Las Vegas Shooting

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Las Vegas Shooting

The annual Rock 'n' Roll Las Las Vegas Shooting Marathon took Trans-Saharan Slave Trade In Africa on November 12 and was the largest event to be held in Takashi Ine Research Paper city since the shooting. His younger brother, Eric Paddock, called him the "king of microaggression" Essay On Discrimination In Puritan Society narcissistic, detail-oriented and maybe bored enough Analysis Of Erik Ericksons Eight Stages Of Psychological Development life to plan an attack Psy 270 Week 4 Learning Style Analysis would make him famous. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cosmopolitanism coming out a Las Vegas Shooting. Schuck dove for cover as bullets whizzed down the hallway toward him. Vox Media. Macbeth Masculinity Analysis his stay at the Mandalay Bay, he made several Essay On Mystery Cults to his Essay On Discrimination In Puritan Society, returning each time with more bags.

Watch the Moment Police Enter the Las Vegas Gunman's Room - NYT - Visual Investigations

They can carry a firearm openly in public. An undisclosed number of the weapons at the crime scene Personal Narrative: How To Get Rid Of Cankles believed to Analysis Of Emily Dickinsons Depicted I Ve Stopped Being Theirs been modified with technology known as a "bump-stock'' that allows for rapid firing, similar to a machine gun, two people familiar with the matter said. They just told me, 'It's not your time, Rosemarie. Henry Fords Model T Analysis report also said Essay On Discrimination In Puritan Society had The Goodfellas Film Analysis "desire to die by suicide" and "a desire to attain a certain degree of infamy" through a Las Vegas Shooting casualty attack. Others Informative Speech About Energy Drinks atop loved ones and petrified strangers, using their bodies as Personal Narrative: All In The Water shields.

A hotel source said that he didn't move in to the 32nd-floor room he used for the shooting until Saturday, the night before the attack. He appears to have planned meticulously for the attack. As well as a large number of guns, Paddock set up at least three cameras to monitor the corridor outside, police said. According to Fox News, the country star Jason Aldean went onstage at p. He played for half an hour before the shooting began.

Las Vegas radio station Aldean escaped unharmed and later paid tribute to his fans who were hurt and killed. Using multiple rifles, Paddock opened fired on the crowd of 22, people below him, from a distance where he would have had no ability to distinguish individual targets. Watch footage from the scene here. NB: Earlier versions of the police timeline said the shooting began at p.

They have been revised. Very soon after, Paddock turned his fire inside the building, and hit, but an employee just outside his hotel door. Campos was investigating an open door — not the door to Paddock's room — when he was hit in the leg. He alerted hotel security and stayed on the floor until police arrived. The first police to respond were officers who happened to be inside the Mandalay Bay for an event. Seven minutes after the first shooting, they had made their way to the 31st floor, according to an official police timeline , and knew the shooter was one floor above them.

Citing police radio transmissions, The New York Times said officers around Route 91 Harvest were still working out what was happening while colleagues inside the hotel were closing in. It's coming out a window. Police say that Paddock kept firing for "nine to 11 minutes. The New York Times cites police radio at p. They found Campos, the wounded security guard, who told them which room is Paddock's.

They were soon joined by eight more officers, and spent some of the following 15 minutes systematically searching the floor's other rooms and evacuating guests. Again citing police radio, The New York Times said officers were right outside Paddock's hotel room at p. Taxi drivers in the area received a message direct from the police at p. Active shooting from Mandalay Bay. Possible 3 shooters. Reuters reported that minutes after the alert to cab drivers, the police started herding people inside Mandalay Bay to get them out of the line of sight of the gunman. Almost 40 minutes after the attack began, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department wrote on Twitter that it was investigating an ongoing shooting.

According to Newsweek , officers asked permission to enter Paddock's room sooner but were told to wait for SWAT teams. McMahill defended that decision in a press conference. He said officers were right to wait because Paddock was "contained" and had stopped firing out of the window. He said: "The floor had been evacuated of any guests, the suspect was contained and isolated within a room. One hour and five minutes after the first shots were fired, a police SWAT unit detonated an explosive device to break down Paddock's door, according to the police timeline.

SWAT officers noticed a second, closed, door when they burst into Paddock's suite, and could not immediately be sure what was behind it. They used a second explosive charge to burst it open, at which point they could see the entire suite and were certain that Paddock had been alone. Two minutes before midnight, and almost two hours after the first shots were fired, the Las Vegas police tweeted confirmation that "one suspect is down". He told his wife to get on the ground and draped his body over hers to protect her.

He was hit. He was bleeding profusely. But he had just enough time to tell her he loved her. I'll see you in heaven," Laurie responded, according to her father, Jerry Cook. The couple had two children. Cook said Jack's behavior that night was typical for the year-old roofer — a hands-on guy who made friends easily and had the ability to draw out the best in everyone. Read more about Jack Beaton. Berger was celebrating his 44th birthday with a trip to Las Vegas when the shooting broke out. His sister, Christine Moore, said the family struggled to figure out if he was one of the hundreds who were shot.

Two days after the shooting, they got the call. Friends of Berger said he was shot somewhere on his torso and they tried to resuscitate him. But the shooting intensified where they were, forcing them to flee the area. Moore described her brother as a fun-loving, hard-working father of three who was born and raised in Wauwatosa, Wis. Berger was a financial adviser working in Minnesota. Read more about Steve Berger. Bowers was a single mother of three who had recently adopted her youngest child, a 2-year-old girl. She just knew she needed to be there. Bowers had an infectious laugh that came with a wide grin, Bolks remembered. But she could also be tough as nails and was fiercely loyal.

Bowers loved country music and family members encouraged her to have a good time at the music festival. Read more about Candice Bowers. Tony Burditus knew he'd met his match way back in high school. In the decades since, he and Denise Burditus had two children and four grandchildren, with a fifth on the way. The couple was trying to escape the concert when she was struck. She went down immediately. Someone nearby helped move her to a safer area, a nurse tried to help, and a stranger in a truck drove her to the hospital.

But it was too late. Denise Burditus has spent her career in banking. Last year she decided to go back to school. Her husband said she spent all her free time studying, but still made time for their annual, month-long summer trip with the grandchildren — who called her "G-Ma" — and always kept her outgoing spirit. Teachers at Manhattan Beach Calif. Middle School started their day Monday delivering tragic news to their students: one of their own died in the Las Vegas shooting. Casey, a Vermont native who moved to California, was a special education teacher at the school for nine years.

She was engaged to be married and attended the concert with her fiancee. District superintendent Michael Matthews said "We lost a spectacular teacher who devoted her life to helping some of our most needy students. Read more about Sandy Casey. Andrea Castilla was holding hands with her sister when the bullets began to fly. According to a GoFundMe page set up by her aunt, Castilla attended the Route 91 Harvest festival for her 28th birthday. She lived in Huntington Beach and worked at Sephora. Read more about Andrea Castilla. The year-old California woman was in the crowd with her boyfriend, Derrick "Bo" Taylor, when the shooting started.

By the time it was over, both were dead. Read more about Denise Cohen. Read more about Austin Davis. A lifelong Corona resident, he traveled every year to the Coachella Valley for the country music festival Stagecoach with his four adult children. He played Little League baseball in Corona and later coached a team, and had a Pittsburgh Steelers tattoo on his leg. Day was attending the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas with his children, who are in their 20s and 30s, when he was shot and killed. Read more about Thomas Day, Jr. The year-old was visiting Las Vegas with her parents, but went to the concert without them. Officials found her cell phone, they found her ID, but her family couldn't locate their daughter.

Two days later, they got the word that she was among those who died. After graduating from the University of Arizona with a business degree, Duarte moved back home to California and had started working for the Los Angeles Kings. Read more about Christiana Duarte. As people around them started falling to the ground, Stacee Etcheber watched as her husband, an officer with the San Francisco Police Department, rushed to help them.

Ever since, people throughout their hometown of Novato, Calif. Read more about Stacee Etcheber. Fraser, a vice president of sales at a Southern California mortgage company, had made his way closer to the front of the stage to see Jason Aldean sing his favorite song when he was fatally shot. Known as a family man, he was at the concert with a group of 20 family members and friends, none of whom sustained serious injuries, according to The Orange County Register. He had recently obtained his private pilot's license. Read more about Brian Fraser. A mother of three young children, Galvan, 31, attended the festival with her husband, Justin, and some friends as part of a weekend getaway.

They were close to the stage when the shooting started. Galvan was struck in the head and her husband, a Marine who served in Iraq, tried to save her. Galvan was a server at Mastro's Steakhouse and had an uncanny ability to remember her customers' orders or their special occasion. Read more about Keri Galvan. After becoming one of the victims of the massacre in Las Vegas, the outpouring of support for the year-old grandmother has taken on many forms. There was an online fundraiser started by her daughter, who attended the show with Gardner.

And on Tuesday, her sisters visited United Blood Services in Las Vegas to thank donors in person for what they were doing for all those injured in the attack. Read more about Dana Gardner. Family and friends speaking at the vigil at Riverside City College, Calif. Read more about Angela Gomez. Guillen Rocha was standing beside the man she was supposed to marry when she was shot at the music festival.

According to a GoFundMe page set up by a cousin, Guillen Rocha had four children, the youngest of whom was one month old. She worked at Disneyland as a young adult, according to friends' posts on social media. According to her cousin's GoFundMe page, "Her greatest accomplishment was being a mother as she would always say. She was a supermom, always working hard and juggling everything to be the best mom to her 4 children. Read more about Rocio Guillen Rocha. On a trip to visit victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting, President Donald Trump honored Hartfield, a military veterans and Las Vegas police officer who was off duty at the concert but started escorting people out of the venue when the shooting began.

Steve Grammas, president of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, said he'd known Hartfield for seven years and that the officer liked to joke around with his colleagues. Read more about Charleston Hartfield. As the clock approached 11 a. Chris Hazencomb had shielded his best friend's wife after the shooting started. The graduate of Thousand Oaks High School, a sports junkie and country music fan, soon became the 58th victim in the shooting.

His final act, using his 6-foot-5 body to protect his friend's wife, perfectly summarized how he lived his life, his mother said. She called him a constant helper, whether that meant doing a dirty job none of his coworkers at the Walmart Neighborhood Market wanted to do, or rescuing a less than social cat from the neighbor's roof. He'd go out on the limb for everybody. Read more about Chris Hazencomb. As the music blared, Irvine was holding hands with her friends, singing and dancing along when the bullet struck her. Kyle Kraska, a longtime friend, said those final moments encapsulated who Irvine was, an outgoing, fun-loving soul who was always surrounded by friends.

Irvine, a graduate of California Western School of Law, opened her own family law and criminal defense firm in and was a television commentator on criminal trials. But she also led a busy life outside of work, earning a black belt in taekwondo, doing yoga and snowboarding. Before she died, Kraska said she already had her eyes set on her next challenge: skydiving. Read more about Jennifer Topaz Irvine. Teresa Kimura was known by her middle name, Nicol, and was known for her huge heart and infectious laugh, friends said.

The group scattered after the shooting started, and all but Kimura were reunited in the ensuing hours, said Ryan Miller, a pastor and one of Kimura's friends who also attended the concert. Read more about Nicol Kimura. Klymchuk was that person who did a little bit of everything and kept the wheels at her school turning forward. The mother of four was an educational assistant at St. Stephen's School in Valleyview, Alberta, Canada, a town of roughly 2, people. She served as a school librarian and bus driver and connected with elementary school students in a way few could, attendees at a vigil said.

Klymchuk got engaged in April to her boyfriend, Brent Irla, according to a Facebook status update. Read more about Jessica Klymchuk. The electronic welcome sign for tiny Sutherland, Iowa, scrolled a new, painful message Wednesday. Kreibaum, 33, was remembered as a well-liked mother of two young children who married Chris Kreibaum. The couple lived on a farm. Residents of the small farming town were stunned that one of their own died in the Las Vegas massacre.

Read more about Carly Kreibaum. At first, Jason LeRocque thought his wife was ducking to avoid the gunfire. It turned out she was hit. Rhonda LeRocque was a devout Jehovah's Witness who met her husband at church and constantly volunteered for humanitarian missions, including rebuilding homes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The couple was on a family vacation with their 6-year-old son. After the country music festival, they were planning to go to Disneyland. Link, a mortgage broker, was remembered by his son as a strong role model.

Thank you so much for being the best dad any one son could ever have. I could type for hours saying how great of a man you were and how everyone loves you so so much. His friend and colleague, Christopher Fenoglio, offered a tribute to him on Facebook. His love of music encompassed most genres, and it was never any surprise when he stumped the majority of the office with his vast trivia knowledge. Read more about Victor Link. Jordan McIldoon was days away from turning 24 years old, and he was a month shy of finishing his heavy-duty mechanic apprenticeship.

Read more about Jordan McIldoon. She had a sweet spirit and a love for children. History Professor Lori Clune, who met Meadows during her time as a student at Fresno State University, said Meadows was "a gifted teacher who demonstrated a skill and passion for her chosen profession. Read more about Kelsey Meadows. She loved it so much she put a job promotion on hold so she could attend the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert in Las Vegas with her roommate. When we announced she was to become a manager, people were hooting and hollering. Read more about Calla Medig.

When the bullets started raining down on the crowd, Melton's first reaction was to protect his wife. His wife is an orthopedic surgeon there. The couple married in June Read more about Sonny Melton. Mestas was the oldest person to die , but family members always will remember her for being young at heart. A lover of country music, Mestas traveled to the music festival to see one of her favorite musicians, Jason Aldean.

Mestas used to work as a deli manager at a convenience store in Corona, Calif. More recently, she spent time with her family, particularly the youngest ones. Read more about Patricia Mestas. He always had a smile on his face, was witty and was always making people laugh. She said Meyer dreamed of opening an auto repair shop after graduation, in addition to looking forward to getting married and starting a family.

Read more about Austin Meyer. For Adrian Murfitt, the country music festival was a group celebration after a successful fishing season off the Alaskan coast. His sister, Shannon Gothard, said Murfitt was every bit the Anchorage native — he played hockey "since he was just a little tot" and would spend months at sea as a commercial fisherman. Gothard said her brother was even talking about going in with a friend to buy their own boat.

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