Siegfried Sassoon Atrocities

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Siegfried Sassoon Atrocities

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Siegfried Sassoon: A War Poet's Journey - Documentary Preview

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However, since my main focus. Despite the numerous negative aspects of the book, this paper will also briefly highlight the few positive areas of the book, therefore providing an in-depth analysis of the book. When analyzing any sort of book, it is best for the reader to have a basic summary and understanding of the books arguments and evidence in order to understand further arguments made about said book. It is important to note at the beginning. You will find that this poem is a great example as it defies the dominant values and beliefs of war in Britain. Wilfred Owen was one of the leading voices of the. Poetry is a powerful expression of human experience that can impact political actions and have major repercussions on a global scale.

Siegfried Sassoon was a poet that realized the true power and capabilities of poetry and what it could accomplish. Siegfried Sassoon is remembered for the fury that his poems encompassed. He wrote poetry during World War I and the brutality of trench warfare. He constantly satirized and belittled politicians, the wealthy, generals, and even the masses for their naive view on war.

He was a successful soldier who was capable of carrying out his duties and was even awarded a Military Cross for bringing back a wounded soldier through heavy fire. However, Sassoon was left traumatized by the war. He became belligerent and rebellious telling his commanding officers, "I believe that this War is being deliberately prolonged by those who have the power to end it. He also saw the horrors of the war and how badly it wounded its.

Unlike many sentimental and jingoistic war poets, Sassoon highlighted the terror and brutality of trench warfare and he criticized politicians, clergymen and generals for blindly supporting war. He has raised voice against the brutal killing of soldiers at the war fronts in his poems. He has written this poem about the senseless death of sixty thousand soldiers in the battle of Ypres in Their death is a result of poor military planning.

Sassoon feels that the war leaders betrayed the ordinary soldier. This is not as grand and heroic as the monuments of war would like their relatives to think. Sassoon feels so angry at the betrayal that he believes that the dead soldiers will rise up in revolt against the false monuments. Sassoon believed that the young soldiers are trapped to participate in the war. As an experienced officer he felt the soldiers did not choose to die heroic deaths. Sassoon regards this as official propaganda, a false picture put out by officials. The vast list of names make each listed name anonymous. An editor will review the submission and either publish your submission or provide feedback.

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