Post Charismatic Analysis

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Post Charismatic Analysis

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Charismatic Leadership Theory

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Living in the West the expression of faith is politely stifled but here in Ghana you are given the utmost freedom. In the Ghanaian religious furnace my passion for Christian faith had been reignited and I abandoned myself to the Pentecostal flames. I remember attending a church camp in that early period of rediscovery that introduced me to the experience of the Holy Spirit. It was a profound experience for me. It was a bit weird and esoteric yet existentially satisfying, representing vividly in a strangely alluring manner a valid biblical aspect of the Christian experience.

Looking back, that was the decisive moment which sucked me into contemporary Charismatism or at least the Ghanaian expression of it. From this bright, dewy eyed beginning, I write here today a few hours after sitting in a thoroughly Pentecostal service that I failed to enjoy. I wish I could say that was a rare occurrence. At least today I almost liked it. On most days I just go through the motions, stoically unconvinced that I should be emotionally invested in whatever is going on. The strange thing is I do not really have anything against the church I attend.

I have been attending it for most of my life. By and large they are a good community, genuinely interested in God and people. Whatever things I may disagree with them I feel no need to express, after all they are not peculiar to them anyway. My fairly recent charismatic ennui originates from something that happened almost two years ago. It was my catastrophic exit from a campus fellowship I had been involved in for almost a decade. I formed the small campus fellowship with a couple of my friends and in those early days it seemed all my dreams had come true. Reflecting on those early years they were actually good. Coming from a Pentecostal background there was, and still is, a strong restorationist streak in me.

I sincerely believed the entire narrative that until a believer or church had been soaked in the quintessential Pentecostal baptism experience, their Christianity was dry and barren. Only the charismatic spirit could bring genuine joyous productivity in all areas of life. One thing restorationists forget is that the early church, like every church since, had its issues.

As the years wore on disillusionment set in as everything the group began with and aspired to be turned into a cruel self-parody. Something that was supposed to be exceptional yet ultimately normative became stereotypically bad. In the long period that inevitably led to a mass exodus from the small fellowship, dissatisfaction had sufficiently set in and I was seeking answers beyond what that particular brand of Charismatism could possibly offer. I was watching an interview of R. Kendall by John Paul Jackson. The late John Paul was someone I really admired. Though he moved in genuinely supernatural giftings he had the mind of a scholar.

I have even written on that unique mix which is the reason I look up to someone like him or a John Wimber. Up to that point I had never heard of Dr Kendall but what he said stuck with me. After Azusa Street, the Latter Rain, and countless prophecies of being a chosen generation, he asked, is this really it? Is this truly the best the CM has to offer? Is this really what God had promised? He then made the profound analogy, the CM thought it was Isaac, the promised child of the Spirit, but in reality it is Ishmael. Mind you R. Kendall is no stranger or distant critic. He is a prominent figure, a former pastor of Westminster chapel, who is also heavily involved in the CM, even in the more controversial elements.

Yet even he has noticed that not all is right. Part of the reason why I started this blog was to create a platform for the internal critique of the CM, which I have mentioned several times before, is severely lacking. Of course I do understand it is a natural human reaction to get defensive when you perceive you are under attack. I was hurt by the group I was in. Like many others who left along with me, we had literally invested our lives into it and they swindled us. I am careful not to over generalize my particular experiences to the whole fantastically diverse movement, even though I am fully aware the problems I saw were in no way unique. I am not bitter about Charismatism but I confess I am a bit cynical, probably more so than I would care to admit. So when I am not able to enjoy a perfectly enjoyable moment in church, it is my decorous general disdain that is at work.

I used to believe that a church is not truly spiritually alive until it moves at a frenetic pace and is dramatically emotive. The irony is through my subsequent experiences and a better understanding of the Scriptures I have realised that such expressionism could equally be spiritually barren. Lips may honour while you genuinely believe your distant heart is near the Lord. This constant distrust of the veneer of CM practices among other things and my preoccupation with the core reasons of why we do what we do, has put me in charismatic limbo.

Though I consider myself a charismatic, I am coolly detached from what we might call orthodox expressions of it in my local context. I am not throwing the baby out with the bath water but I am very suspicious of the bathtub. I reflected on my odd posture in relation to the CM and wondered how best to describe myself. If not anything, my Charismatism for the last two years has been marked by a hermeneutic of suspicion.

Post- charismatic is in my estimation the best way to describe myself. Just like postmodernism it is not really a defined position but a mood. This orientation does come with the danger of collapsing into wanton scepticism. I want to walk the fine line between cavalier dismissiveness versus uncritical acceptance. I want to be involved but wary and very circumspect about Charismatism, not being afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked.

For some strange reason I thought I was relatively alone in my sentiments. I should have known better and not have pulled an Elijah. If this thing belongs to the Lord, I can have confidence that he is at work to bring reform where it is needed. Though we are a minority, I have encountered various peoples who wonder about what is going on and these questions need to be encouraged and addressed. Today in society we see many leaders in this chaotic world we live in today. Leaders have to deal with tricky situations no matter the circumstances.

Everyone including leaders desire to work in a drama free and less negative establishment. However, an effective leader must be able to with handle problems or issues. A leader have to learn how to adapt and adjust, guide their counterparts which leads to productive environment. Charismatic leader helps produces a pleasurable environment to create. The importance of the leadership and its significant impact on the business's performance , productivity of the organization and turnover is clear for most business people and scholars. It is a subject that has long excited interest among people Yukl, In addition, it has been classified in many different ways.

However, this essay intends to explore. The role of the charismatic leader in the emergence of a new society has been frequently commented on from within the studies of sociology and world leadership. The charismatic leader is unique, in the sense that the authority that the leader possesses is largely based on the individual traits of the leader, and his or her ability to maintain support from followers. As a result, the charisma of a leader is many times not enough to ensure a long lasting stabilized society. Max Weber has suggested in his study of leadership and authority , a process known as the routinization of charisma must take place in order for a movement or message to continue.

The purpose of this paper is to explore the concept of the routinization of charisma and …show more content… Authority is transferred from the charismatic leader into the newly established institutional framework of a new regime, which allows the system to become stable and viable. While this process may signal a diminishing role and importance of the charismatic leader, the initial bond between the leader and his disciples is not broken. This process simply allows for charismatic authority to no longer be the dominant mode in which leaders garner their legitimacy.

Instead, charisma is transformed and essentially incorporated into a permanent political structure or established traditions present in society. A discussion on the rise of the Soviet Union must first begin with looking at the immense role played by Vladimir Lenin. After the conclusion of the October Revolution in , Lenin enjoyed a form of legitimacy stemming from the zeal produced during the revolutionary period. Once this occurred, he helped establish a set of structures such as the Russian Central Committee and the Politburo, which would. Get Access. Read More. Qualities Of A Good Leader Words 4 Pages As we continue to learn about leadership, we continue to see the importance of having certain qualities. Popular Leadership Approaches Words 4 Pages As a leader, we make several decisions throughout a day and interact with several different individuals, who require different types of attention and have different needs.

Transformational Leadership : Transformational Leaders Essay Words 4 Pages follower-focused, transformational leaders lack the focus of assessing situations and altering their style to match it. Popular Essays.

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