less. Everything will happen as its meant to. I need to know what is the meaning of this that just happen to me, I just had the most wonderful experience while I was driving a Hawk just flew before me, following the road for a while and then took off.

It was beautiful and I just follow in amazed the wings were spread at my eye level what does it mean? So, try a meditation and see if you can hitch an energetic ride with your Hawk. Over the past few weeks i have had few hawks swoop just in front of me, often while driving and not in the same areas. Unfortunately today a hawk did swoop down while I was driving. I watched the hawk as it flew into my car window and perished. It was a horrible experience in which I was not able to help. I have been searching for the meaning behind it and hope you can help. Regards Bryan. I went back for the hawk as I was feeling really bad about the experience, the hawk was gone. Praying for its survival.

What is no longer serving you? What relationships, career, habits, modes of thinking, and more do you need to move on from? If I may, my opinion is that each soul chooses the time and circumstances of its death. I am a realtor, and as I was driving to meet my clients for a showing, a hawk flew down in front of my car. I strained to see him in my rear view mirror, but could not. I met the clients and showed them a property and then I proceeded to the next house to show. As we were standing in the driveway viewing the yard, a hawk came down from behind me flying over the top of my head.

Again, I did not see the whole bird, but just the form and size and the stripes in his feathers. I looked to the tree that he landed in, and I saw the shadows of him moving around in the tree. We viewed the house, and as I was walking to my car, the hawk swooped down over my head from behind me and landed in a tree in front of me. It was starting to get dark, so again, I did not see the bird clearly, just the shadow form and the movement. And again, I saw the form moving around in the tree. I asked the clients again if they saw it, and this time they did. Again, not as eventful to them as it was to me. They liked the house and asked me to contact other agent for property disclosure. As I called from my car, she said she would forward information, but needed to disclose something about house verbally, in case we missed it on the disclosure.

She said an incident happened there many years ago and it might prevent my clients from wanting to buy it. I asked her what it was and she said a suicide. I did not have any negative or bad energy feelings while showing the house, as I do sometimes when I walk throuh a house. I was just wondering if hawk was trying to tell me something. I am not certain if that incident bothers the clients enough to prevent them from buying, however, I know it would certainly deter me.

Any insights? I picked it up and it perched on my hand. In the dream I wondered if it was wounded or needed help, but once I picked it up it seemed fine yet did not fly away. Hi this weekend I noticed a kestrel on my neighbors roof -it looked like it might be feeding young in a pipe that pops out of the roof — I was excited. Also on January 1, I was at our wash in Henderson, NV sitting by a pool of water watching red dragonflies. A sand piper like bird plopped down in water looking for food when all of a sudden a hawk came screaming by and chased the sandpiper in the year — sandpiper got away and hawk landed in a tree far away — that was an amazing day — Blessings everyone.

My mother passed away this past Friday after having dementia for a few years now. She suffered a stroke and heart attack and passed after four days of suffering. The next morning, yesterday, we were sitting at the breakfast table and my daughter in law saw his hawk in the somewhat bushy area our property butts onto. He visited for about half an hour so that we could all enjoy and think of my mother and wonder if she had a part in this hawk visit. He left and came back for a few hours again a little later. I will be watching for him every day now as I know this is a connection to my Mom.

My mother loved nature and animals and was very spiritual. Thank you for your insightful web site. I made dreamt of a hawk, bear, dog and rat a few weeks ago. I began seeing hawks daily after that. Recently I came out for work and there was a feather there. To my surprise it was a red tail hawk feather. That day or the next a hawk flew across the front of my car, so close I could have touched it. For the past year I have been seeing a hawk perched on a power line over a field right beside my house. I have always assumed that it was just scoping out the area for prey. Recently I have been noticing more hawks in completely different places, usually on my way to or from work. Again, I never thought much about it but always enjoyed seeing them. Just this past Monday I received a phone call that was very upsetting.

To say that I have been an emotional wreck is an understatement. On Tuesday I asked God to send me a sign that my baby would be healthy. As I was driving to work this morning there was a hawk on a power line that hung above the road. Do you think this could be the sign I was asking for? Great read. Like all I have read on this sitemail. So I have to ask for an interpretation of my hawk citings. Throughout my life I have always noticed hawks blessing my journeys, especially when traveling.

Flying overhead as my journey or adventure was beginning. Then recently I was walking and a hawk flew right in front of me , I could have reached out and touched it. What do you think? I have multiple people say to me I have the spirit of a Hawk. I felt it resonating with me when they said it and have it with this page. I have more than 5 hawks within a week. When I leave they also go on their way. If there is more meaning to this I am lost. On a side note my favourite thing to sketch are wings…. Tonight I was driving, it was a bit rainy, and dark. I saw something ahead on the road, it looked like a paper bag but as I got closer I got the urge to slam on my brakes. I had no choice but to drive over its majestic body.

I was so disturbed by this event. When do you see a hawk, alert and uninjured, sitting in the middle of a busy road?! What could this mean? I feel just awful about running him over…but I had no where else to swerve. I am not sure if this is a bad omen or if this hawk was sent as some kind of messenger for me to focus on and get my attention. I think the first time I can actually remember seeing a hawk I was about years old. And I swear I have seen one almost every week for my entire life and today about 20 minutes ago I just saw one. So I finally decided to look up why I might be seeing these hawks. And it lead me to your sight… And man… I never thought I would have a spirit animal… But it makes so much sense. I mean literally for my entire life I have had hawks around me.

And never really put it together… This is do surreal and amazing!!! So here is my experience, I usually go walking and running along the vacant area next to my house, i know for sure that it might have some wildlife living including varieties of Hawks and birds in the area, but one day when i was cruising the path, it gets to my attention when i found a hawk feather in my path!. I just saw a hawk fly out of yard. My brother passed away suddenly last week. We have had a few stumbling blocks placed in our way planning for his final services.

I saw something very beautiful and calming. Then while I was getting ready for work this morning a crow or hawk was loudly cawing outside my window. I dont usually hear them in the mornings. Any ideals if this has any meaning? And thank you for taking time to answer all these questions! What a generous gift you give us all! The following morning yesterday I heard the birds cawing again about am. I didnt hear them this morning however tonight I was with some friends sitting on a patio around 9pm and a large black bird flew near where we were about 2 ft from me.

Almost crashed into us. Just all seems coincidental. My granddaughter spotted a large bird in the sky right above us and asked me what kind of bird it was. I immediately recognized it as a hawk. She was circling directly above us and coming closer with each round she made. As I watched I noticed another smaller hawk, then another and another. Altogether the one large one I presume the mother and four smaller ones her little ones remained in the sky circling directly overhead.

Mama kept coming down but the young ones stayed a distance above her all the while calling to them while they spoke back to her. I actually had goosebumps as she came so close you could see her expansive wings and hear her loud calls. They stayed right above us for about 5 minutes before slowly drifting off to another area. I had no doubt that there was great meaning to this awesome display. I am sure this was a mother training her 4 young ones by the way she came so close and the little ones stayed much higher. Any insight as to what this might mean?

There are a lot of hawks of many species where I live. I see hawks soaring above and sitting in trees and power lines every day, never attaching that much meaning to them. Well, yesterday I was taking a walk to clear my head, mentally preparing for a difficult meeting in which my performance as a leader was under question. During this walk, there were a group of hawks sitting on the walking trail in a perfect circle, as if they were having a meeting. To me, it seemed like I was receiving a positive message about the meeting. So I had did a past, present and future Oracle reading for a friend earlier today. Something I really do for myself but have thought doing it for others.

Her reading was so spot on and later after she left. I got a clearer picture of what needs to be done for her reverse future card. Like I seen where the impact occurred on the screen, the screen had moved like it had been hit with an object and again it was LOUD, as if someone hit the window. I yell omg to the friend on the other end of the cellphone something just hit my window and there is a Hawk perched on my fence. She thought nothing of it and got off the phone to complete her family dinner. Then I see the Hawk easing toward my veggie pots, so I scared the Hawk away. I should have took a pic. But I was so stunned because I have never seen a Hawk so up close and personal.

This article is so spot on because I have been doing a lot of transitioning or transmutation. I have went vegan, meditation, chanting, oracle reading, talking to my birth angel Lecable and just changing things up from the old way of thinking. I thank God for this gift today and I will not take it lightly. Sunday morning i walked outside just right of the walkway in front of the house there is a coppers hawk feather. Hi, since 3 years i hear a hawk in the suburb i live in, but have never seen it. This year though, it came visiting us on a electrical wire above our yard…mostly to eating its prey another birds.

After reading the meaning and symbolics of the hawk, i wonder if it was there for me; i am a self employed and i struggle for many year to live from it… but this year i had proposals to work, also as an self-employed, without asking for this to happen… but i know that i opened my mindset just before that. For the last 4 months i made some big decisions… and the hawk was there in that period of time… now i just see and hear it flying around…actually i hear 2 of it now! What do you think about that? Hello, me again! Last week my aunt was dropping me off at her house and on the end of her trunk was a hawk he stayed long enough for my aunt to drop me off and seen that I was ok and then flew off.

I am seeing hawks a lot. Last year I got out of the house and felt something touching my back. As I was closing the storm door, a small bird got caught in it. I opened the door to let him go, and realized that I had just saved him from a hawk behind me. The bird got away and the hawk stood on my fence looking straight at me. I still have a picture of him.

I saw an other one as I was walking my dogs. Apparently the hawk was caught in a bush, but when I tried to approach him, he flew in a tree. I have a picture and a small movie of him. Two days ago I saw one eating a bird in my backyard. He turned around and looked straight in the window where I was recording with my phone. Yesterday I saw one flying very close and land on a tree. When I tried to get closer he flew away. I am kind of nervous because every time a hawk visits me then something painful happens.

This time though I feel like it may not be about me. I have also seen a couple of omens: two dead birds and a dead squirrel. Recently for the last two weeks ther has been a hawk visiting my yard and house regularly especially in the mornings. This is rare and actually has never happened before. I saw it on my roof the other night eating a mouse then the next morning in a tree watching me. The first time I saw it it landed on the rain gutter above the patio and I was sitting on the patio one morning after a few minutes it walked over to where I was and we looked each other in the eyes.

Even after he flew away he flew to a very high branch in this pine tree on the other side of the house in the front yard and from there was still watching he. This morning he was on a light post above my house for about 10 minutes I said good morning to him. I get very positive feelings whenever I see the hawk visiting the yard. In all the years I have lived at this house I have never seen anything like this.

If you have any insights to this thank you! I was aline in the goose she was at work. It kept raining that day and ut was beautiful, so I went in the yard standing by the pool.. I felt like I saw a big bird so I got scared and I went inside the sliding door was full window, so I looked! It was like magic I saw this baby hawk standing right infront of me looking at me!

And i went to grab my phone to film it a bit and thought its probably gonna disappear by the time I get back. While in thought about the whole picture of my current situation, a red tailed hawk came swooping into my yard! Wing span displayed beautifully. His presence was felt long enough for me to realize that this is the message I needed! And the day before The Solar Eclipse. Hello, I am very new to this, but I recently moved to Upstate, NY and have been quite intrigued by hawks. I always see them circling around and look up to admire them. I was in complete awe.

May sound crazy, but the hawk and I seemed to lock eyes. I felt as if it stared at me, my jaw dropped as I called my 4 year old daughter to get my phone so I could try and capture this moment. As the hawk stared at me, it tilted its head side to side. Suddenly my 1 and a half year old son started crying and the hawk flew away. Needless to say, chills ran threw my body. I was in complete awe and almost moved to tears after this moment.

Happy tears. Emotional tears. This happened just a few hours after I blessed my home with holy water. As i went for a bike ride I felt the urge to just walk , as i began walking for a bit a large hawk flew over me with wings spread… perched on a wooden pole and looked at me…i waved and continued on, then seen two more hawks circling from left to right over me. When Hawk appeared it was a message to keep your wits sharp and prepare. A red hawk father drifted on to my door step ….. I have been under tremendous stress bec after being i remission from ancer for 13 years-it is back. I need to do some important paper work concerning my finances. I felt a well needed peace come over me. It was a blessing.. Just saw a hawk on my fence holding prey.

The hawk squawked turned his head and flew off after I watched for a min. What does this possibly mean? I have had hawks near my home for years.. This is beautiful! I found a huge hawk on air conditioner. He stood on my AC the whole night Had a baby hawk atop a pole in our back yard looks like he got another bird blue jay. Looking in at us. Although we live in a rural area this is quite uncommon. My daughter saw him first then told me. I think the message is for both of us. Any insights would be helpful. I was at a park yesterday when a Hawk flew down about 15 feet in front of me. The hawk grabbed a mouse looked at me for about 30 second turned and left.

I was so excited! I have lobed Hawks for a long time, but this is the first time one has come that close to me. They have flown by me or by my car but not like this. Now this all makes sense. Thank you! I also have had many recent contacts with hawks, mostly red-tailed. Does the breed matter? I am struggling with a professional decision and at a cross-roads in that area of my life. I have had single hawks swoop towards my windshield while driving on a few different occasions over the last few weeks.

I still enjoy seeing them and get comfort from them when they come around. What does it mean when you see a hawk on top of his prey he has just killed? Is there any significance to this? Last night I had a strange dream. I hope maybe someone might help me to discern the meaning of it. All I can remember is seeing a hawk in my dreams. It appeared to be a larger type hawk or bird, picking out the feathers of another one.

There were a bunch of feathers on the ground, and that is what I saw first. I felt really weird afterward, sad even. I see hawks all the time, almost daily. I seem to have some kind of connection with them. I can spot them like nobody else, and I see them a lot. They comfort me when I see them, and I get giddy like a kid when I do see them, always saying a blessing over them when I do.

But this dream has me stumped. Thanks in advance for any insights. I see hawks on a daily basis, wether their soaring, perched, or hunting. I always see them before anyone else does and I have an encounter which was a couple of weeks ago. I went outside in the early morning after observing a red tailed hawk soaring above my house from a window. As I went outside to get a better view of him, I noticed two other red tailed hawks perched on a dead tree in my backyard and both made eye contact. After a few minutes they flew away but I got an amazing view of them flying into the woods.

Could this mean anything? I have a question. When I came home from work, i found a dead baby hawk on my door step. I believe he flew into the glass door. No cats or other animals could have put him there. What is the meaning behind this? For several years a hawk family hunted the field next to us. The parent birds would appear in early spring and hunt. I assumed they were beginning the nesting process. A little later a single parent would appear and hunt alone—probably to carry food back to the nest. Then in high summer, the parents would appear with young and teach them to hunt. Year before last, after several days of this, I watched as one of the youngsters flew away to the East, I heard her cry of farewell for a long time. We saw, in early fall, what was probably a hawk migration, with hundreds of them circling the field.

Simultaneously, we stopped hearing the coyotes that have historically roamed these fields and copses. I am afraid someone poisoned the coyotes and the hawks fed on them. I am devastated. I wish more humans would allow for all animals to live in peace and as nature intended. I saw on Facebook a beautiful barn owl who was poisoned from eating a rat or mouse that had been poisoned. Absolute nonsense and unnecessary. There are always more holistic alternatives to pest control that will not harm our planet or those who live on it — animals or human. Makes me very sad. I had a dream that my son was secretly keeping a deer, he fed her milk and out walked a hawk and came next to me, it seemed in the dream it was comforting me.

Only one rare species of hawk worldwide hunts in a group, and only under very specific circumstances. Get your facts straight, do the research. It taints everything you say and plants doubt about your knowledge of anything related to your mega-blunder and beyond. If you got hawks wrong, what other animals lifestyles have you also not properly researched? Hawks are solitary hunters, even mated pairs raising young. I suggest strongly that you rethink what you purport to know about the hawk as a spirit animal as it relates to the life of the actual creature itself.

Since late November I have been seeing hawks. I saw a white hawk as I was driving during the day. I wanted to make sure I had seen correctly, so I drove back. Since it was a white hawk and they are not common in our area, I drove back and got off the car and took pictures of it and it looked at me, we looked at each other. It was beautiful. Since then I have seen 3 more throughout December, but they are not white. I work in the community so I drive a lot and I have seen them in different places.

Yesterday, when I got home from work, I saw one fly right above me and it sat on the tree next my house. I looked at it and it looked at me. Then it flew away and it looked majestic as he flew away. What does it mean if you see 2 hawks about 25 yards within your field of vision as you are driving down a road. She argues that symbolic work with these personal symbols or core images can be as useful as working with dream symbols in psychoanalysis or counseling. William Indick suggests that the symbols that are commonly found in myth, legend, and fantasy fulfill psychological functions and hence are why archetypes such as "the hero," "the princess" and "the witch" have remained popular for centuries.

Symbols can carry symbolic value in three primary forms: Ideological, comparative, and isomorphic. Comparative symbols such as prestigious office addresses, fine art, and prominent awards indicate answers to questions of "better or worse" and "superior or inferior". Isomorphic symbols blend in with the surrounding cultural environment such that they enable individuals and organizations to conform to their surroundings and evade social and political scrutiny.

Examples of symbols with isomorphic value include wearing a professional dress during business meetings, shaking hands to greet others in the West, or bowing to greet others in the East. A single symbol can carry multiple distinct meanings such that it provides multiple types of symbolic value. Paul Tillich argued that, while signs are invented and forgotten, symbols are born and die. A living symbol can reveal to an individual hidden levels of meaning and transcendent or religious realities. For Tillich a symbol always "points beyond itself" to something that is unquantifiable and mysterious; symbols open up the "depth dimension of reality itself". When a symbol loses its meaning and power for an individual or culture, it becomes a dead symbol.

When a symbol becomes identified with the deeper reality to which it refers, it becomes idolatrous as the "symbol is taken for reality. The unique nature of a symbol is that it gives access to deeper layers of reality which are otherwise inaccessible. A symbol's meaning may be modified by various factors including popular usage, history , and contextual intent. The history of a symbol is one of many factors in determining a particular symbol's apparent meaning.

Consequently, symbols with emotive power carry problems analogous to false etymologies. The context of a symbol may change its meaning. Similar five-pointed stars might signify a law enforcement officer or a member of the armed services , depending upon the uniform. Symbols are used in cartography to communicate geographical information generally as point, line, or area features. Map symbols can thus be categorized by how they suggest this connection: [17] [18]. A symbolic action is an action that symbolizes or signals what the actor wants or believes. The action conveys meaning to the viewers. Symbolic action may overlap with symbolic speech , such as the use of flag burning to express hostility or saluting the flag to express patriotism.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Something that represents an idea, a process, or a physical entity. For other uses, see Symbology disambiguation and Symbol disambiguation. This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: Map symbol. Alchemical symbol Astrological symbols Astronomical symbols Emblem Icon religious and secular icon List of symbols Logo National symbol National treasure Pictogram Proto-writing Sign Symbolic interactionism Symbolism arts Table of mathematical symbols Traffic signs Unicode symbols Universal language.

Symbols and Meaning: A Concise Introduction. California: AltaMira Press, Rhetoric in Civic Life. While many in the animal kingdom willingly give up their lives to protect their young, Few are as fearless as Bear. Once that kind of bravery takes root in your soul, it will forever be there. If you were born with a Bear Totem or have chosen this mighty but humorous and playful creature as your Totem Animal , you have natural fortitude, assurance, and aptitude when taking on leadership roles. Bear people growl at adversity and come to the rescue of those in their circle in times of need. You may also find a calling in medicine, be it holistic or mainstream. Bear Spirit is restorative and recuperative.

The one caution of which to remain aware is that Bear people have hot tempers. Be careful not to attack without just cause. Discernment is your ally. Seek out Bear Spirit as a helpmate when your instincts seem a little off. Bear then becomes a guide on your journey for honing your insight, including psychically and emotionally. Bear can also help you discover, acknowledge, and empower personal abilities that we may otherwise underestimate. Bear as a Power Animal is especially helpful when you need to stay grounded and walk on terra firma.

Among Native Americans Bear represents extremely strong Medicine, including the special powers in the areas of wisdom, strength, and healing. Pueblo tradition tells us Bear guards the Western quarter of creation. Native lore often speaks of Bear as a disciplinary Animal Spirit that meets out judgment on bad-mannered humans. Some tribes have a Bear dance that empower warriors and ensure a protective hunt.

Finally, Bear is strongly associated with the Medicine Man or Shaman of several tribes. Celtic tradition weaves many different animal symbols into a cohesive mythology, including the Bear. Generally, this animal spirit guide symbolized strength and power, including that of God. One illustration of this came at Winter Solstice when people ritually called upon the Great Bear for safety through the dark winter months.

Additionally, the Celtic God Cernunnos appears with Bears in various illustrations. Effectively Bear is the Primal Mother who guides and protects, which is why Bear claws often became amulets and talismans. Celtic warriors also saw Bear as an Animal Ally when interacting with authority in regional heraldry Bears represent kingship, for example. In dream interpretation, Bear dreams have a wide variety of meanings depending on the type, color, and action the creature takes, and the cultural context.

For example, in Arab communities, meeting a Bear represents a conflict with a powerful and energetic enemy; in Europe it means potential danger, and in China, it presages the birth of a son. However, overall, Bear appearing in your dreams symbolizes a time when you need to reclaim your space and place in the world. Trust your instincts and listen to your heart before doing something compulsive and potentially detrimental. Bear is one of the 12 Native American Zodiac Signs.

Bear is not one of the traditional Chinese Zodiac, but the Bear does appear as a constellation called Dou, what we refer to as the Big Bear or Ursa Major. The symbolism of this star groupings is generally that of strength, courage, and male energy. An exception occurs among Taoists who personify Dou as the chief star goddess who embodies dawn and light. Her powers include healing through visualization, safe childbirth, and nurturing. Being born during this period gives you a strong mystical curiosity and sensitivity along with the primitive courage known to Bear and a keen sense of adventure.

Key symbolism: Zeal for life, protective of family, bravery, and inquisitiveness. The Aztec zodiac tradition and Aztec calendar do not utilize the Bear. We do, however see the God Tezcatlipoca associated with Ursa Major. From there, he watches over warriors and may appear to them at crossroads with a challenge. Twice now I have been in a car that has hit a black bear. Both times it popped out of thin air and bumped into us. For a while now, and especially since my father passed away I have been taking pictures in my bedroom before I settle to go to sleep. One such picture shows a cloudy mass just at my door. A perfect white outline of a bears head, ears and shoulders as well as its face perfectly visible within this mass. Tonight, I have started to discover why a bear spirit might appear.

It makes sense now — but ofcourse I still have questions.

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