Personal Narrative: Huge Merrill Hall Building

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Personal Narrative: Huge Merrill Hall Building

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Jambalaya Loverman. Newsstand Library, Kill, Sweet Charity-Kill. Chicago Paperback House, Chicago Paperback House. Room at the Bottom. Doubleday, hardcover, There are men for fun, and there are men for making. Gwen a living; she has no trouble catching either kind, and they stay caught. Her desirability is also her death knell. Men want her so badly that they will do anything to keep someone else from having her, and one does.

So Gwen dies, and a young naval officer is involved. Wheaton does the detecting himself. One more killing later, he catches up with the murderer, but not before he has investigated everyone who knew Gwen at the Hotel Whitman, where Bud Wheaton fell for her. Even old Mrs. Wheeler is interrogated, for she introduced Gwen to the men. The people in this book are real, with real feelings. Their motives ring true. And they are not without compassion, a quality lacking. CBS, 26 October Two-hour premiere of TV series. Suggested by the motion picture Lady on a Train story by Leslie Charteris, who later published a novelization of the film. Director: Bradford May. Considering its lineage, it should come as no great surprise that it bears far more resemblance to Murder She Wrote, but I think Woodward is more suited to drama than he is to comedy, which is [mostly] what he does here.

However, there is not enough plot here to fill two hours less commercials , so it takes a lot of funny scenes to fill in the gaps most of which — the funny scenes, not the gaps — it was possible to see ahead of time in all the promos for the show that ran all the week before. On the plus side, I do have to tell you that there were a few individual lines that were quite clever and perhaps even funnier than the anything than those which were available earlier.

Unfortunately, the killer is easy to spot. I knew who it was as soon as he appeared on the screen. This is nothing, though, compared with my wife Judy, who knew who did it as soon as his name appeared in the opening credits. Myself, I think the strong point is going to be Jessica Lundy, who besides being young and good-looking, is also perky, loud and perfectly suited to be on television. You can quote me on this one. Incidentally, I thought it was interesting that Leslie Charteris was actually given onscreen credit. He must have a good agent. His legacy includes a huge pile of non-fiction issued by various labor organizations and the Communist-run International Publishers and, perhaps more relevant to readers of this column, three crime novels.

He left school at age 15 to enter the work force, initially, so he claimed, as manager of a pool hall. In his twenties and thirties he held down a variety of jobs on ships, in bookstores and elsewhere, but his main occupation was journalism. After the USSR signed a non-aggression treaty with Hitler, who a few months later attacked Great Britain and other countries, he formed a committee to agitate for keeping the U. Shortly after the end of World War II, under the new byline of Robert Finnegan, he turned out three well-received whodunits starring newsman Dan Banion. The series abruptly ended with his death.

If the trilogy had made it to Hollywood, perhaps the ideal star to have played Banion would have been John Garfield, and any number of actors who were blacklisted in the Fifties would have fit well in other parts. From early on there are hints that the first of the trio, The Lying Ladies , takes place not shortly after World War II, as its publication date would suggest, but rather back in the Depression-wracked and socially conscious s. The geographic setting is somewhere in the undifferentiated Midwest — Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, take your pick.

The Bandaged Nude was published in the same year as The Lying Ladies but was obviously written not long before publication, as witness its setting in post-WWII San Francisco with its housing shortage, rampant inflation and, most striking of all, a specifically postwar malaise, expressed in several ways including some poems written by various characters. That green stain on his lips is soon discovered to come from a rare poison called leumatine which, turning up no hits on Google, I assume Finnegan concocted ex nihilo.

Banion quickly learns that not just the nude but every one of the paintings Kipper sold before going into the army have been bought by a mysterious character who goes by a different name for each transaction. Between poisonings comes a lot of pursuit through the city, so much so that readers from outside the Bay Area could have profited if a San Francisco street map had accompanied the book. That review was published in the Chronicle for 30 March In May of that year Finnegan was diagnosed with cancer and told he had two months to live. The doctors were not far off: he died on 14 August, age His third and final novel was published the following year. By far the bloodiest of the trilogy, Many a Monster has been described as one of the first serial-killer novels, although I disagree with the label because all the murders turn out to be connected.

We open with the escape of a disturbed WWII vet on his way to an institution for the criminally insane after being convicted of the murder and dismemberment of three young women. Banion is assigned by his city editor to check out all the people closest to the fugitive: his sister, his ex-wife, his present girlfriend, a Marine buddy, and others. His doubts lead him to quit his job but he carries on as the murders continue, even after a white supremacist gang captures and beats him and comes close to ripping out his fingernails with pliers. The solution is surprising but is pulled out of a hat, as it were, and leaves a few key questions unanswered.

Would he have been imprisoned like Hammett and Fast? Impossible to say. Would he have quit writing as Hammett had done long before he was locked up? Most unlikely. Like Fast, would he have turned out twenty-odd mystery novels in his late years? If so, he might easily have earned for himself a few sentences or a paragraph in the history of our genre instead of a footnote. But a rich and fascinating footnote, yes? January Cover by Gray Morrow [as by Morrow]. Edited by Frederik Pohl. Overall rating: 3 stars. See review to be posted later.

A Mars exploration team discovers a starship cowering in a cavern and must sneak up on it to discover its secrets. See review of the complete novel soon. Based on the characters created by Leslie Charteris. Director: Ernie Barbarash. A few years back saw the return of a character who had once been famous worldwide. Simon Templar, a. The Saint, was followed by many in film, television, radio, comic strips and books. First and foremost a literary character, he featured in fifty books between and He is best known today for the television series starring Roger Moore, which aired episodes between and Return of the Saint , with Ian Ogilvy, followed ten years later, but was a short-lived success.

Since then, the most high-profile attempt to revive the character was a blockbuster movie starring Val Kilmer. There was nothing more until a television pilot was filmed in with Adam Rayner and Eliza Dushku. Now, it has been dusted down and reassembled as a full-length film for a digital release, with more than forty minutes of new footage and a beefed-up story. So, was it worth waiting twenty years for a new Saint adventure? Well, Rayner is excellent as Simon Templar. He has the sense of impish fun that the character should always possess. This version of the character is high-kicking, tech-savvy and knows her way around a gun.

Valecross, however, suffers a crisis of conscience and diverts the funds. In response, his daughter is kidnapped with the threat that she will be killed in two days unless the money is returned. Valecross enlists The Saint, who plans to get the money, retrieve the girl and double-cross the kidnappers. Things get even more intense when his girlfriend Patricia is captured too. This could have been an awkward salvage operation but, happily, the additional material synchronises smoothly with the pilot footage.

He was contractually obliged to keep it between seasons of the FX series Tyrant and retains it for the first half hour of the film in other words, much of the new stuff.

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