Jackie Robinson Racial Issues

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Jackie Robinson Racial Issues

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Doc Ellis reads letter he received from Jackie Robinson

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Then came the sounds: the excited yells of children, the vendors hawking scorecards or newspapers. In the age of Jackie Robinson, it became more than that. His achievement armed postwar Brooklynites with a distinctive claim to progress. Dodger fans had long detected something special in their baseball team and their borough; Robinson deepened that sense. If white fans looked further down the street, they would have come to entirely different conclusions about the extent of racial progress. On the same Bedford Avenue that housed Ebbets Field, they would have witnessed the grim reality of housing segregation. Discriminatory federal policies had combined with block-busting realtors and fearful white homeowners to create racially homogeneous neighborhoods.

Poor blacks had little choice but to pay high rents for dilapidated apartments. In neighborhoods like Crown Heights, Brownsville, and particularly Bedford-Stuyvesant, residents found basic services sorely lacking. Their garbage was collected only sporadically in Bedford-Stuyvesant, and in such areas, the city built few recreation centers, parks, or pools. In the very same years when Robinson played for the Dodgers — to — black ghettoes solidified. This is what the rhetoric about Robinson and interracial democracy so brazenly missed. Jackie Robinson learned that it was one thing to integrate the national pastime, and quite another to desegregate white towns and neighborhoods.

The Robinsons ended up enjoying polyglot Brooklyn. But white homeowners had tried to prevent African Americans from buying property in Flatbush. Moreover, after the Dodgers integrated, some white fans had renounced their allegiance to the team. The borough was no interracial oasis, and even for the Robinsons it was not always welcoming. It was a humiliating experience. The Robinsons attempted to buy land in New Canaan but were rebuffed. Rachel called about one house in Greenwich and, after giving her name, the owners refused to show it. The couple settled for a property just across the state line in New York.

This was standard practice in housing discrimination, a sure-fire way for whites in exclusive towns to claim that they had nothing against African Americans — it was just that blacks could not meet the asking price. This was purely the market at work, they would say, not racism. It was this way everywhere we went. Ministers circulated non-discrimination petitions. The Robinsons finally bought a home on Cascade Road. IN the horrid times of the Jim Crow Law one man made an impact to help stop racial tension, and that man is Jackie Robinson. Many whites and nearly all blacks applauded the move and said it was long overdue. But a large number of whites, including many major league baseball players, objected to his presence.

Robinson 's integration of baseball was a. People threatened and tried to hurt Jackie and this affected him because this made him want to work harder at baseball. Another turning point that affected the people. Huck and Jim become very close while on their journey to find freedom. Huck and Jim become very good friends who are loyal to one another despite their racial differences.

Huck did have a moral conflict at first but later accepted that by helping Jim he was doing both a wrong and a right. Why is he the most known African American major league baseball player? Jackie Robinson does deserve to be famous even to date. He is considered to be an important figure in American history, not just in baseball because he rose up to more than what was expected of him.

He was able to break free from the chains of racism that was a common occurrence during those. The only positive applauses and cheers came from the colored section at the games, some Brooklyn Dodger fans, and Branch Rickey that also backed him up. Robinson won respect from all his teammates and the fans when he was stealing bases, hitting homeruns, and helping the Dodgers win. With all the threats and insults Robinson received he remained quiet about and countless number of people praised him for his brave and courageous.

This is one reason he is such a great success now that he has a starting position. In an example form the article Francisco mentioned how Jorge was one of the hardest working on the team. Seeing Posada practice so hard drove Cervelli to practice his framing even more in his later seasons. No one excepted Cervelli to have such a big impact on the team. It made many people support him in his sad and frightening time of need. So many people were brought together for giving their love for one of the greats of all time. Who would have thought that a disaster like this would bring so many together.

Not many people could do what he did. Both teams would be considered based on the region, very rich teams. There is one thing that sets the teams apart though. That is winning. The Dodgers have made more money and have able to offer more money because they play better and they win games. Jackie Robinson played a major role in the era of racial issues and blacks striving to be socially equal with whites. By breaking the color impediment in , Jackie Robinson made amazing strides not only for black athletes, but also the hovering issues with racial equality. He faced many racial issues that were harmful towards him but he remained serene and did not act out against the harsh violence that was put upon him.

According to Graf , After joining the team, Robinson received stacks upon stacks of death threats and hate mail. One of the hardest points and most shameful incidents for Jackie was during a game against the Philadelphia Phillies. He was up to bat and the manager of the opposing team, Ben Chapman, was leaning over the dug out fence screaming racial slurs out at Jackie. He was even encouraging his own players to taunt him throughout the game. Robinson still maintained his composure no matter how badly he was treated.

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